7 Weird but Legit Work-at-Home Writing Jobs

Finding legit work-at-home writing jobs used to be hard, with tons of low-paying, scammy jobs widely-available at the local Craigslist. But with the rise of forums, job listing sites, work-at-home blogs, and various resources that reveal these scams, the online freelancing world has become a lot more writer-friendly.

Today, copywriting, legal or academic writing, blogging, proofreading, eBook writing, editing, technical writing, and various web content writing sub-categories are widely available. But if you’re looking for something different, you’d be amused at how these 7 weird writing jobs are actually legit and can become a lucrative career:

1. Fortune Cookie Writer

If you’re a fan of zodiac signs, astrology, and bringing good vibes to people, this job would be perfect for you. The writer must have strong descriptive writing skills, since you’ll be writing only one- to two-liner fortune-telling sentences.

Writers with a healthy sense of humor would thrive in this field. Freelancers earn either by project or by the hour, while those hired by fortune-cookie manufacturers have salaries ranging from $28,000 to $105,000 depending on skill and experience.

2. Gravestone Quotes Writer

Ideal for writers with exceptional copywriting skills and 100% confidence in their work, crafting epitaphs on gravestones can be an interesting side job. You’ll be honoring a person’s last words to the world by making content that would literally be written in stone. This is a highly specific career path and mostly embraced by obituary writers.

3. Writing Breakup Letters

It may sound weird, but break-up letters have been around since 10 B.C. There’s even a collection of the best written breakup-letters called “Hell Hath No Fury: Women’s Letters from the End of the Affair,” which was edited by Anna Holmes. Today, freelance writers can earn from $10 to $30 per letter (depending on length and experience). Note that you might feel a little bit guilty that you’re contributing to someone’s would-be heartbreak every time you finish an order.

4. Weird and Random Writing

Fiverr is a goldmine when it comes to weird writing gigs. If you’re feeling creative and want to shake up your writing style a bit, take a look at some “inspiration” by fellow writers. For example, for $5, a seller offers to write a cringe-worthy fanfic, an outrageously random paragraph, or a weird true story. What’s amazing about Fiverr is that there’s no limit to creative writing opportunities you could offer.

5. Product Reviews

Companies are willing to shell out big bucks to promote their products in any way possible. This includes gaming the system of ecommerce sites like Amazon with professionally-written, positively-skewed product reviews.

In some cases, companies may also hire prominent bloggers to review these products in exchange for gifts or cash. Writers can take advantage of this need, and turn product review writing into a high-paying career. Rates for reviews range from $0.02 to $0.05 a word.

6. Viral/Trending Writer

The rise of social media and the ever-so-shortening attention spans of people have given writers this new type of job. As a trending writer, your job is to create share-worthy articles with clickbait titles. Buzzfeed is the best example of viral writing, and thousands of Buzzfeed copycats have also been taking a slice of the viral-article pie.

To become successful in this field, you’ll need to be good with list-type writing, show off your sense of humor through your words, and be up-to-date with pop culture. This job isn’t for the faint of heart though, because content here is produced on hyper-mode, which means work can be stressful and deadline-oriented. Salary for full-timers begins at $43,000/year.

7. Adult content

The deep, dark world of adult content can be uncomfortable to some writers, but if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll be amazed at the high rates offered to write sex stories, product descriptions, sexual technique advice, sexy/nude image descriptions, blog sex-related posts, adult video script, and more.

This niche isn’t for the shy-types, but for those with an inner Christian Grey who’d want to explore sensual writing for cash. Rates depend largely on the type of project required, but adult content offers higher rates compared to regular copywriting.

The Bottom Line

If you spot writing gigs similar to the ones listed above, don’t just brush them off as a scam or practical joke. Many would agree that some of these writing jobs would question your values. For lucky writers who have built a reputation, connections to clients and a sizable portfolio, skipping these writing jobs may be a no-brainer.

