Quick Summary of Fix Monthly Income

Rating: 1 A complete scam!

The Good: None!

The Bad: A loss of time and having your personal details sold to random people!

The Bottom Line: This is nothing other than a scam to steal your personal details for selling on to a wider market of scammers! Don't fall for this scam. Learn how to make real money online instead.

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Fix Monthly Income Review

Online scams come in many shapes and disguises, and they are often shown in a way that is intended to confuse you and trip you up into making a mistake.

The most common ones involve getting you to buy a product or system (usually in the make money online niche, but not always) and then provide a poor quality product or a method that will never make you money.

Today though I want to showcase a slightly different scam, one that doesn’t immediately look like it has adverse effects but could actually end up costing you in both time and money.

Fix Monthly Income

The basic premise of Fix Monthly Income is that it will pay you $5 every time someone clicks a link that you post somewhere on the internet.

Not only that but if you refer someone to join then you get a bonus $5 added to your account.

This sounds simple enough and it looks like easy money.

Not only that but it does not cost a single dime to sign up to Fix Monthly Income!

There’s a Catch, Right?

I really hope that you just asked yourself that question, because yes, there is a catch, in fact there’s several.

Some of these might not sound like much, but when added to the whole it paints a very worrying picture.

Poor Language

The first thing that I noticed, because I’m a pedant like that, is the poor wording and using the dollar sign in the wrong place.

This lack of professionalism is minor, but telling.

No Legal Information

This is a big red flag! There are no terms, no privacy policy (the importance of this will become apparent shortly), and no company information whatsoever.

Sure there’s an email address but that doesn’t help when you’re trying to see if this is a legitimate company or not.

The Earnings Are Odd

Fix Monthly Income states that you earn money, good money really, by having people click the link provided.

Fix Monthly Income this cant be real

That link merely goes back to their site.

They suggest that they earn money from advertisers on their site and that is how they can afford to pay you a whopping $5 per click.

This is BS!

Not only are there no adverts on the site but unless they are advertising incredibly expensive products the cost analyses doesn’t pan out.

For example, on average a banner advert only gets 0.05% of the viewers as clickers, so if 2000 people see the advert, only one person might click the advert.

However, according to Fix Monthly Pay, they will have paid out $10,000 for those 2,000 views of the adverts.

As such unless they are selling products where the commission or profit is over $10k, they will make a loss!

Even if you credit them with a higher click through rate the costs just don’t bear out.

You Won’t Get Paid

With the above in mind, it’s unlikely that these people are earning enough money to keep their site afloat, let alone pay you.

As well as that there is some evidence online that confirms you’re not going to get paid.

Fix Monthyl Income Ripoff Report Testimonial

Screenshot from RipoffReport

You’ve Been Scammed!

This leads me to the most worrying part of this scam: what they actually doing.

They’ve made the barrier for entry non-existent for this site and the potential (fake) rewards high enough to be intriguing and low enough to not scare people away, but why?

The answer is you, or more accurately your personal information.

By signing up you have provided your name, email address and physical address. It also seems that when you try to get paid they ask for your social security number.

This information can be used against you, either in the form of spam emails and direct mail, or worse, identity theft!

After they may have your social security number!

This sort of information can not only be used by the people behind Fix Monthly Income, but can and most likely will be sold off to who knows how many other scammers and criminals.

The Bottom Line

Fix Monthly Income is a scam, and it’s the worst kind of scam because it is easy to fall for and the potential issues it could cause you are very high. This isn’t just losing $50 bucks on a crappy product; it is possibly having to deal with thousands in debt, and fraud cases.

Systems like this have been around for a while and you really need to think to yourself is it too good to be true? Because it usually is and getting $5 to post a link is definitely too good to be true!

Save yourself a headache, and simply avoid Fix Monthly Income.

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    Filip Zafirovski

    Thanks for the review Dean, great article!

    How often do you come across these kind of scam sites?

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