I know I do the weekly scam roundup to cover all fake check scams, but every now and then, one pops up that still manages to shock me.

So far we’ve seen scammers use the oil spill, the troops, and even the fake kidnapping of a family member to steal money from you. This week, they’re using a kids charity as a front for a fake check scam. Here’s a copy of the current job ad floating around…

Charity Jobs: Position Details
Linda Miller

Thank you for your interest in the Local Supporter position with our organization! Give a Kid a Hand is a private non-profitable charity organization helping the children in need in the United States and around the world. Since 2009 we are helping kids suffering from home abuse and cruelty, as well as abandoned and street-involved kids. Our mission is to bring lasting and positive changes to the lives of children in need and create a better and sustainable future for some of the most disadvantaged and abandoned children.

Many of the children we support lost their homes, friends and families; when we started working with them, we had to provide them with the essentials: get them clothes, some food, medical and psychological assistance. Our goal is to improve their quality of life by meeting their material, physical, social, educational, emotional and spiritual needs. We are proud to have helped over 1,000 kids, however, there is still much to do.

As a Local Supporter, you will be working at home, communicating with your supervisors over the phone and email. For this position we offer a base salary of $2,700 twenty seven hundred per month plus reimbursement of all general expenses. This job would demand 4-5 hours per day, mostly in the morning; your everyday duties will include:

– Collecting monetary and material donations for children;
– Filling out and submitting accurate reports on received donations;
– Distributing donations among our repesentatives in US and Europe;
– Performing other charity activities as given by your supervisor.

Please note that the Local Supporter position doesn’t include any fundraising, cold calling or sales activities! All you will be doing is collecting donations, sorting and reporting them, and then forwarding them for the final distribution.
Please reply to this message and let me know what day and time next week you would be available for a brief phone interview, so that I could learn more about you and you could ask me any questions that you might have. The interview will take about 15 minutes, I will be evaluating mainly your communication skills and motivation. It would be wonderful, if you could start as soon as possible, since we are short of people and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Linda Miller
HR Department
Phone: 773 790-4048
Add to Contacts:
773 790-4048

It saddens me to think of all the people who actually fall for these scams. They think they’re helping kids and charities out, but in reality they’re just losing thousands of dollars to some of the scummiest people ever.

Hopefully this post saves a few people from falling victim to this garbage.

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