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  • karlene

    I appreciate you sharing valuable information. I never actually been scam for apartment rental. It’s good to see that you have share such an important information. There’s a lot of scam that are out and about and it’s good to be aware of things like this. I definitely will keep your article in mind when it comes to renting an apartment. Thanks so much for sharing

  • BobbyCorno

    I’ve been an apartment renter many times, and while I was never scammed in the ways you describe, I’m quite sure that many others have. I always appreciate someone who seeks to help others, particularly now that it’s so popular to scam rather than attempt to make an honest living. There’s so much bad around, it’s refreshing to have someone like you and your other authors as references when we need them. Thanks for an interesting site!

  • Leo

    Thank you for the steps of looking out for apartment rental scams. I think this is totally useful for everyone looking out for apartments to rent. The scenario are very practical and it may happen to anyone. I am thinking of renting an apartment sometime later this year and definitely will take reference from your website.

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