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25 Greeting Card Companies that Pay for Your Submissions

How would you like to write greeting cards and get paid to do so?

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Are you a pro at delivering just the right sentiment at the right time in written form?

Do you take photos or create images that are so gorgeous your friends often claim them as their own?

If yes, then you may have the necessary skills to make money as a greeting card writer, photographer, and/or designer.

Most freelancers don’t consider greeting card companies as a place where they can find online work. However, opportunities are definitely available.

Also, because there are many companies out there, you have a good likelihood of finding a fit between your talents and sentimental outlook, as well as the mission of the company.

While you’ll be hard-pressed to find out how much money you can get for accepted submissions, know that most greeting card companies offer compensation ranging from $25 to $300 per accepted submission.

How to Work for Hallmark

There isn’t a bigger name in the greeting card industry than Hallmark.

Unfortunately, they do not accept outside or freelance greeting card submissions. They hire in-office at their corporate headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri.

If you happen to live locally, check Hallmark’s careers page often as creative jobs do pop up from time to time.

25 Greeting Card Companies Currently Accepting Submissions

Without further ado, here are 25 companies looking for your heartfelt verses, photos, and artwork:

1. Amber Lotus Publishing

Amber Lotus Publishing is a carbon-negative independent publisher guided by the principles of Right Livelihood; that is, doing the greatest good with the least possible harm.

They only accept photo and art submissions from April to July only.

As for greeting cards, they are accepted all year round, but they’re currently not accepting new writing submissions, including greeting card verses.

2. American Greetings

Founded in 1906, American Greetings has been publishing and selling paper cards, gift wrap, and more for

They normally don’t accept unsolicited submissions, but try to send your ideas to the following address:

Idea Submission Team, American Greetings Corporation, One American Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 44145-8151

Other freelance opportunities are listed on the company’s Job Opportunities website.

3. Avanti Press

This company accepts both written content and photos.

You will need to submit copies of your works via mail as they do not accept electronic submissions at this time.

4. Blue Mountain Arts

Blue Mountain Arts may be one of the highest-paying companies on this list. It’s no surprise that it’s also the most competitive.

They’re looking for contemporary prose and poetry from 50 to 300 words in length, written from personal experience.

This established greeting card publisher works with freelancers and pays fairly well for poem-form content; accepted pieces are paid $300.

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Submit the text of your work in the submission form (link above) or through email to editorial [at] sps [dot] com and include your name and address.

5. Calypso Cards

This greeting card company publishes several lines of greeting cards, ranging from contemporary to sophisticated.

They invite submissions of artwork and illustrations for occasions and holidays. See their submission page for more detailed instructions.

6. Caspari

Caspari is currently seeking illustrations (not photographic artwork) for its greeting cards.

Submissions are reviewed individually based on artistic merit.

Send your submissions to artworksubmissions [at] hgcaspari [dot] com through an attachment or a link to download or preview the artwork from another location.

7. CardGnome

This site offers a unique compensation model where you sell your greeting card designs through their website.

If anyone purchases cards from your shop, you earn a royalty.

Best of all, you get to keep the copyright to your work.

8. ComstockMarketPlace

Comstock MarketPlace is an adult humor greeting card company, and they expect submissions to fall in that category.

You can submit artwork or photos via post or through email. The fee for each artist or photographer is negotiated separately.

For gag lines and ideas, they are best submitted on a 3 x 5 index card with a SASE to return your submission via post. They also accept email submissions as long as there are no attachments. The fee for gag lines is $50 per idea.

Allow for 8 to 10 weeks for a response.

9. Crown Point Graphics

This site welcomes greeting card art submissions.

While not much detail is provided on the website, you can contact them at their contact page for more information.

10. Fotofolio

You can submit your color and black and white photography for consideration and publication in postcard, notecard, poster, and t-shirt formats.

They do not accept digital files, though you can email them a link to view your work to submissions [at] fotofolio [dot] com.

11. Great Arrow

Great Arrow is a greeting card company that prides itself on its handmade cards, produced through a hand silkscreening process that dates back centuries.

They collaborate with more than 100 designers and receive thousands of submissions a year.

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You can download detailed submission guidelines and deadlines from the website.

