There are many ways to make money online, but one of the most common ways is to write!

You can write for yourself and earn money via blogging or try to find others willing to pay your for your services.

The problem nowadays is that more and more people are trying to find work online, often via writing articles, and this has in general driven the price down for each article. There are people out there being paid 1 cent per word which for most of us is ridiculously low.

An ideal of course would be $1 buck a word, but realistically unless you are at the top of your game (and lucky) you won’t get these sorts of rates.

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A more reasonable price for both the publisher and yourself is around the $100 per article mark. Some people might say it’s not possible to even get that amount but it is, you just need to know where to look.

Of course, finding gigs for well-paid writing often means you need to have a good knowledge of the target material, or at least be able to apply your own experience and knowledge to that market.

Luckily the sites willing to pay a decent figure, also cover a wide variety of niches and markets.

42 Websites That Pay for Your Articles

As of writing, the following sites were offering at least $100 per article.


Compose$200Compose is for the geeks out there, and offers you a chance to write about databases. Not only do they offer a solid $200 for accepted articles but you get $200 in Compose credits and the chance to get a bonus $500 after the 3 month writing cycle ends.
Semaphore$100 – $200Linux experts will have a great time writing for Semaphore. The topics are based around free and open source software for Linux.


eCommerce Insiders$75 – $150Retail focused articles are the name of the game for eCommerce Insiders, but they also accept commentary and educational articles, such as “how to’s”.

Education$55+Topics should be related to older students, and while shorter pieces won’t hit the $100 mark, longer pieces of well written content might just do that as Back2College pays on a depth (length and quality) basis.$100Unschooling is the website for the Home Education Magazine, and they pay $100 per accepted article.


Carve Magazine$100Tired of writing non-fiction? Head over to Carve magazine and submit your fiction piece. There is a $3 submission fee though.


The Penny Hoarder$100Unlike other sites, The Penny Hoarder doesn’t pay for articles in a standard way. Instead, if your article is accepted, you will be paid based on pageviews, with 50,000 earning you $100. 50,000 isn’t that pad considereing Penny hoarder has nearly 2 million subscribed users!

Food & Cooking

Eating Well$1 per WordSlow response times (it happens) but a solid reimbursmeent cost of $1 per word for articles on food,culinary experiences and health.


Two Plus Two$200Two Plus Two is a poker site that looks for poker strategy articles and also articles on mathematics related to gambling.

Graphics & Design

Photoshop Tutorials$50 – $150If you have mad Photoshop skills as well as mad writing skills, submit a piece to Photoshop Tutorials, their intermediate tutorials net $100 bucks a piece.
The Graphic Design School Blog$100 – $200Mainly focused on tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.


Model Railroad Hobbyist$200 – $1000If you’re into model railways, writing for Model Railroad Hobbyist might be for you. Be warned though, that they expect a 3000 word article on average to net about $230 including photos and a short video, so the rates aren’t great, but if you love the industry 3000 words will fly by!


Digital Ocean$50 – $200If you are well up on Linux or FreeBSD, Digital Ocean pays well for technical articles


Cracked$100-$200Think your funny? Smart? Creative? Then why not try submitting your articles to!
Listverse$100Want to get your Buzzfeed style content in front of 15 million people AND get paid? Submit a list to ListVerse


Chicken Soup for the Soul$100-$200If you have a story that can inspire people, get in touch with Chicken Soup for the Soul. You can inspire and get paid!


Reader’s Digest$100Send in a short story (up to 100 words) and if it’s selected for publication in their magazine, you get a cool $100. That’s a dollar per word!

Local$100 – $250Love Nevada? You can write about it for the state’s official tourism magazine.$125Are you Texan? Do you love Texas? Can you fake it? BigGreyHorse pays well for Texas related topics.

Multiple Topics

AARPUp to $1/wordAARP covers a wide range of topics from money to health, travel to relationships and more.

News & Commentary

CSMonitor$200-$225The Christian Science Monitor covers a wide range of serious and not so serious topics. Their pay rate is excellent as well.
The Sun Magazine$100 – $2,000The Sun Magazine offers people the chance to provide thought provoking commentary for a decent compensation.


A Fine Parent$100+Parenting and child-raising articles usually on a specific theme. The site only takes articles within a specific time-frame, so you may have to wait until the next one opens up.
Alaska Parent$40 – $200Parenting and child-raising topics. The topics change over time but they provide a handy editorial calendar so you can see what they are after at a glance.$35 – $350A Southeast Michigan based site, MetroParent still pays you for a quality articles on parenting and child-raising.
ParentPick$50 – $350Unless you are an existing mom or pop blogger, you likely will only get the $50 per article fee. You can however still make an extra $100 – $250 if your article proves popular. Actually having kids will help as they like to have photos supplied if possible.$100A light hearted look at parenting Scary Mommy pays $100 for each published article.

Theater$50 – $150Write an essay or blog post for Howl Round if you have a love of the theater.

Travel$0.40 – $1.00 per wordA backpacking and hiking site, pays a solid per word fee: 1,000 would be minimum $400
Great Escape Publishing$50 – $200Do you love traveling to far and wide places? You can earn cash by writing about it for sites like Great Escape Publishing. Just make sure you read their terms as they are quite strict.
International Living$250 – $400Do you or have you lived abroad? International Living needs fresh and interesting articles about the differences and issues faced with being an ex-pat.$100Travel writing might seem like an easy gig, but Perceptive Travel make access a little difficult, needing you to be a published travel writer, and will “only articles from authors with book(s) in print”.$50 – $150Depending upon quality and article length, and accepted submission to this travel website can easily net you $100 an article.
Viator Travel Blog$100 – $150Viator runs a blog and they accept article submissions. You can earn $100+ for a 1000-2000 word article.

Web Development

A List Apart$200Informational articles about web design, development, content strategy and other similar topics
SitePoint$150+Sitepoint has a huge audience, so getting published there not only lines your pocket but could boost your profile too.
WPHub$100 – $200If you know WordPress inside and out, send an article submission to WPHub, they pay well, but check their writing guidelines before submission.

Women & Feminism

Bitch Media$40 – $200Bitch Media is a feminist blog and looks for content that “speak to feminist responses to pop culture”$100Cosmo accept pitches, both directly to the appropriate editor and via a survey monkey form.
WOW! Women on Writing$75 – $150While not the best rates out there, Wow offers solid rates for people interested about writing about women in the writing industry.


Write Naked$50 – $200A site about writing, Write Naked offers guest blogign opportunities. It only pays $50 per article, but if the article impresses the editor, they pay $200 instead!

The Downside

The main issue with finding sites that will pay you $100 or more per article is that they generally want you to write the article up front before they accept or reject it. Some will allow you to send them a pitch, but most want to see the finished article.

This means that you may end up wasting valuable time and energy on an article that isn’t going to be accepted.

Of course, if the niche market is wide enough, you could always pitch it to another similar site, or even give it up for free with the hope gaining wider recognition in that industry.

Even with this, there isn’t much difference between submitting direct to a site and pitching in a site like iWriter. Unless you can find regular work, this is just how it goes. At least with direct submissions, you have the potential for higher rates and most likely higher numbers or targeted people seeing your by-line.

The Bottom Line

There’s no reason to write a 1,000 word article for less than $10 bucks a pop when there are plenty of sites, in a wide variety of niches, eager to find new, useful and quality articles and who will pay a premium for it.

As well as that, if you’re good enough and lucky enough, there’s always the potential to get signed up for a staff writer job! You never know, it’s happened before.

Good luck out there!

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