But for those who are strapped for cash and are willing to write for food, these weird work-at-home writing opportunities can be a lucrative niche worth checking out.

Copy the Secrets-to-Success of these 3 Top Fiverr Earners

Serious freelancers have sometimes overlooked Fiverr as an actual money-making source. It makes sense. The online marketplace was named after $5 or “Fiverr gigs” after all. And once Fiverr takes its 20% cut, freelancers are left with a measly $4 for a gig as varied as writing, animation, graphic design, programming, music, and more.

The “people selling things for $5” concept didn’t appeal to those who seek full-time work online. What many job hunters don’t know is that Fiverr’s services can actually go up to thousands of dollars.

Since its launch in early 2010, Fiverr has become a life-changing platform for members who have initially used it to make extra cash, but have quit their jobs and turned their Fiverr gigs into full-time, annual six-figure-earning careers.

Here are their stories, and tips on how you can replicate their success, even if you’re late to the Fiverr game.

Charmaine Pocek

Fiverr name: boomsa
Main skill offered: Resume writing
Year started on Fiverr: 2011
Earnings: Over $1 million earned

Charmaine Pocek worked as a corporate recruiter for almost 20 years when she discovered Fiverr in 2011. Charmaine offered to jazz up resume for $5 a pop (or higher for executive resumes) and made $10 to $15 per hour throughout her first year.

Armed with tons of feedback, a Level 2 Fiverr status and new certifications, Pocek decided to quit her day job and focus on Fiverr fulltime. By the end of 2012, Charmaine was making $30 to $50 per order from her gig offers like career counseling, setting-up LinkedIn profiles, writing cover letters, job interview training, and resume writing.

Charmaine worked 50-55 hours a week as a Fiverr full-timer and didn’t have real day-offs, but this earned her $180,000 for 2013, over $250k for 2014, $320,000 for 2015, and a whopping $445,000 in 2016.

Lessons You Could Learn from Pocek:

  • Provide services that would lead to referrals – Charmaine went above and beyond customer service. She didn’t ask her clients for referrals, but received them anyway because they had positive experience dealing with Pocek.
  • Price your skills appropriately – Pocek spent most of her career as a senior recruiter. She knew what she was doing, but still took up new certifications to back her pricing increase. Charmaine has a soft spot for new graduates and teachers (she fixes their resumes for $30 or less), but charges up to $800 for executives (whose job orders would take longer time to complete).
  • Diversify – Charmaine didn’t earn over $1 million on Fiverr by simple sprucing up resumes. She learned what her clients needed, and offered gigs based on her market’s needs. Pocek also offered custom orders with flexible pricing dependent on a client’s request.
  • Communicate with clients – Pocek takes advantage of Fiverr’s auto-reply feature and uses this to send quick messages to clients and acknowledge their orders (even if most her offers have 7-to-10-day turnaround times.

Redd Horrocks

Fiverr name: reddhorrocks
Main Skill offered: Voice-over acting
Year started on Fiverr: December 2012
Earnings: Over $600k earned

UK-born, US-based Redd Horrocks worked as a stage manager for a Las Vegas circus-production company when she visited Fiverr.com to hire someone to reformat a document. There, she discovered people offering voice-over gigs and got instantly hooked.

Horrocks got her first voice-acting order the same month she signed up. Orders slowly and surely arrived, earning Redd about $300 to $1000 monthly throughout 2013. But it was only in March 2014 when she showed off her skills via a new video posted on her Fiverr page when orders dramatically picked up. For that month alone, Horrocks earned $3,500.

When Horrocks’ side gig eventually earned more than her corporate job, she stayed home and went full-time on Fiverr by September 2014. Now, she earns an average $10,000 per month, delivers about 250 to 260 gigs a week and has become one of Fiverr’s Ambassadors.

