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  • Jandriene

    Old post, I know, but broadcast closed captioning is not done by fast typists! It is done via a Stenograph machine by inputting audio into steno code which is then immediately translated by SW to English text. It is a high-skilled career that entails schooling and practiceand pays starting at 75 per hour and up. .Few can do it, overall. Captioning recorded shoes can be done by a typist.

  • Jana

    This article is kind of inaccurate. Real-time captioning, performed live by people who were trained as court reporters or who went to CR school to train as such, is an extremely high-skill, difficult endeavor that requires years of training in steno writing at speeds up to 300 wpm. This is not a job one just drops into or picks up on the side.

  • Sebastian

    I’d highly suggest including 3Play Media on this list. I’ve been working for them as a transcriptionist for more than two and a half years and love it! (Plus it’s work at home!)

  • Francisco

    Wow, I never thought this could actually be a job, to be honest. That is very interesting. I’ve have seen some closed captioning here and there, but I always thought that it was meant for those who are helping edit the audio. Didn’t think that regular people could actually do this job as well. Thank you for the information!

    – Francisco

  • PaFoster

    Wow! I never realized my typing skills could be put to good use. I remember when schools stopped typing classes because they determined it to become an outdated skill. I still have the skills to type, and the freelance gig from Rev looks pretty promising for making some extra bucks. I am going to check out some of these opportunities, and also send this information to my son. I am sure he would find this information very interesting, and useful. I really appreciate your putting all this together!

  • greg smyth
    greg smyth

    Hi Steve,
    I’ve often wondered who does the writing for foreign based movies as they are a favorite of mine. Captioners of course, i see so many mistakes, some phrases just don’t make sense, but with a fast based transcription/translation/typing service i suppose we can allow a few mistakes.
    Great job for a fast typist.

  • isaac

    Wow! This can actually make money. Not only that, since most of the party depends on performance, it’s definitely a good incentive as we get better at typing. And since it can be done at the comfort of our home, it’s definitely a good way to supplement our income. Btw, do these closed captioning companies only hire native speakers of that specific program or movies?

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