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AppCoiner Review: Here’s What You Really Get

The Good / You can make money with this system

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The Bad / You're not going to be doing exactly what the sales page states. You've no control over the site, and could lose any content you add. You need to drive an awful lot of traffic to the site as it will not rank in search engines.

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AppCoiner Review

The internet is definitely the new frontier when it comes to making money. There are a vast number of opportunities out there, but as with any frontier it’s also home to bandits and snake oil salesmen.

Most of the programs and systems that you should avoid want you to believe that it is easy to make big money online without having to do any hard work.

AppCoiner is one of these sites, let me explain more.

What is AppCoiner?

The sales page for AppCoiner states that it can help you make money by testing mobile apps and games. All you need to do is sign up, download some apps and write an honest review.

App Coiner - 123

This is not all it seems to be as it’s using the words test and review seemingly interchangeably.

For most people this might seem like I’m splitting hairs, but they are very different. Are you going to be doing a variety of tests on different resolution screens? What about hardware? Operating systems versions?

Or are you simply taking a look at the app and writing a review, like you would with a toaster?

The Sales Pitch

After handing over your email address, you’re taken to the real sales page for AppCoiner.

It pushes the idea that it’s easy to test apps and make money. All you need is a basic grasp of English and a smartphone or tablet.

In fact, it lures you in with an interesting fact: in 2016 224 billion apps were downloaded generating billions in revenue.  Apparently you’re in for a slice of this cash because app developers want you to make reviews of their products.

While not strictly a lie, this is a misdirection as those billions generated from apps has nothing to do with how you’ll get paid. In fact the developers of the apps won’t even know you exist.

AppCoiner provides a handy calculator to help you work out how much you’ll get paid. This is a common technique seen on scam sites and doesn’t actually do anything. I mean, you can select how much each app review will earn you, between $5 and $30, but how do you know how much it will earn you?

It is meaningless junk designed to make you think you will earn big money.

App Coiner - calc

Your Special Discount!

AppCoiner is open to anyone, anywhere, but if your country might have a huge demand for testers, as such AppCoiner will give you a $20 discount.

This is BS, as it’s the same no matter what country you are in, they are just using a tactic to make you think you’re getting a discount for a reason, when in reality, you’re not.

App Coiner - discount

Try and leave the page and you’ll get hit with another $10 discount.

Appcoiner Discount

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Not Really Testing

As mentioned above, I had some concerns about what AppCoiner is selling you. The reality is that you won’t actually be testing apps, but reviewing them.

What AppCoiner wants you to do is to log into your AppCoiner members account and write a review there.

App Coiner - member site

This seems odd as wouldn’t it be better to write the review on the apps page on the App Store or Google Play?

It would yeah, but you’ll never get paid that way.

You see, the app developers have nothing to do with this, in fact if they were to pay you for a review they’d likely be banned from the various app stores for trying to game the system.

Instead AppCoiner provides you with a website to write your reviews on. This sounds great, though far from what is promised on the sales page, but it isn’t good.

The website you’ll get will be a subdomain of another website called popularreviewer, so for example you’re might be bobsmith.popularreviwer

App Coiner - subdomain

Not only that but the site is a cookie cutter of every other site subdomain – they all look the same barring any unique content you add in terms of reviews.

There are a few problems with this sort of setup.

Firstly, you’re not in control. If the main site is taken down by the owners, your site and content is gone.

Secondly, subdomains are less likely to be ranked by a search engine. I did a search on numerous apps (“app name” review) and found only one subdomain from this site on page 5 of the results. That’s it.

Finally, you’re competing against every other AppCoiner customer.

Appcoiner Websites

Getting Paid

The sales pitch states that AppCoiner will monetize your reviews for you and will pay you out weekly, but how does this work?

At first I thought it might be some sort of affiliate marketing at the app store. That was quashed when I realized that neither Apple nor Google has an affiliate scheme for their app stores.

After looking at the sites provided by AppCoiner it became clearer –adverts. Each page of your site will contain 2 adverts, plus whenever someone clicks the buttons to go to the app stores, they are shown another advert and made to wait 10 seconds, and then forced to click a link to continue.

App Coiner - advert

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It’s these adverts that will make you money.

Adverts generally pay peanuts, but these are adverts for products on ClickBank, so it is in fact a type of affiliate marketing, so at least pay more in commissions.

As well as that, there is a built in optin form. If anyone signs up they will be sent emails that contain affiliate links with your tag in them.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Due to the nature of the site you’re being provided, the only way to make it even remotely viable is to send vast amounts of traffic to it.

As these sites basically don’t rank, organic SEO is out of the question, which leaves social media and paid traffic.

Buying traffic to send to these sites is a very bad idea. Unless you know what you are doing it’s very easy to pay more on traffic than you get in commissions. That being said it’s a viable option.

Social media is also an option, but again unless you know what you’re doing it could end up with you simply being labelled a spammer.

Is App Coiner a Scam?

Is AppCoiner a scam?

By definition, no it’s not, but it’s certainly misleading – instead of simply testing apps and getting paid you’re effectively running a small affiliate website.

And that’s my other major concern with this system: you don’t own anything, but are required to do the work.

Everything you build here is owned by App Coiner. They could at any minute decide to replace your affiliate tags with theirs or shut the site down and then you’d have nothing.

My final issue is that you need to send traffic to the site, a lot of traffic for it to be worthwhile, and that will be costly in either money or time or both.

You’d be better off creating your own affiliate site; it might take longer to learn but you’d own the domain and have full control.

2 thoughts on “AppCoiner Review: Here’s What You Really Get”

  1. App Coiner is TERRIBLE. I got an email from them that was EXTREMELY rude and not professional at all. Told me to unsubscribe because apparently I didn’t take up an offer FAST ENOUGH. People have things going on in their lives. It was a very long and very unprofessional email.


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