Spring is almost here- and that means spring cleaning is right around the corner too. Sure, spring cleaning may not be the activity you most look forward to…but what if you got paid money to ditch your old books, CDs, clothes and other unneeded things?

Luckily, there are a bunch of apps out there that will actually pay you cold hard cash for your unwanted stuff and extra gizmos. Best of all, these apps work with you as you clean and spruce up your abode.

Here are at least six apps you should check out before you start throwing away old stuff.


This app will pay you cash for your old media, including CDs, DVDs, games and books, as well as your technological gadgets such as cell phones and tablets. Once you download the app, you can use it to scan the bar codes of items you happen to have around the house. As soon as an item is scanned, Decluttr will provide you with an instant offer.

Alternately, for things like cell phones, you’ll first need to input your tech gadget and describe its condition before receiving your offer.

Once you accept your offers, Decluttr will send you a prepaid postage envelope which you can use to ship out your things. YOour money will appear in your registered bank or Paypal account one day after your items arrive at Decluttr.

I decided to try Decluttr for my two good condition iPhone 5 items and received offers of $68 and $77 for them within seconds of inputting their specs. The app is sending me an envelope for shipping, which is set to arrive in no more than 7 days.


Bookscouter can help you make some serious cash on your old books, especially textbooks. This app “scouts” through more than 40 different book-selling sites to come up with top offers for your books. Once you find the offer that you like, you simply click on it. In most cases, the chosen company or business will send you prepaid shipping materials, enabling you to keep the majority of your profits.

Bookscouter streamlines the book-selling process because all you need to do is find your books and scan them using the app’s incorporated scanner. From that point on, it’s up to Bookscouter to find you the best offer.

This app beats trying to list your books on Craigslist or eBay, or paying a premium for shipping sold books through Half.com.


Got more clothes than you know what to do with? Have a mountain of shoes to sort through?

You can sell your unwanted clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories via Poshmark. Once you download this app, you can use it to take pictures of items you intend to sell. Add descriptions, selling prices and the original purchase prices, then wait for a buyer to make an offer.

Once you’ve accepted an offer for an item you’re listing, it’s time to ship it out. The Poshmark app will send you prepaid USPS shipping labels, saving you time (not to mention money) on weighing items and standing in line at the post office. Once you receive your labels, simply affix them to your packaged clothing and send those packages on their way.

One day after the recipient obtains her box, your bank or Paypal account is credited. Be aware that Poshmark also charges a small commission on all product sales.


If you have bigger and bulkier items that are best sold through local channels, there’s an app for that too. OfferUp works much like Craigslist but employs security features like TruYou, which enables users to scan photo IDs to validate their identities. Once a photo ID is verified, the user gets an authenticity sticker on his or her profile.

OfferUp profiles can also be connected with those on Facebook, enabling you to find out if your Facebook friends may actually live in your area (and wish to buy your stuff).

OfferUp does not charge a commission or provide a platform for online payments. Therefore, it’s up to the buyer and seller to meet and complete the transaction on their own.


This app allows you to take pictures of stuff you’re selling and post those items within the app’s interface. However, it also allows you to take advantage of social networks that you may be a part of, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Rather than having you post over and over to these individual networks, the app posts on your behalf to all of them from its main interface. Spreesy also includes unique marketing tools for those networks so that you can get more eyeballs on your stuff.


Got stuff to sell that just doesn’t quite fit in the categories noted above? With the LetGo app, you can post just about anything within seconds using your mobile device’s camera. Using this app, I located items including walking sticks, football decals, baby slippers, cowboy boots, and even an ice shanty.

What I really liked about this app was its intuitive feel (you just snap a picture and post). Also, the app showcases your listed items to buyers living in your immediate geographic area. The final transaction is made between the buyer and seller, so the LetGo app is completely free to use.

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  • Diana Prince
    Diana Prince

    Decluttr is a complete scam!

    I was offered $220 for each of my iPhone 6S’s. Decluttr advertises that you send in your old cell phone and typically a day after they receive it they will deposit money into your bank account.
    Once Decluttr received my phones, they said that they had been reported either lost or stolen and that I would need to spend $.99 to run a “CheckMend” report on the phones to get it straightened out. In the same email, they advised that if you could not clear this up they are unable to return your devices and must destroy them. I ran the CheckMend reports and both phones came up clean as I knew they would. I sent the reports to Decluttr and awaited a response.
    After a few weeks Decluttr let me know that the reports still showing a problem with my phones and that they could offer me half the price or they could send my phones back. I opted to get my phones back. They did send the phones back to me and all I was out was the $2 for the CheckMend reports.
    After doing, some research this appears to be Decluttr’s scam. They offer you a certain amount and then once the devices arrive they tell you about a problem with the device and then offer half the original price. I had only wished that I doing done my due diligence before sending in my devices.
    I would strongly advise against ever doing business with this company.

  • Jonathan

    These are great! I just found a bucket of old tapes and CDs in my garage that I was about to throw away. I’m sure I can make a few dollars with Declutter. I also have a bunch of textbooks that I’ve been wanting to get rid of, so totally taking advantage of bookscouter. The other apps sound great too. I’m glad that feature exist to confirm your identity with your ID. I can feel more secure buying or selling this way.

  • William

    This is great I already use bookscouter. They are amazing, especially for students. I learned about a few others such as decluter and spreesy. I’m a college student looking for ways to make a bit of side income any chance I can. Thank you for this post you really helped me out alot.

  • Lidia

    Wow, that is once amazing and helpful article. I had no idea these apps existed. I have always relied on garage sales or Craigslist or taken things to Goodwill. I will definitely be checking these out when I need to get rid of the many clothes and other things that are taking up too much space at home. Thanks!

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      We’re currently emptying out our house in preparation for a new baby and LetGo has been working surprisingly well!

  • Alison

    Hi, Steve

    Great post! I am constantly decluttering and reorganizing my stuff. Who knew I could actually capitalize on something I have been doing anyway! I know my husband will be glad to hear that I am downloading poshmark as I am typing this comment. It is also a great concept. Just because I no longer need something does not mean someone else does not have a use for it.

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