Did you read my post on Wednesday, look at the list of bloggers and incomes, and wonder if you could do it, too? I’m here to tell you that you can. You can make money blogging when you learn to do it in Yaro Starak’s Blog Mastermind program. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Because you’re an I’ve Tried That reader
    You’re too smart to fall for the gimmicks and shortcuts that trip up lots of unsuccessful bloggers.
  2. Because you’ll learn how to blog from the best bloggers on the Net
    You’ll learn how they did it from Yaro Starak (entrepreneurs-journey.com), Darren Rowse (problogger.net), Brian Clark (copyblogger.com), and others you haven’t heard of, but who are making a full-time income blogging part time.
  3. Because a successful blogger who already loves you is offering technical support to any I’ve Tried That reader who enrolls in Blog Mastermind.
    Steve will help you get set up with your domain, find a host, get going with WordPress, and more as long as you’re enrolled and implementing what you learn.

If you doubt whether Yaro has anything to teach you or whether the principles will lead to success, try them out for yourself by reading Yaro’s free report, Blog Profits Blueprint. If you’re not excited by what you read, I’ll give you your money back! ;-)

Learn from the best, from step one
Whether you know nothing about blogging or already have a blog and want to make it more successful, Blog Mastermind has an approach for you. I’m focusing on the track for beginners because it’s the one I know and am enrolled in. If you have questions about the advanced track, ask them in the comments and I’ll find answers for you.

Blog Mastermind lessonsBlog Mastermind is designed to take the beginning blogger by the hand and teach how to build a profitable blog, step by step. I knew nothing about blogging when I started work on I’ve Tried That and when I signed up for Blog Mastermind. But now I’m implementing the lessons learned and building a solid blog with growing readership. The image on the right is a shot from the members area that shows the titles of lessons I’ve absorbed so far. Click on the image to see a big one you can read. As you can see, it starts from the foundation and builds right up to the essentials of marketing and monetization and beyond. Future lessons will cover pulling traffic to your blog, monetization, and advanced topics.

TONS of information
Members of the program get access to the best information about blogging available anywhere.

  • Each e-lesson in the screen shot above is loaded with an impressive array of information related to that topic.
  • Free e-books, audio interviews, videos of helpful blog case studies, and more.
  • Weekly audio Q&A recordings
  • Links to high-quality information about blogging, much of it exclusive to Blog Mastermind

Active members forums
One of the best aspects of Blog Mastermind is the Members Forum. Members chat online about all aspects of their blog, learn from each other, give positive support and share great ideas. In the Mentoring discussion area, you post questions about your blog and get answers from Yaro and other successful mentors who know the answers. You’re never alone in your blog building journey.

Download the free report now to get started, and learn more about Blog Mastermind by reading here. It’s long but worth it.

Deep discount for I’ve Tried That readers
I’ve saved the best for last. Yaro has generously offered a deep discount to our readers. Normally $77 per month, Blog Mastermind is yours for only $47 per month when you sign up through us. Very important: email Yaro before you sign up and ask him to set you up with the discount. Learn all about it with the free report and the information/sales page, then when you’re ready to sign up, email Yaro directly and ask him for the “I’ve Tried That” discount. His address is Yaro[at]blogmastermind.com

It’s an exciting world out there, folks. Let’s quit wasting our time with the scammers and go build some awesome, profitable blogs. Contact Yaro today.

Steve: For as long as you’re a member with the Blog Mastermind Program, I’ll offer FREE technical support. This includes finding a host for you, setting up domain names and WordPress, and answering any question you might have. Email me at Steve@IveTriedThat.com if you have any questions.

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Join the Discussion

  • Steve

    The program teaches you how to make money blogging. No reselling of the program, unless you want to do that.

  • Betzi

    So, with this program, people make money by blogging, or by selling the program, or are they blogging about selling the program?

  • Yaro

    It’s a pyramid scheme and I’m at the top! Mwahahahaa…

    No, seriously, this is a legitimate training program that I’ve been creating now for the past four months. There’s lessons and videos and audios and interviews all aimed to teach you how to profit from blogging.

    There is a one level affiliate program and my partners get around 40% of the revenue from every person they refer into my program.

    If anyone has any questions just send me an email or submit a ticket to my helpdesk.



  • Steve

    We’ve never given a positive review unless we truly think the program will be beneficial. The affiliate program is just a bonus. John Chow doesn’t give us any money for promoting his e-book, yet it is in our top 5 favorite programs.

    Trust me, if we were out to only make money, you would see hundreds of positive reviews on the most ridiculous crap, like My Power Mall. But you don’t.

  • HMTKSteve

    So, is the program worth MY money or is it just a pyramid aff scheme where you make money but getting other people to sign up?

  • Joe

    Enough to pay for the free support. Several times over.

  • HMTKSteve

    So, how much of a comission do you get on each sign up to make you offer free support?

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