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  • Francois

    This is a SCAM!!!! Used the app on Auto Mode. 38 trades placed – 18 winners, 20 losers. Lost $200 in THREE Days!!

    Tried contacting support to ask for the $10 000 they promised to refund. Email does not exist!!

  • Palmstroem

    Thanks for that information. I already had the very strong feeling that it’s a scam, but here is the confirmation.

  • VK

    What i found on this website is that POTENTIAL PROFIT number always change. You may think the data coming from the server, right? Wrong… Numbers are updating randomly and here is one of the functions that dose it. The function called “update()”. What id dose, it’s create every second a new random number and put’s it in “POTENTIAL PROFIT” label. So there is no “live” backoffice or data on the website, nothing is coming from the server, it’s just random numbers generated by your browser.

    function update(){
    multiplier += -0.0025 + Math.random() * 0.01;
    var val = Math.floor(doubleval * multiplier);

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