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These Are the Best 16 Crafts to Make and Sell in 2020

Are you a DIY freak known for their love of everything creative? How about creating crafts to make and sell?

If you’ve ever knitted a scarf, created an eccentric photo-frame, built a bench or sewn a nifty jumper, then why not start compiling a list of things to make and sell and start making money online?

I mean – what better way to start making money than by doing something you’re passionate about? If you’re a renowned DIY-er, then you have a huge untapped opportunity to start creating easy crafts to sell.

The problem arises when you need to decide what exactly you need to start making to sell. If you’re any good at your craft, then that’s a good enough start and that’s all you need.

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So what do you create? How do you start creating something new and special that other people aren’t selling online?

In this article, we’ll cover the best selling crafts that you can easily make at home so you can start making money from your hobby!

16 Easy Crafts to Sell

You’re going to want to make sure what you create is actually in demand.

I’ve rounded up the best selling products on Etsy and the top sellers at Amazon to find the best crafts for you to pursue.

Look through Amazon Handmade’s Featured Artists section as well. You can see what is selling (and selling well) to help you get started.

1. Jewelry

Jewelry Crafts

No list including easy crafts to make and sell would be complete without jewelry.

The industry is constantly growing, people are still interested in buying all types of jewelry and there always seems to be constant demand.

The e-commerce jewelry market is estimated at $2.7 billion in the U.S alone.

Making jewelry, however, takes a little bit more time than any other thing on this list, but it’s definitely worth it.

Here are some of the most sought-out jewelry items:

  • Locket necklaces.
  • Letter pendants.
  • Promise rings.
  • Friendship bracelets.
  • Pearl earrings and necklaces.

2. Daily Planners

Planners are one of the easiest crafts to make and sell and are currently some of the best selling crafts on platforms like Etsy.

It’s 2019 and planners are still big, especially with the rise of more people wanting to become a professional organizer.

You can create all types of banners – daily ones, monthly ones, to-do lists, wellness planners, fitness planners, and much more.

All you need to know is:

  • How to bundle a few sheets together.
  • How to create a template (the more creative and aesthetically appealing, the better).

Pro-tip: To make even more money, you can create downloadable planner templates and save yourself the cost of printing and binding papers.

3. Crochet and Knitted Products

Crochet DIY crafts

If you’re the kind of crafty person who loves needle arts then crochet & knitted products act as a great potential for selling your stuff online.

You can pretty much create everything – from beanies to scarves to mug warmers.

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Pro-tip: Make sure your product is unique (price, design, marketing) since the crochet industry is highly competitive. Don’t price your product too high unless you are offering something no one else is.

4. Candles

The candle business is one of the most lucrative in the world. Despite all and any technological advances, there is incomparable tranquility that comes with lighting a candle.

There are plenty of niches to explore in the candle-making industry as well: religion, birthdays, rituals, natural, scented candles, and much more.

You’ll also never have to deal with a shortage of DIY candle-making tutorials.

It’s also one of the easiest things to make and sell and requires no previous craft skills.

5. Holiday Ornaments

This might seem like quite the surprise, but holiday-related decorations are one of the best-selling categories on Etsy.

And for good reason! Personalized gift tags, candles, cards, napkin holders….Your options are endless.

And you’ll get to create them for next to nothing: An easy craft to sell, a low cost one, in high demand and with soaring profit margins.

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6. Bath bombs

DIY Bath Bombs

There is no doubt that bath bombs are all the rage right now.

They are very simple to make, and you can let your creativity run as free as you want.

Making those delightful chunks of happiness (and colors) takes very little learning time, and they sell very well.

The more clever your packaging is, the better.

Pro-tip: Keep your raw materials fresh, always use natural ingredients and make sure they’re safe for skin.

7. Pet Toys

There are over 70-80 million dogs in the US alone and the pet industry is estimated at $60 billion.

Now there’s no need to tell you how much of a chance you have to tap into this market and start creating unique, handmade, and maybe even eco-friendly toys.

The best thing about pet toys?

They are very easy to make and there are plenty of Youtube video tutorials about them so you don’t even need to start learning from scratch.

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8. Home & Living

Some of the best-selling crafts online are related to things for your home.

From gorgeous plant vases, quirky home décor items, eccentric chairs, decorative items, rugs, and even curtains – your options are endless.

9. Party Invitations

DIY Invitations

Everyone wants a unique invite right now and some people might go as far as watching DIY tutorials to pimp up their invites.

But this is where you come in. There’s a lot of untapped potential in the world of invites and you’ve got endless options: birthday parties, weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, corporate invites….The world is your oyster.

10. Subscription Boxes

Have you got a few talents up your sleeve and don’t know how to utilize your knowledge without wasting time and effort?

Or are you less crafty but have an eye for creative execution?

Instead of cluttering your feed with hundreds of products, compile them in a subscription box or gift box, pack them all each month and ship them.

11. Pillow Covers

Pillow covers might sound a little bit complicated at first, but you can easily make pillow covers using t-shirts!

A little pro-tip is to use t-shirts that you already have so that you can lower your costs, dye them and then turn them into unique pillow covers.

12. Handmade Kids Clothing

Usually, kids’ clothing is one of those niches that you can get as creative as you want in. Do you want to create an oversized unicorn onesie?

Go for it.

Batman pajamas?


An irresistibly cute mini-robe? Yes, please!

The kids’ clothing category includes a lot of crafts you can make and sell – from little scarves to onesies, to ear warmers and gloves.

Your best advantage, though?

Low costs thanks to how tiny the clothes are!

13. Travel Bags

The travel industry includes dozens of crafts that sell well – quirky DIY travel bags, recyclable travel wallets, scratch maps, wooden bookmarks and much more.

If you’ve already got a design in mind then you can always buy a bag, add your design to the bag and start marketing it.

It’s a great way to make some passive income as there’s very little effort needed from your side.

14. Prism Light Candles

Got a mason jar? Got some stones? Got some fairy lights?

If you answered yes to all three, then congrats, you’re practically only one more step away from creating your DIY craft.

Prism light candles are very aesthetically appealing, insanely easy to do and are very easy to market!

15. String Art

A lot of people just have a knack for hammering nails and twisting springs.

If you’re one of these people, then you’re lucky because you’ve just found yourself an easy craft to sell.

This craft requires no artistic talent from you – just knowledge on how to work with those hands.

16. Bird Feeders

DIY Bird Feeder

There are tons of cute ideas on Youtube and Pinterest that you can learn from when it comes to bird feeders.

They are very easy to make, and you can always choose your own style of painting and design!

The Bottom Line

Don’t think that these are the only options you have for easy crafts to sell and make.

As I said before – the world is your oyster.

You can choose all sorts of crafts to learn, add your twist to it and sell, sell, sell! Once you’re ready to start moving product, be sure to check out our guide on how to sell on Etsy.

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  1. I truly love your article, it gives me ideas. I am a crafter and love making everything.. which been crafting for over 31 yrs. Sometimes i get stuck at what to make or what sells.. so this article helped me . Thank you.
    I know about scammers been scammed over 60 times. It really sucks. Which is why i am now trying to make crafts to sell at the local craft fairs..


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