Lessons You Could Learn from Horrocks:

  • Provide samples of your work – Redd’s slow and steady Fiverr orders skyrocketed once she posted a video of an order she made for one Fiverr client. The video proved successful in bagging clients, since she was able to show off her British and American accents (and in turn, expanded her market).
  • Treat all buyers as would-be repeat buyers – Redd’s Fiverr income mostly comes from repeat buyers. Horrocks advises to treat buyers wonderfully and be as professional with everyone “because you never know when your next client is going to become your best client.”
  • Invest in your craft – When her Fiverr income allowed it, Horrocks built a professional studio in her home. She now offers custom orders for buyers who want to be remotely in the studio with her while recording.
  • Leave time for client communication – Although Redd works over 30 hours a week recording her orders, she leaves an average of six hours to respond to buyer inquiries, emails and quote requests.

Ryan Heenan

Fiverr name: customdrumloops
Main Skill offered: Jingles and custom instrumentals
Year started on Fiverr: March 2012
Earnings: Over $200k earned

Berklee School of Music graduate and former Boston preschool teacher Ryan Heenan only joined Fiverr in March 2012. He began by offering drum loops, but quickly shifted to jingles and ukulele when his first gig didn’t attract any buyers. Two months later, Heenan has received the 60-order requirement to move pass Fiverr’s seller Level 2 ranking.

Ryan Heenan has since expanded his offerings to informational videos, animated commercials, PSAs with catchy soundtracks, ukulele jingles, and more. As of 2017, he had completed 8,018 projects with an average of $84 to $213 per order, done business with people from 123 countries, and maintained buyer portfolio with 40% repeat buyers.

What’s more impressive with Heenan’s success story is that he has built several brick-and-mortar businesses with his Fiverr income. He even wrote a book, entitled “The Top Rated Seller Formula: How I Became a Top Rated Seller in 3 Months on Fiverr,” as a guide for freelancers wanting to make it big with Fiverr.

Lessons You Could Learn from Heenan:

  • Be time-efficient – Offer high-quality services that can be delivered quickly, preferably within two days.
  • Be different – Heenan suggests that “if you can position yourself a little differently you can really standout, and in my case it was adding the video to the music.”
  • Target the business world – While Heenan doesn’t discriminate buyers and accepts projects from individuals, all of his gig postings are aimed to capture the attention of corporate execs (who pay higher and tend to become repeat buyers). He has done marketing work for 3 Fortune 100 companies.
  • Invest your Fiverr income – By 2017, Heenan has used his Fiverr income to open a gym and fitness business “Redefining Strength with Cori, ” built a freelance web design business, launched artisanal peanut butter company ‘Ingreatients,’ and open his own Analog Music Studios, where he teaches four afternoons a week.

Give Fiverr a Chance

If you’re one of the many people who criticized the 5-dollar-platform in the past, here’s why you should take a second look at Fiverr:

  1. Earn $10k per order – Once you’ve built a solid reputation on Fiverr, you can take advantage of the site’s custom-offer tool. This feature allows sellers to make up to $10,000 per order.
  2. Get connections from around the world – Fiverr.com is the world’s 429th most popular site globally. It can connect you to individuals and companies (without spending a dime). Fiverr even gives you a fun dashboard called “World Domination,” – a visual map that lets you see where all your buyers come from and how well you’ve “dominated” the world.
  3. Join Fiverr’s Affiliate Program – It’s not as popular and highly-publicized as other affiliate programs, but Fiverr does pay $12.75 commissions for every recruit who places an order.

Fiverr isn’t for everyone though. The online graphics design community has been very vocal about its anger towards Fiverr graphic designers bringing prices down dramatically. But it’s a great platform for those who wish to earn consistent side-hustle income. As for a long-term career, Fiverr lets you show off your skills, build a sizeable portfolio with publicly-viewable feedbacks from clients, and eventually take your “gigs” up-market as what these 3 top-earning Fiver members have done.

Will Affiliate Rebirth Give You 100% Free Traffic and $3K-$5K/Month?

