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  • Kevin Hutchins
    Kevin Hutchins

    Great post. I didn’t know these kinds of options were available. Thanks for the information. You may have just helped me to sell a motorcycle. I’m giving Letgo a try, on that; I need to sell the bike locally and it looks like just the app for the job.
    I’ll have to keep you posted! Thanks again.

  • Mat A.
    Mat A.

    Hi Steve,
    Fabulous article on 5 best selling apps to get money for your stuff. I’ve looked at Letgo before as well as Offerup. I didn’t realize that you could now go national with Offerup, that’s a nice bonus.
    I know this isn’t an app but I’ve had good success with Craigslist selling things locally. So far I haven’t been stood up and always meet folks at a public place. I’ve even sold contacts!
    The app I’m going to have to try out is declutter. That looks like an absolutely fabulous concept, almost too good to be true. I’m guessing you don’t get a lot for your old stuff but as long as you get something and they pay to ship it, it’s a win-win in my book.
    Thanks again,
    Mat A.

  • Andy Zeus Anderson
    Andy Zeus Anderson

    Steve another stunning review. You never realize how much of your old junk is actually worth something than when you put something up on one of these apps. It can go quickly from one item to twenty listed and soon the spring cleaning is a lot easier and you have enough funds to take a vacation or buy that season ticket or a new dress. Depending on male or female of course. Of the apps the one I am most familiar with is LetGo but they all sound interesting especially BookScouter which could put some new shine on our old books or be a source for the budding bibliophile. Again a great review.

  • Cathy

    You’re right. While I’ve made some money selling stuff from my closet, I really can’t see how these apps can be used for generating long term income.

    I’ve friends who go around buying (cheaper) stuff and list the items at slightly higher prices, but they don’t necessary sell fast all the time. Even on Poshmark, you’ll encounter a lot of haggling and I feel it’s not worth the effort sometimes.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      These apps are great if you have some old stuff you need to get rid of and want some money for things you’d otherwise give or throw away. It’s not really much of a job.

  • Salina Lucero
    Salina Lucero

    I cant stand! selling apps there have been so many times I was stood up or people tried arguing with me over my selling price even though I wasnt selling it full price to begin with, I think it’s just better to go to a store like Clothing revival where they give you cash for your clothes or even if they dont want it they donate it somewhere nice,too many issues with selling apps, your so right.

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