Quick Summary of Avenger Trader

Rating: 1 1 is too good for this product, but it's the minimum I can give.

The Good: The video is shorter than others. You won't waste as much time. That's a pro I guess?

The Bad: It's another Binary Options scam, designed to empty your wallet on the belief that they invented some secret software that can guarantee which way a coin flip will land. The whole purpose of this program is to get you to deposit money into a brokerage account so the scammer can get a big commission.

The Bottom Line: If you are serious about making money online, then you need proper training, support and guidance, not schemes like Avenger Trader. There's only one support network that I would recommend.

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Avenger Trader Review

We are the 99%. We don’t have yachts. We don’t have mansions. We don’t have multiple sports cars. We don’t fly off at the drop of a hat to far flung destinations.

No. We work hard for little reward. We struggle to pay our bills. We just about put food on the kitchen table. We struggle with debt. We are the have-nots.

We aspire to better things. Perhaps we even aspire to being part of the 1% – the haves.

This is why when we come across promises of wealth online, it catches us off guard, it makes us think that maybe, just maybe, it’s possible to get out of this rut.

That’s what they want to you to think. No, not the 1%, they couldn’t give a damn about us. No, the ones that want to entrap us are part of the 99%, but they don’t work hard to make an honest living. Instead they work hard to take our money instead.

The scam artists, the unethical marketers, the Binary Options affiliate marketers.

This is why, when I come across a system that pushes things like Binary Options, I have to speak out. I have to warn you that this dream they offer up is just pure fantasy.

The latest so called product that I must tell you about, to warn you about, is Avenger Trader.

A Poor Pitch

The Avenger Trader scam starts with an innocuous video. A simple sales pitch designed by skilled but unethical marketers to lead you down a dark path.

As with most videos like this, it focuses on raw parts of your psyche: your worries and fears, your hopes and dreams.

It discusses how you, like all of the rest us in the 99%, want more money to live the life you have dreamed of, whether that’s merely to be more financially secure or to buy more things, or go more places.

The paid actor narrating the video spiel, states how he “can help because [he] know[s] how”. He doesn’t explain how he knows how to help you, he merely waves this away by stating that he will skip the life story that you have no doubt heard in other videos. Instead he advises you he will just focus on the money.

avenger trader fast cash

It makes you feel like he is a philanthropist, and that he has nothing but your own interest at heart. It’s a shame that it is just a lie.

In some ways I appreciate this, but the reality is the writer of the script is substituting one crock of B.S. for another.

Another way that this video makes you want to trust its contents is by quashing the idea that you can make hundreds of thousands a week. This is true; it’s hard to make that sort of cash that quickly, unless you are a very large corporation.

However, it does state that you can easily make several thousand a week, much more than most people who work hard a for a living, and you can also make that money with very little effort.

Why do we always want to believe things like this? We know deep down that it is bull, but some part of us just wants to believe.

And that is what they are counting on, you trusting them enough to sign up and hand your money over.

Most sales pitches like this tend to effuse about how their software is amazing, unique and unrivalled. Avenger Trader doesn’t do this; in fact it states clearly that you won’t always win. And then it states you will win at least 90% of the time with this software.

avenger trader 9 out of 10

This is just another way to get you to feel more comfortable. No one believes things like this will work 100% of the time, so adding in some room for failure and admitting goes a long way subconsciously.

Then there is the scarcity tactic of only allowing 100 people to use this software, for fear of the brokers finding out. What rubbish! These guys want as many people as possible to sign up so that they can make a commission from each and every one.

The Avenger Trader Member’s Area

If you do decide to move forward, and hand over your email address (wait for it, wait for it…. SPAM!), you then get provided with additional proof of the system’s success: 2 video testimonials, a results table and user comments.

The video testimonials are paid actors, most likely from Fiverr.com, who are told what to say.

The results table shows either valid trades, or faked, it’s hard to tell. One thing I can tell you is that it offers zero proof that those trades are a result of Avenger Trader, and no proof that they haven’t been filtered or altered.

The comments are interesting, as for a start you can’t add a comment! There is also no social proof: no images of people, no links to their Facebook accounts, simply nothing to confirm these are nothing but made up comments.

Rich on Foreign Soil

My last concern with this whole Binary Options system, is location. The affiliate states they are covered Cypriote laws, but offer no valid business name. The provider of the robot system that powers Avenger Trader, UBSignals, seems to be based out of Singapore. Regal Options, the binary options broker, are based out of both Austria and Cyprus.

Who will you go to if you get scammed? The BBB? Forget it they have no jurisdiction in any of those locations.

The Bottom Line

Just because you and I are part of the 99% does not mean that we cannot make our lives better and more financially secure. There are many ways to make money, both offline and online.

However as with most things in this world they have risks associated with them. Binary Options trading system like Avenger Trader are incredibly high risk ventures. Sure, you can make money from them, but the most likely outcome is a loss of money, time, and hope.

Nothing about Avenger Trader rings true, and the fact that it promotes a Binary Options broker is just another nail in the coffin.

My advice is to avoid Avenger Trader.

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