Scammers would have a much harder time making money if their potential victims simply read their proposition in full then applied a bit of logic to the situation. Case in point: the following email. This is an actual email being sent around job boards and people have written in asking if this was a scam or not. Just read it entirely.

My name is Mona Valbrun. I’m manager in company FSC Global.
About FSC Global. Inc. was found in November, 2001. Our company’s goal
is to assist people around the world to be a part of an Internet
trading community. FSC Global works as an online retailer and product
shipper. FSC Global owns and is responsible for the goods purchased or
sold, and is thereby, the legal title holder of the product during the
purchase order process.

Our company acts as the guarantor both for the Internet shop and for
the buyer. We guarantee to the customer that he will receive the goods
of high quality. On the other hand, we guarantee to the seller that he
will receive money for the sold goods. We solve the problems of buyers
and sellers just for the small percent of the goods price. For the
right work of the selling and buying services, that our company
offers, we hire the employees on the position of “independent

We received your CV from so now we offer you
opportunity to work for our company. It’s not Spam and it’s sent only
to you as you were chosen among so many candidates.

Our company offers absolutely legal work. We do not demand from you
any investments into our company, also it is not required to pay a

We will train you free of charge and we guarantee timely payment of
the salary. You will be convinced.

The work is part time. It is not required any special knowledge. This
work is intended to people who want to have a stable extra income and
not spoiled by a big salary.. You will spend from 6 to 10 hours a week
for this work. Your salary will be $4000 USD a month.

If you are interested in this job, you can write to me on corporate
e-mail after that i will send you detailed

Sincerely,Mona Valbrun

After you finished reading this email you should have asked yourself the following questions:

  • Why don’t they ever specify exactly what I would be doing?
  • How is it possible to make $48,000/yr working only 6 hours a week?
  • Why do they have to specify their email isn’t spam?
  • Why do they have to explicitly state that the work I would be doing is legal?
  • What is this line about: “You will be convinced?”

So many questions. See how easy that was? All you had to do was read!

This scam looks like a typical reshipping scam. You accept packages purchased with a stolen credit card and identity and ship them overseas to the scammer. Unfortunately for you, this is highly illegal and could land you a criminal record.

Avoid scams like these at all costs! I know the promise of a high salary is tempting, but don’t let yourself become a victim.

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  • jhwhite

    One of the ways I judge written material is by grammar, spelling and the way the words are strung together. It gets clear pretty quickly when the material is not written by a native English speaker. In my mind, and this is purely a personal opinion, I find these types of communication highly suspicious, regardless of the particulars.

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