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Rating: 1 Only because we can't assign a zero here.

The Good: There are no pros.

The Bad: There is no such thing as a guaranteed way to win on binary option betting. These scammers are outright lying to you saying they have a proven system that they'll give to you for free after you make a deposit into a brokerage account. You make the deposit, scammer gets half, and you're left with a useless program that will quickly lose a lot of your money.

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AI App Review

Recently I was watching a video of an advert Apple produced back in 1996 showcasing how the Macintosh computer was so much better than a standard “Windows 95 PC”.

By today’s standards the technology then was laughable: blocky graphics, poor video editing experiences and terrible voice control.

I got reminded of this video when I watched a sales pitch for a new Binary Options product called AI App.

The reason I was reminded of a nearly 20 year old advert (wow, time flies!) is because it is now super easy to create T.V. quality videos in your own home.

The pitch

The sales video for AI App is impressive. It is remarkably polished that it would be hard to tell the difference between this and a real television program based on production values alone.

There is of course some tell-tale signs that might make you sit back and think.

Let’s start with the name: AI App. The AI is short for Artificial Intelligence, and while this doesn’t mean the like of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, AI is more common than you think.

The video is right in saying some things like predictive text are a form of AI, though very limited in scope.

The video focuses on a Dr. John Clark, PHD who is the apparent creator of this remarkable software.

The distinguished doctor is a ghost: there are no records for him anywhere that I can find which is suggestive that he is in fact fake and the gentleman on screen is an actor.

However, producing computer software that can accurately and intelligently track such as Binary Options signals is incredibly hard and normally requires DARPA or Google levels of funding to be even remotely effective.

One guy on his own might be able to do it, but it’s unlikely.

The next thing is this: if some intelligent software had been made, it would have broke on the news/internet like a storm.

This leads me onto the bulk of the sales video, the World New report.

AI App world news

This is a blatant fake news report, based on the fact that the only logo that appears on this broadcast is the AI App logo, and Globe News is just not real.

Plus, the actress who portrays the news reader is less than talented (sorry dear, but you won’t be winning an Oscar for that performance). No. News. Broadcaster. Speaks. Like. This.

Therefore the two main protagonists of this story of money and computers are 99% likely to be actors.

I can back this up with some indirect evidence: the testimonials.

At least three of the people in the video who vouch that the system generated them life changing sums of money are actors.

At least two of the testimonial providers are actors or at least sell their testimonial services on Fiverr.com.

AI App fiverr testimonial 3

AI App fiverr testimonial 1

AI App fiverr testimonial 2

If the testimonials are faked, then how can anything in the rest of the video be considered real?

This makes the doctors statement of “I am here because I want to tell the truth” to be an appalling statement, when the reality is that nothing he says is the truth.

Then there are the quality marks added to the site. These things really bug me because at a glance they invoke a lot of trust in a site, but when you examine them more closely you realize they actually don’t mean anything.

  • Top Profit System 2015 – who says so?
  • Trade Trust – Which trade? Who backs this?
  • Customer Care Excellence – Anyone can say that.
  • 100% Secured Site – Yet the site doesn’t use SSL (HTTPS).
  • 2014 Software Award – Who awarded it?

None of these link anywhere, none of these can be verified. They are just there to invoke that sense of trust nothing more.

Inside AI APP

As with all Binary Options scams, they aim of the game is to get you to sign up to a Binary Options broker (in this instance one called Interactive Options), and then deposit funds.

It’s only after you hand over your cash that the affiliate for this broker gets their own cash.

There is no special formula, no magic algorithm, and certainly there is no artificial intelligence at work here.

The software you get is based on the brokers own system, so it isn’t even unbiased.

The broker hails out of Cyprus in Europe (I have yet to find a Binary Options broker that doesn’t register in Cyprus…) which means you will get zero back up from any US government branch should things go badly for you.

The Bottom Line

As with any Binary Options system, there is no magic or advanced software behind AI App. Instead it is just gimmicks and marketing tricks that try to fool people into parting with their hard earned cash.

In my opinion avoid AI App!

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