A number of requests have come in for a program called “Cash on Demand.” It’s nothing new really. Another site that promises the world, makes no mention of the work you’ll have to do, then demands your credit card information.

General rule of thumb here: if a site doesn’t tell you what you’ll be doing unless you pay them first, it’s pretty safe to say that site can be avoided.

Another thing to note: I don’t know where these guys are finding their templates, but I don’t understand why everyone needs to use the old “iPhone on a wooden desk” template to peddle these things. There has to be SOMETHING else out there.

Beware of Cash On Demand and Job Replacing Income

The biggest cause of uneasiness for me is within this block of text found on their website…

This is Not an MLM of pyramid scheme
This is Not a bogus data entry scam
This is Not an envelope stuffing rip-off
This is Not a rebate processing scam

Making money from home has never been this easy. For a small one-time activation fee you can Get Started Instantly!

This is pretty much the extent of the information offered regarding their product. You get a list of what you WON’T be getting and then they follow up and say how easy it is to make money.

Other than that, there’s a mention of a training kit, an automated website, and support. They do offer a 60-Day money back guarantee though. Cash on Demand is using Clickbank. If you’re unfamiliar with Clickbank, it’s a payment processor that does indeed offer a 60-day money back guarantee on EVERY product sold through their marketplace.

There are only two real mentions of what you get when you surrender your credit card information: an “automated money making website” and a training kit. That’s it. So I decided to do a little bit of research on the sales page itself.

I copied and pasted one of the lines from the sales page into Google because I wanted to see if any other sites out there used the same content and premise as EasyCashOnDemand.com.

The results…

1,330 results! This means Google is tracking 1,330 different websites all using the same exact content as found on EasyCashOnDemand.com. This leads me to believe the only thing you get when you pay $19.95 is an exact replica of EasyCashOnDemand.com and the only way to make money with the program is to sell the same program to other people. You’re paying for a “money making website” that sells other “money making websites.”

The Bottom Line

Skip over offers that promise you an “automated money making website” that requires no work on your part.

Sites like these just don’t work. You’re competing against thousands of other people all using the same content, format, and layout. Your site isn’t going to stand out among the crowd.

If you want to actually make money with a website, you need to create someone on your own. Automated and prefabricated websites do not perform well online. Google and other search engines love unique content. With a site like this, you’re not really providing value to anyone.

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  • John

    Don’t be an idiot. $4.97 for a 3 day trial then charge you $77 and $59 every month thereafter

  • Dee Avilla
    Dee Avilla

    I was skeptical and started Googling…they have it marked down to the “bargain price” of $4.97 for a few, limited 500 customers

  • Dani

    Stay away from acn as well. Same thing they take your money make you a website, sell you their phone, tv, ect.. And then you sell all that to other people and then bring them to acn and do the same to them. My ex did it for him then stole a bunch of my money and opened one in my name too! It’s a piramid scam! Run!

  • Bill Bryant
    Bill Bryant

    Thanks for letting us know that this is also a scam. Beware of a company called D.W. Scott because this is also a scam. A company that will welcome your credit card and set you up a website to try and help people with consumer credit counseling(credit consolidation), Mortgage motification, and credt repair. All a scam for $2000 plus. These people behind these scams need to reported to the Attorney General of there state and brought to justice.

  • Bill Bryant
    Bill Bryant

    Thanks for letting people know this is a scam. I fell victim of one scam called
    D.W. Scott, 2 years ago. This company offered to help people you brought to there company with consumer credit counseling(debt reduction plans), Mortgage modification, and credit repair. All they did was take your money to set you up as an employee, then to market for you they would build a website which required more money. This was when the economy was really hurting and people were losing there homes and I wanted to HELP. It was all a scam. Thanks for letting us know this is also a scam and people that run these scams need to be brought to justice.

  • fawn linguidi
    fawn linguidi

    I only wish i had researched it first i spent 30 dollars on the program to be pulled in to buy other programs hostint etc. luckily that was the first and the last i fell for without researching. since then i have researched sites like cash 1234. and others and they’r all scams. thank you good luck and i hope no one else falls into the trap of lies and false promises.

  • christie c adams
    christie c adams

    I am so glad that I found your review because I thought to myself : “Here’s summer and I’m off (since I teach) and maybe just maybe I can find some kind of work-at home job, this summer.” But NO it’s always the same some kind of SCAM! Aaack!!! Let me know if there IS something out there to do at home THAT WORKS!!!

  • howie

    Thanks for your review. I’m about to by this product but then I read your review and other review. This makes me disappointed and aware of the scam. I don’t understand why people try to make believe all kind of scam one after another. It is really too good to be true. If it is easy to make money the the secret should be kept or the price should be way higher then $19.99. Thanks for Google review search I know this is a scam. Thanks a lot.

  • Yamia

    I almost fell for it, but I thought I better do some more research on it (Easy cash on demand), I am glad I did, even though they were only asking $9.97. I thought that if they want money than I better do research to make sure it is not a rip off. Thanks for informing me of what they really do.

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