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7 Websites that pay $50 or More for Guest Blog Posts

Writing content for others can be discouraging in terms of appreciation (i.e., pay). You pour your heart and soul into a 500-word article for Yahoo! Voices, let’s say, and make a measly $4.50 for your efforts. Or you keep finding the following type of insane job offer:

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I need efficient writers to write articles for me
I have plenty of work for only dedicated writers
Articles are simple; 300, 500, 750 and 1000 words
I will pay $1 for 300 word articles, $2 for 500 word article, $3.50 for 750 word article and $5 for 1000 word article (emphasis mine)
No milestones please, so if your bid has milestone I will not select you
Bid for $50 and I will be paying after submission of 5 articles, meaning that if you manage 5 articles within 24 hours then you get paid.
Waiting for bids. Thank you.

Luckily, there are websites out there that do take you seriously by paying good money for your guest blog posts. I’ve listed at least 7 websites that pay $50 or more for your writing. Keep in mind that all of these sites require high quality, novel content that is 500+ words in length and provides value to its readers. Some sites will edit or ask that you edit your content, while others might require an attached photo.

1. The Motley Fool Blog Network

Started at 1:58 PM in November 2011, The Motley Fool Blog Network lets the individual investor discuss stock, ETF and index investment ideas and receive critical feedback in the form of member comments. Furthermore, each syndicated (i.e, posted to Yahoo! Finance, MSN Money, Daily Finance) blog post is paid $50. If your 10 most recent blog posts average 2,500 page views or higher and the staff views your content as top-notch, your compensation goes up to $100/post. The best bloggers may even be offered a writing contract by The Motley Fool. To see an example of my own work, please click here for Fool blog posts by halina23.

2. The Krazy Coupon Lady

Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer (who have also been featured on TLC’s Extreme Couponing) of The Krazy Coupon Lady accept guest posts on personal finance, saving money, finding coupon deals, etc. and pay $50 for each accepted post. I worked with the KCL team a month ago and was paid $50 by Paypal within 3 days of article acceptance. The site is rather busy, however, so my article has yet to be published.

3. Freelance Switch

If you’re a freelancer and wish to share your advice on the freelance life, helpful resources, ways to make your job easier, employer reviews, etc., then you’ve come to the right place. Freelance Switch will pay you $50 for your content the month after it is accepted on the site. You may also republish your submitted content to your own blog and to offline publications like magazines or books.

4. One Spoon At A Time

Paul Wolfe, the webmaster of OneSpoonAtATime, started paying $50 for guest blog posts back in September of last year. He explains why he pays this amount of money in a post entitled Guest Posts Wanted – $50 Per Post! Paul looks for unique content relating to online businesses- starting and marketing the business, streamlining workload, attracting customers, using unusual sales tactics, etc. He prefers content pitches and asks that the guest blogger actively follow and reply to comments. Incidentally, Paul’s explanation of why he’s paying $50 per guest post provides a link to a writer’s blog that’s also paying $50 per post:

5. Writers Weekly

Do you earn a high income from freelance writing, self-publishing, ghost writing, etc.? Share your tips on writing success with the ezine Writers Weekly and you could receive $60 for your guest blog post. The site asks for query emails first along with examples of your published content.

6. TheTechLabs and Pxl Eyes

Are you so adept at 3D rendition software and applications that others often look to you for help? The Tech Labs is requesting in-depth tutorials on programs such as Adobe Flash, Flex and Air and ActionScript 3. If your tutorial is published, you receive $50-$75. Pxl Eyes is requesting tutorials on all kinds of drawing and 3D rendition programs like Photoshop, Coreldraw and AutoCAD. Payment for an accepted PxlEyes tutorial can be up to $200.

7. The Change Agent

Teachers and students involved in social justice adult education can submit their content to The Change Agent which pays $50 upon acceptance. Additionally, students can submit articles, stories, essays, illustrations and activities to The Change Agent paper and be paid $50 upon content acceptance.


8. Leaving Work Behind

As of March 3, 2014, Tom Ewer has opened up his blog, Leaving Work Behind, to $50 guest posts (upon acceptance). If you’ve recently launched a new business or are simply trying to, Tom wants to hear about it.

Honorable Mentions:

The following sites do not pay $50 per guest blog post, but the writing standards for them are a bit more open and relaxed:

1. Social Moms

Social Moms accepts queries on the subjects of saving money, working at home, health and parenting. I was recently approved to write about MSG as well as super couponing for this site. The compensation is 5,000 points per published post, which equates to $25. You can request payout at 8,000 points via Paypal (i.e., $40) or at 10,000 points via Amazon gift card (i.e., $50).

2. Spark People

This fitness and nutrition website accepts content related to health, weight loss, personal wellness and motivation and pays from $25-$75 per accepted post. Articles submitted to Spark People are expected to be between 800 and 1,800 words in length. Full-time freelance writing gigs may be offered to top-notch writers. Additional writing and freelance writer opportunities can be found at Spark People Writers Guidelines.

3. Rock Solid Finance

If you have some great ideas on making and/or saving money as an entrepreneur, pitch these ideas to David Worrell at If your article is accepted, David will pay you $25 or give your website/business up to 2 backlinks- the choice is yours. Be sure to read his guest blog post instructions first, though.

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  2. This is really a huge collection of websites that do offer Guest Posting Opportunities and it is really glad to have it. Informative article!!!

  3. Thank you for so graciously sharing this information. It can be quite tough. I noticed over years of using traditional methods for finding work that writing jobs are not often directly advertised. It took years of effort just to have enough clips to be able to start finding professional writing jobs. I am still not qualified for all of them, but it is not nearly as bad as it was when they were entirely invisible or when it was only the “work for us double full time for not enough money for you to live on” opportunities. There is hope but it is not the way one might think.

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  5. What an awesome list of these blogs taking guest posts! Thanks for posting it. I am definitely submitting articles to a few of them, namely The Freelance Switch, Spark People, The Change Agent and One Spoon at a Time. The biggest hurdles for me are intimidation and the idea of rejection, but I’m going to push past those and try it anyway :)

  6. Great post Steve. :) I saw you posted it on Facebook. I’ll definitely check these blogs out. I’m not sure if you have your own guest blogging platform set up, but I think it’d be awesome if you did. I know I’d be one of the 1st to do it.


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