I have to hand it to old Dwayne Brightman. Honestly. You don’t see very many people charging others to give them a list of scams. He’s certainly a pioneer in that aspect.

Is the WorkAtHomeCoach.com a Scam?

This week kicks off with a review of WorkAtHomeCoach.com. It’s run by Dwayne Brightman and he claims to have the secret to making millions of dollars online and he’s being FORCED to share it with everyone for just a few bucks, despite making repeated claims that he has nothing to sell.

News flash Dwayne: people who have nothing to sell usually don’t need visitor’s credit card information. I also wonder who is FORCING Dwayne to reveal his secrets? Does any thought go into these presale pages any more?

So, what exactly is the workathomecoach selling?

Currently, it looks like Dwayne Brightman is advertising for “Online Business Systems” which features a lovely negative-option offer. If you’re unfamiliar with negative-option offers, here’s a quick recap. These types of offers are currently plaguing the web. They claim to send you a free packet of information to you if you cover the $9.95 in shipping costs. Unfortunately, that “free” packet of information comes with a monthly membership fee and the people running the scam will continue to charge you for months until you cancel your “membership.”

In this case, Online Business Systems will charge you around $40 per month and the free packet of information is nothing more than a promotion for Herbalife. According to various customer complaints around the web, Dwayne Brightman has also promoted “auction listing” jobs in the past.

Ignore the dozens of fake review type website that are out there. Those are affiliates just blindly promoting whatever crap they can find.

I’d stay far away from anything Dwayne is promoting.

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  • C Stephens
    C Stephens

    A TON of these comments are so true about today’s home business opportunities… I’ve just began mine, but the only thing I’ve found is that if you don’t spend money (on a LEGIT product) and promoting it, it may not do you any good…

    I have a lead extraction software/phone broadcasting system that works for business to business marketing. It has a monthly internet “hosting” cost, but the commissions can pay well… if you find the right business/person who can utilize viral marketing or phone broadcasting as a means of promoting their “product” —

    I don’t know how to give away FREE stuff to grab your attention, but I do recommend anyone to give it a try… if you want an honest product that you will take the time to market to businesses.

    and YES, the software does cost … but what successful business does not have initial investments?

  • Amber

    I got kind of excited about Dwayne until he asked for $9.95. I know that it costs money to ship things but you can coach people without sending them a package. There are other websites that provide free (and great) coaching.

  • xyz

    thank god that i visited the site … i m never going to purchase this kit … thank you all !

  • Mimi

    It is disgusting that money-hungry people are feeding off of those that are in need, or want, of more money. Those who are marketing in manners which entice people into such scams should be ashamed of themselves. The rich taking from the poor, isn’t that grand. IN A NUT SHELL but keeping in mind that there is much more to owning and operating a business than what I will disclose here, the only real way for a person to make money…I went to college to study business/marketing/management and earned a degree with high grades…is to decide what they want to sell or do for others as our nation is relative to manufacturing and providing services, how they want to promote it, getting up some money to get it off of the ground, renting some office space or running it out of their home if their state/county permits them to, obtaining a business license and any necessary permits from their state offices and working 10 to 12 hours a day, promoting their business/products and making their customers ($$$cha-ching$$$) happy. Someone ought to contact the company’s main headquarters about Mr. Brightman. I wonder if they would approve of his techniques and whether or not he is actually allowed by them to promote their company, products and so on. Considering that he has told a lie or two, I would say that the company does not know that he is illegally using them so that he may walk away with millions of $$$’s that, rightfully, should be theirs. He better hope that he never gets caught for what he is doing-if it is illegal-because the company can and likely would prosecute. What he is doing is would be similar to walking into someone’s home and acting like it is his.

  • Bob

    Hi all, Yeah, I must get around 5 to 10 of these “Home Based Business Offers” everyday through e-mail. I don’t know what it is, but it seem’s to me that a lot of people are trying to take advantage of many that are out of work, still on unemployment and desperate for money.
    It’s pretty sad that people are still buying into these scams. I must admit, I also have been a victim in the past.
    I guess, if you are searching for one of these home based business’s just watch for the signs, credit card info, too much personal info when it doesn’t make sense for them to have it and the dreaded, “You Need To Sign Up NOW!”.
    I sware, it’s gotta be some Nigerian dude in a computer cafe writing up all this stuff. lol
    Well, good luck to all and beware of the scams.

  • Patty

    Sure glad I looked at this first. I probably would have tried it. Isn’t there any real way to make money from home? I live a long way from work and gas prices are eating up most of what I make working two part time jobs!

  • Chris

    I live in Bristol Connecticut and tried to locate the Sarah Hanson who claims to be using the program. The street they “claim” to live on does not exist… What a scam

  • Stephanie

    Herbalife seems to go the way of Amway and not tell you up front who they are. I don’t think Amway has partnered up with scam artists, but Herbalife sure seems to operate that way.

  • Tina

    ~huggles~ to Steve and any one else who points out these internet scam artist. I can not thank you enough. Remember read the fine print and call the !-800 information number to ask for the complete details in how to get your money back if you re not completely satisfied. Do not assume the telephone number on the bottom of the website is valid one, call before you click submit.

  • christopher hughes
    christopher hughes

    wanna hear something funny. Paul Myers and Dwayne are the same person. Same voice, same video, same $136,808 revenue. Who is this masked man.
    Obviously, he is making money. Is there truly a way anyone can make money through a home based business? Are you guys legit?

  • Gavin Pearce
    Gavin Pearce

    I just signed up for this last night, I have a habit of getting myself into trouble with stupid stuff like this NEVER AGAINNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now i gotta cancel my card again. I know a bunch of people are gonna write
    after my comment saying how dumb i am, but at least i found this article.

    But it was weird everything i signed up for was on secured sights and i tediously read all of the fine print and no recurring charges were mentioned, but im not going to stick around to find out.

    Sorry i fell for it again everyone lol AND MAJOR props to IVETRIEDTHAT.com

  • robyn

    what a pity this isn’t being shared to warn people everywhere. i got some info from someone in australia and it was herbalife – not suitable when selling neways international. can’t remember how much i paid for it but i have kept the information to see if it can be applied to neways.

    this needs to be out in public.

  • Alexander

    This seems like such a blatantly obvious scam, but I guess plenty of people still fall for it every day. $99/month is a very expensive scam! :(

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