Affiliate Rebirth, which was just relaunched by Grigory Kononenko, Stefan Ciancio, and Shahnawaz Sadiquee, is a video training program for affiliate marketers that makes some bold claims about how much money you’ll earn by setting up websites. In essence, the program claims that you’ll make $3K-$5K/month by implementing its revolutionary affiliate marketing methods.

Supposedly, this program teaches you a completely different method for doing affiliate marketing, making over $1K/week, and not having to pay for traffic.

Yes, you heard right: According to Affiliate Rebirth’s creators, you will learn how to make a sizable passive income using free traffic-generation methods. You won’t even need to do any email or social media marketing.

Does Affiliate Rebirth live up to its hype? I bought this program at its advertised price of $17.70 to learn more.

Inside Affiliate Rebirth

Once my order went through, I found myself looking at the following:

Upsell #1

For $47, Grigory will give you researched information on 10 niche sites you can build right now, complete with affiliate products, keywords, Amazon keywords, and competitor info. This upsell is called the Done-for-You Pack.

Upsell #2

For another $47, Grigory will enable you to copy and paste his most successful niche sites, saving you the hassle of designing your sites and generating content for them. This upsell is called Affiliate Rebirth Elite $60k Case Studies Bundle.

Upsell #3

The third upsell you see is this one, which Grigory says will provide you with secret link-building strategies for your niche sites. This upsell is priced at $27.

Once you get past these three upsells, you’re taken to your Affiliate Rebirth account area, which in my case was hosted by JVZoo. Here, you open up four modules of the following training videos:

Module 1: Niche Selection

Earnings proof (3:18)- In this introductory video, you see the kinds of web traffic that Grigory’s (and his colleagues’) niche websites are generating.

How to find a profitable niche (13:57)- You are taught how to spot great niches by perusing Amazon’s Full Stores and Best Sellers. You are also told to look at big websites and see which products they are pushing.

Criteria to access profitability (12:24)- Grigory goes through Google SERP results and advises duplicating their subject matter for eventual ranking of your content.

Basics of keyword research (6:59)- What are keywords and how do you select the best ones for traffic? Grigory goes through these questions and introduces head, body and long-tail keywords.

Buying intent keywords (6:47)- Here, it is explained that you need traffic generated from buying intent keywords rather than informational keywords, even if that traffic is smaller. Branded keywords are also introduced.

Product research on Amazon and generating buying intent keywords (13:19)- Here, you learn how to do product research on Amazon. Keywords research tools are introduced, including Google Keyword Planner, Long Tail Pro, and SEMRush.

How to find informational keywords (11:59)- Sometimes, you need traffic from users at the very beginning of their buying cycle; this is accomplished using informational keywords. Also, Google rewards pages that have informational as well as transactional keywords.

Module 2: Content Creation

How to create quality content for your niche (11:54)- Quality content is introduced and described.

Conversion tips (6:01)- Grigory explains how to maximize conversion from your generated traffic. Call-to-actions, H2 headings, comparison tables, banners, etc. are all introduced as ways to increase conversions.

Home page layout (3:38)- Grigory goes over how you can best lay out your home page for the most conversions.

Silo structure (4:52)- The idea of categorizing keywords by silo, or category, is introduced. Grigory goes over the concept of keyword silos and how to build them.

Supporting posts (2:34)- The supporting posts link to epic posts and use less popular keywords than epic posts.

Epic posts (4:29)- Epic posts are introduced and described. Grigory also shows example epic posts via his Google searches.

Keyword tips for content (2:49)- Grigory provides additional tips on how keywords can be placed into content for improved SEO.

Get out of Sandbox quickly (3:24)- After your site is launched, it might be placed into the Google Sandbox. This is a location where your site and its keywords are not yet ranked. Grigory explains how you can get out of the Sandbox sooner.

Module 3: Site setup

Site setup (17:10)- A rather in-dept introduction is provided for creating your domain, including selecting your URL, obtaining hosting, generating your WordPress theme(s), etc.