12. It Takes Two

While most of this company’s work is completed in-house, it does occasionally accept outside submissions by designers and writers.

13. Leanin’ Tree

Leanin’ Tree accepts art submissions year-round for upcoming holidays.

This greeting card company offers in-depth information on submitting artwork for various holidays and other festive occasions, as well as the full schedule of upcoming deadlines on their art submission page.

14. NobleWorks Cards

NobleWorks is continually on the lookout for “funny, unique, risqué, and carefully-crafted cards” for their online store.

Fill out their online contact form so they can send you their guidelines for artists, writers, and cartoonists.

15. Oatmeal Studios

This greeting card company has been around for 40 years. Chances are you’ve seen their card in a department store and chuckled to yourself.

Both written content and artistic illustrations from freelancers are welcome for submission.

16. Palm Press

Palm Press covers basically every major holiday and life event.

Best of all, submissions are accepted year-round here.

You can expect a reply to your submissions within 2 to 3 weeks, making Palm Press one of the fastest companies on this list.

17. Planet Zoo

If you’re into nature photography, then this might be a good fit for you.

Planet Zoo is an environmentally responsible publisher of various gift and stationery products, including greeting cards, featuring wildlife in their natural habitats as well as gorgeous scenery.

They accept up to 10 low-resolution images of animals in their natural habitat.

They do not accept submissions of animals in zoos or interacting with manmade objects.

18. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is an Oregon-based independent publisher creating various stationery products, including holiday cards.

They accept fine art, illustrations, and photography, and offer a simple online form to fill out. You’ll be contacted back within eight weeks.

19. R.S.V.P. Sellers

Sellers Publishing, which is under the RSVP umbrella, seeks both written content and artwork for its lines of notecards and greeting cards.

You can send up to 20 images per single submission.

While they accept submissions all year round, your best chance is to submit materials between March and October.

20. Shade Tree Greetings

This New York-based greeting card company has a line of greeting cards called Actual Pictures, featuring, you guessed it, actual photos sent in by customers.

If you have any old (think 1940s to 1980s) photos depicting something unusual or funny, send them a copy and see them immortalized on greeting cards.

21. Snafu Designs

SNAFU Designs started in a basement and has since expanded to a 1,500-square-foot warehouse creating and sending cards out to all 50 states and Canada.

Their target audience is those who get smart adult humor.

They’re currently not accepting card ideas, but check back on their Writer’s Guidelines page for future openings.

22. The Greeting Card Shop

The Greeting Card Shop allows you to find just the right card for an occasion or milestone, and it allows you to personalize these cards.

23. Up With Paper

This company is currently soliciting new freelance talent; you can either reach out to them through email or submit your portfolio.

24. Viabella

Viabella has been around since 1941, publishing greeting cards and other stationery products.

They welcome submissions from artists and writers. You can expect to get $150 to $250 per artwork or photograph, while it’s $50 to $100 per verse.

All submissions need to go through their respective Submissions Pages for Art and Verse.

25. Warner Press

Warner Press is a not-for-profit organization affiliated with the Church of God in Anderson, Indiana that publishes various non-denominational Christian products, including greeting cards.

There are pretty specific guidelines before your submission can be considered, so make sure to adhere to their submission guidelines.

Where Else to find Greeting Card Companies To Work With

The Greeting Card Association is a trade association serving the greeting card industry and promoting the tradition of sending and receiving greeting cards.

They have an extensive member directory where the websites and addresses are included.

How to Successfully Get Paid for Your Art and Writing

The first skill you need to have is the research skills to look at the existing stock of greeting cards that each company offers. Look at the visual elements, design, writing, even the font they normally use.

Next, you’ll have to be able to decide whether your art or writing is a good fit for the companies you’re looking at.

Perhaps the most important skill that you need to learn when dealing with greeting card companies is reading and following instructions.

With few exceptions, companies who do work with submissions have specific guidelines: from the format to the content to where it is to be sent.

You may be a great artist and your work may look like a good fit, but if you don’t follow instructions, you might find it hard to find companies willing to work with you.

Lastly, you’ll need patience. Larger companies process hundreds to thousands of submissions, and even smaller, independent ones process dozens. It may take weeks before anyone gets back to you, if at all.

