Quick Summary of 700 Per Minute

Rating: 1 Utter BS!

The Good: None whatsoever.

The Bad: It's selling you a hyped up dream of greed and desperation.

The Bottom Line: If you want a way to build a real business, without having to rely on made up stories, read my top recommendation.

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700 Per Minute Review

There are some pretty wild amounts of money mentioned whenever you take a look at a Binary Options system. Some say they can earn you a few thousand a month, some a few thousand a week, some even say they can earn you that sort of money in a day!

But not this Binary Options system, oh no, not this one…

This particular system pushes that it can earn you $700 per minute! That equals:

  • $7,000 per 10 minutes
  • $42,000 per hour
  • $336,000 per 8 hours

That is some serious money, so the next question would be: is this real or is it yet another scam?

Let’s find out.

The 700 Per Minute Pitch

As with most Binary Options systems, 700 Per Minute’s sales page revolves around a sales video.

There are however some other worrying things happening on this website.

For instance you have the Spots Left counter in the top left and the VIP Invite expiration timer below the video.

Both of these actually mean jack, as they are controlled by basic website code and will reset on page refresh. You can leave the website open for days and still happily sign up!

In the top right is a live trade ticker. This data could be real, but it comes from a website called Click To Webinar, which really doesn’t seem to have much to do with trading. This website is used by a lot of Binary Options marketers so my conclusion is that it is either a) fake, computer generated trading data or b) real trading data but which has nothing to do with the system itself. Either way, something is rotten here.

The 13 minute video is of course a complete marketing pitch with multiple tricks used to try and get you to sign up.

Almost from the start the video adds a timer ticker to the top right of it counting up in both time and money, forcing you to see exactly how much you can allegedly earn in a short space of time. It’s a good ploy.

700 per minute money ticker

From the narrator introduces himself as Matthew Young, and shows us an awful screenshot of a supposed article about himself – poor quality, and obviously faked.

Ignoring the white elephant in the room Matthew goes on to tell you how he earns between $300,000 and $500,000 per month from his software.

The evidence he provides, screenshots of bank accounts, prove very little, and are most likely fake to go along with his fake news article.

700 per minute fake article

You can’t tell me that this is anything but fake!

The software apparently is push button and fully automated; you need not have any knowledge or skill to use it.

When it comes to making money online, anything that promotes itself as fully automated should be setting alarm bells ringing in your head!

There is no software out there that can make you money via trading! The market is just too volatile, most especially the Binary Options market as the ups and downs are so severe due to the trades being at the micro level.

700 per minute no knowledge

From that point on, the video takes a fairly normal route. Like most Binary Options scams, it pushes the wealthy lifestyle your way, showing images of fanciful destinations, but keeping them realistic enough to not tip you past the point of believing.

More unprovable bank statement s follow, designed to engender trust and sense of greed.

These two things happen again after that, reinforcing how wonderful this program can be.

Of course, these are just marketing ploys employed by a rather unethical marketer to get you to sign up to the scheme.

If this guy was so absolutely rich from his system, then why is he pushing affiliates to promote it? Why is he gaining commissions from the broker for every person that signs up and deposits money?

Why, because this is a scam of course! The software is bog standard Binary Signals software, nothing fancy and nothing effective.

If it truly worked he would either not be telling the world about it or he would be signing it from the treetops and not pushing it via affiliates in the back end of the internet.

700 per minute honest

Ha ah ahah ahaha hahaha!

Signing up to 700 Per Minute

Unsurprisingly, the next step is to sign up to the broker.

There are of course some “testimonials”. These testimonials seem very fake, especially as the photos seem to be ripped from Twitter accounts that are no longer in use (it makes it less likely the real person will find out).

I signed up and my account was created with Binary Brokerz. Sounds legit right? The system is pretty much as I thought just a big standard Binary Signals system. There is nothing unique or special here.

The Bottom Line

700 per minute is a hyped up Binary Options scam, designed to get you excited about vast quantities of cash only to leave you in the clutches of a dubious EU based Binary Options broker with software that is unlikely to earn you $700 a month let alone a minute.

Steer clear of 700 Per Minute.

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