Easy way to set up Amazon monetization (3:14)- In this much shorter video, Stefan instructs you on how to set up and use the EasyAzon plugin for the Amazon Affiliates program.

Niche site checklist (3:09)-  Stefan goes over a few items on your WordPress site, like installing the Yoast plugin, checking your design and logo, having a privacy policy, etc. He notes that you should have at least 15 articles before you launch your site.

Things to NOT do (2:24)- Stefan goes over things you shouldn’t do as an Amazon affiliate, like sending your affiliate link in emails, iframing, link cloaking, using links in e-books, using your affiliate link for your own product purchases, etc.

Boost website speed (2:48)- Stefan shows you how you can easily increase your site loading speed by taking basic steps like leveraging browser caching. Stefan notes that there is a resource (i.e., a quarter page of code) included in the training to help you complete this procedure.

Module 4: Traffic

Getting long term traffic (6:20)- Stefan goes over link-building as a way to get some ranking on Google. He goes over authority links, the relevance of those links, link diversity, and outbound links.

Quick traffic hacks, get traffic instantly (8:20)- Stefan goes over some methods for generating traffic quickly, such as placing site links on product discussion forums.

Web 2.0 links for instant boost in rankings (12:53)- In this video, several different examples are provided on how you can generate relevant backlinks to your nice site(s) by taking advantage of several social media channels.

Scholarship links with high PR (9:47)- Stefan goes over how to get high PR links from educational institutions and other learning organizations.

Infographics links, huge PR (9:28)- Stefan goes over how to insert links into infographics for improved site rank on Google. While this was an excellent tutorial, there was a point in the video tutorial (0:46) where Stefan forgot to edit out some of his expletives (!).

Effective blog commenting (8:39)- Stefan demonstrates how to find websites where you can post quality blog comments and boost your website.

Link building plan for your site (5:34)- Stefan goes over all the lessons of the prior videos and summarizes the strategies that were introduced for effective link-building.

Blog outreach (13:49)- The final video shows you how to target specific blogs in order to get links from them. Guest posting is explained in great detail.

Affiliate Rebirth: Pros and Cons

Like every training program, Affiliate Rebirth has its pros and cons. Here are some of the positive aspects of the course:


Affiliate Rebirth offers a comprehensive training program for people who wish to create affiliate websites and see them rank quickly.  Lots of time is spent showcasing actual examples of niche sites, link strategies, blogs, etc. There are also additional resources located at the bottom of each video module for further reading.

The program offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that is honored. My refund request was processed within two days, no questions asked.


Affiliate Rebirth is fairly new and has some rough edges to smooth out before it can become a top-of-the-line training program. For starters, many of its videos feature typed pages of notes that are hard to read. Some of the presenters have rather heavy accents that may be difficult to follow, especially for non-native English speakers. There’s even a point in one of the training videos where Stefan can be heard swearing just before he cuts the video.

The product does not offer a member forum, although it does feature a webinar that one can register for. This webinar might be offered weekly or monthly; the next webinar is scheduled for August 9th.

The Bottom Line: Is Affiliate Rebirth a Scam?

At $17, Affiliate Rebirth is offering up a lot of value for the price. You are given quality information and videos packed full of useful resources to get an affiliate marketing website up and running.

For a beginner affiliate marketer, Affiliate Rebirth offers some good training and examples. More advanced affiliate marketers will probably wish to look elsewhere for in-depth training and strategies. It’s doubtful that, just using the techniques discussed in the base product at Affiliate Rebirth alone, you would come to generate $3K-$5K/month, but you would certainly be on your way towards earning some money through your niche websites.

As for the advertised free traffic, yes, it could be completely free if you did all the work involved in link posting, writing comments and guest posts, etc., but you will then be dedicating a lot of your time towards these efforts. Some of the advertised methods were ways I’d never recommend. I find infographics to be completely useless and blog commenting is only really effective if the blog has allowed dofollow links.

All in all, Affiliate Rebirth is not a scam and is absolutely worth the advertised price.