The Bottom Line

You’re not going to get rich writing or designing greeting cards, but it can be a fun hobby to earn some extra cash in your spare time.

If writing for greeting card companies doesn’t feel like a good fit, there are plenty of other ways to get paid to write.

And as for visual artists and illustrators, there are other freelance jobs that pay you for your creativity.

Does working with greeting card companies sound like something you’re interested to do? Which company above do you feel is the best fit for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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  1. Dear Steve,

    I’m a professional greeting card writer with over 30 years experience in the field. I’m also self published as I compose personalized poetry for clients local and worldwide. However, I have many works published by Blue Mountain Arts out of Boulder, Colorado also. I am wondering if you could give advice on ” getting my foot in the door” with a company who is in search of a full time writer such as myself. To be frank, I am tired of the countless market reviews that take place where I currently submit my work as it is held up for more than two years before i know if they wish top purchase my product or not. Any suggestions you can share would be greatly appreciated.

    Dianne Cogar

  2. Hello, I was trying to figure out if any of my talents were marketable. I do drawings and write, so maybe this might be a good fit. Is there anything I need to know? Is there money involved to try out a site? Please let me know. ;) Thanks


  3. Hello Steve,

    I’m a published Greeting card writer and I also create short stories from time to time for various magazines. Though I have never experienced “being scammed” by a recognized greeting card publisher, I do find that some companies hold up your work far too long in their market reviews. I’m wondering if you could recoment a reputable publishing company that actually cuts through the chase and purchases your card sentiments based on their immediate observation of it?

  4. Steve,
    Thank you so much for this great article. I have written, poetry, stories, and writings for greeting cards…never did anything with them. I came upon your website by total accident. I was inquiring about freelance writing through card companies and next thing I know I am on this site. The information is great! I believe this is what I am looking for and with the prices increasing on everything from housing to groceries this is perfect for extra income.
    Many thanks!

  5. Hi Steve, some of my more card material stock is not on web. But often I think of Trader
    Joes Gourmet Greeting and Kathy Davis.
    Great article!

  6. Hey Steve,

    The minute I saw the title, I was hooked! I actually make my own greeting cards! I thoroughly enjoy it, but it has become more of a hobby for me.

    I’ll definitely have to save your article and look into this further…funny thing, I was thinking about my greeting cards just a few days ago, and thought of what I can do with them going forward.

    I still can’t believe I came across this post, Steve! This really is amazing!

  7. Steve, fantastic article. This opened my eyes to the way the world works as well as an excellent way to bring in additional money. When I was younger I used to write great greeting cards for birthdays etc… as I got older, I drifted from it. As you know time becomes more limited the more we mature and grow our families. In fact, that brings me to a question for you. I see on your site you do internet marketing. Do you do copywrite and the similar to this article. Or is this article more of a tip to open your readers eyes to the wonderful opportunities out there?

    • This piece was created just to show the opportunities that are out there. I haven’t written any greeting card messages myself.

  8. Hi, I didn’t even know that this is what the greeting card companies are doing. It’s great opportunity for the right people with this right talent to jump onboard the bandwagon and exercise their creativity. I would have given this a shot a few years ago but I don’t have the time and energy for this but I’m curious to find out for those who do, how is the experience making money this way.

  9. Hello, Steve. Your article is as box of treasures because there are people who are creative, funny and have good writing skills. I see here a great opportunity to earn an extra money.
    I wonder if you tried these companies as the way to earn extra income?
    Overall payment can be good but maybe somewhere are companies which could teach how to earn money online?
    Nowadays when people work few jobs at once, the opportunity to earn money online sounds as great escape.
    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

    • I haven’t actually tried any of the companies myself, but please do report back if you do submit work to any of them!

  10. Hi there,
    I have never seen so many opportunities for doing greeting card designs. Actually I didn’t realise so many of these sites existed. Its nice to visit websites like this that give real opportunity and I see you have reviews and advice on what to stay away from so thanks for that. Good article, I may just have to check some out!
    Cheers Sharon

  11. You are right, I never knew greeting card companies pay for writing.

    I may look into a few of these to supplement my blog as it is still relatively knew and not making a ton of money yet.

    I am still pretty new to copy writing as well. Which one of these do you recommend for beginners?


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