Auto Mobile Binary is a joke. There, I said it. You can get the question of its legitimacy out of your mind now. The rest of this review is going to tell you exactly why you should stay away from this product.

It’s another in a long line of junk “make instant riches” programs created by the same people. There’s a reason they’ve been responsible for more junk programs and known scams than almost anyone in recent days. They produce a program, it gets exposed, they make a new one.


What Is Auto Mobile Binary Then?

I wish I could tell you what it REALLY is, because when I tried to check it out, their email application form was mysteriously offline. This in itself isn’t a sure sign of a scam, but it shows that something is amiss.

I tried checking back later but still had no joy.

Still, I know how many people like to promote these bozos and their lucrative offers, so I needed to write this article to warn you. I’ll tell you what the clear facts and signs are, and you can make up your own mind.

What Does It CLAIM To Be?

That’s a much better question. Auto Mobile Binary is supposed to be a leaked report which has been “intercepted” by some programmer. We don’t need to know how he got his hands on it, but it is apparently the first ever report between two federal banking agencies about how to make money.

Right OK then. So 007 is giving us a free report. Got it.

We aren’t told much more than this. In fact, the man in the video (who sounds surprisingly like a paid actor), just repeats over and over again that it is a confidential report, it makes $500 to $1,000 a day online guaranteed, and it’s a confidential report, and it makes $500 a day online guaranteed, and it’s a confiden…you get the idea.

This is a very basic sales tactic of repetition. The more we hear that it is a $500 per day program, the more we can’t stop thinking about it, and the more likely we are to take action and hand over our money.

Wait, isn’t it free?

Well yes, it’s free initially, but considering that the program has TWO affiliate payouts, I’m assuming it has at least TWO upsells after the initial free report.


What’s worse, on the JV page (the page where they tell their affiliates how much money they’ll make by ripping off regular Joes like you), you’ll see that it even claims to offer zero refunds.


Don’t even risk giving these guys a dime.

How Are You So Sure It’s Not Legit?

I’m pretty well trained in spotting these things by now. I’ve been doing it every week for months, and I’ve never been wrong.

Here are a few things that I’d like to bring to your attention to back up my claims though:

1.) The product is released by the same guys who have made dozens of other programs claiming the same things. If they all work, why do they keep changing the name and releasing new ones?

2.) The JV page pretty much talks about how there are no refunds, there is great pay, and a good sales funnel. These guys love launching new products with lots of affiliates sending them unsuspecting people armed with credit cards that don’t get refunded.

3.) The video is terrible. It just repeats the same thing over and over again. Did I mention it is a leaked report yet?

4.) Look at this screenshot. Apart from it being poor quality, look at the inconsistencies:



The person has two names, and yet another name in the second faked screenshot. On top of that, despite this supposedly being the same bank account over a period of several months, why did the offers not change? My bank has a different offer for me every day and week, not the same 10% deal at a restaurant for 6 months.

It’s just a good sign that there wasn’t any attention to detail when faking the screenshots.

You Didn’t Even Check It Out!

Yes, I’ll admit I wasn’t able to get inside to reveal to you any more. I think it’s pretty easy to add 1 + 1 together to make 2 though.

If you manage to get access to the back-end and see what is being offered, you can a.) use your own judgement based on what I’ve shown you, or b.) let me know it’s back up and I’ll go check it out.

Either way, we’ve already got three letters, we don’t need to find the fourth to know how to spell S-C-A…

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