If you are a lawyer or have some legal education and/or experience as a legal professional, then you’re in luck. Various legal firms and agencies are hiring legal writers for content creation on their website(s), or even the websites of their clients. Best of all, these firms and agencies don’t require that you travel to their offices; in fact, they look specifically for legal writers who can work from home.

Why is there such an emphasis on online legal content? In the past decade, the legal information industry has taken off and is now utilized by many firms and agencies as a way to optimize websites for search, build domain authority, and (inevitably) drive traffic. The end goal of all these efforts is to win clients.

Where do you find open positions for remote legal writers? Here are 10 sites that regularly recruit writers:

1. Legal Writer Jobs

This law firm marketing and web design company has been around since 2003 and has contracted numerous legal content writers in that time. According to the site, its legal writers help write general web content, including blog posts and articles, for other law firms. The agency hires both part and full-time writers in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury, estate planning, family law, bankruptcy, business law and real estate.

2. LegalMatch

If you are just starting out in the area of legal writing, this company is a good place to go and gain some experience. While LegalMatch pays only $10.50 per hour, it does offer a good work-life balance, part- and full-time positions, and a friendly and helpful environment. The majority of the legal writers work from home and telecommute to the South San Francisco office. The only drawback to this company is that you must live somewhere in California in order to apply.

3. Quimbee

Since 2007, this site has offered curated legal content for law students and attorneys via paid subscription. It also contracts legal experts to help build out its growing library of case studies and summaries, online courses, articles, and white papers as well as study guides and practice questions for the Bar. To become a remote freelance legal writer or instructional designer with Quimbee, you must have graduated from a law school. Experience with law journals is a plus.

Quimbee freelancers are paid $25 per summary to start. Typical project size are ~100 summaries, so the average pay per project is ~$2,500.

4. Upwork

This site offers completely remote legal writing gigs in such fields as contract, family, criminal, intellectual property, and corporate law. In most cases, the writer performs online research and ‘translates’ the findings into plain English for both lawyers and their clients.

Payment varies depending on work length and experience of the writer.

5. Legal Writing Institute

This non-profit site aggregates legal instruction and writing jobs from all around the country and posts them to its online job board. Not all the posted jobs are remote and work-from-home; however, there is the occasional posting for a remote writer or instructor. The site is also a good source of legal information and news, and it publishes its own journal. Membership is free.

6. Nolo and Internet Brands

Nolo, in collaboration with Internet Brands, is a publisher of self-help legal books and software. This company periodically hires legal writers to create well-written and informative articles on bankruptcy, debt, credit and consumer law. Currently, Nolo is hiring subject matter experts in bankruptcy and debt, criminal law and immigration.

Payment is made per completed article, and writers work with an editor to decide on topics and submission deadlines. Writers keep their own byline, and that byline can be linked to their own professional website.

7. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a subscription-based job board that focuses on listing only freelance and/or telecommute work. As such, it usually offers several legal writer posts through various companies and/or blogs and websites. Freelancers who want to be ‘in the know’ about available contract work that can be performed from home should consider signing up with Flexjobs.

8. Indeed

Indeed offers quite a number of legal writer positions and is another (and free!) resource that freelancers should be checking out, and often. By imputing the search terms ‘legal writer’ and removing any location reference, I was able to pinpoint at least five legal writer gigs. Positions can be further narrowed by salary range, job type and experience level.

9. Virtual Vocations

This job board frequently lists freelance and legal writing jobs in subject areas such as bankruptcy, family law, estate planning, etc. While site membership is a requirement of accessing hiring company names, this membership provides a convenient way to access job listings that are completely remote and telecommute.

10. PaperStreet

This agency offers legal content creation and marketing solutions to a wide range of legal clients. Some of these solutions include blog posts, biographies, press releases, legal articles, newletters and social media copy. The posted content is optimized for external search engines, and may additionally be optimized for website-specific, internal search engines.

While PaperStreet doesn’t list jobs directly on its website, it does hire freelancers through job boards such as Indeed.

Bonus! 11. Contena

This new job board periodically accepts new members, but you can still search the site for legal writing jobs for free and even learn which companies/clients are hiring. It appears that most, if not all, writing jobs are freelance-based and remote.

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