Last time I checked, it was heavily frowned upon to make copies of the dollar bills sitting in your wallet. I may be mistaken, of course, but “cloning your income” is probably illegal. I’d like to test this theory, but my printer is currently out of ink (Damn! If only I had cloned some money before printing that lifesized replica of the Sistine Chapel ceiling!) so I’ll instead be taking a look at Charles Ryder’s Income Cloner program.

Charles Ryder’s Income Cloner


I expected this one to be a bit more interesting. The name sparked my imagination and I envisioned that Charles Ryder had discovered a secret on how to have stacks of $100 sheets sent directly to your house from the US Mint. Or possibly he had invented a proper cloning machine in which you could put in a dollar and 50,000 take its place after you press a nifty button that make lasers zap the hell out of the first dollar. Or maybe you embed a $100 bill in a chicken, clone, wait for the new chick to grow up, extract the $100 bill, repeat. The possibilities are endless!

Okay, I may have gotten a bit carried away there, but I was heartbroken to find out that Income Cloner is just another ‘HOW COME YOU AREN’T MAKING $100,000 PER YEAR FROM HOME YET?’ type program. Indeed, Charles Ryder of Ryder Marketing Inc claims to have gone from not knowing how to use a computer while living in a trailer working in a crappy job to moving into a four-story mansion and making millions of dollars per year and vacationing every other month on a tropical cruise.

And his success can be attributed to… well, he never really says. Instead, you get some pathetic story about how he went from barely knowing how to use a computer to becoming a millionaire all thanks to his determination not to fail. Oh Chuck, if only it was that easy.

Lucky for you, ole Chucky boy will give you his secret to success for a mere $7.95 plus shipping. Included with your $7.95 CD is a monthly charge that will come in 30 days after you sign up for a whopping $97 per month. That’s right, long after you threw Chuck’s miserable CD away, you’ll get another one in the mail and a $97 bill, but instead of billing you, they’ll just take the money right out of your bank account. Case in point, these two victims. Similar stories are abundantly found.

Ryder Marketing indicates that for a fee of $7.95 + shipping you will receive a CD that will show you the way to making huge amounts of money on the Internet. The CD is not worth $7.95 or the time to listen to it. Ryder then charges your Credit Card $104.95 per month

I ordered the income cloner from Charles Ryder for FREE!! All I had to pay was $7.95 to cover shipping and handleing. I received the dvd and didn’t understand it? So, I notified Mr. Ryder for clarification? I didn’t get a reponse. I assumed that was the end of it?! Then I received and income cloner for month 2 and was charged for $104.95 to my credit card!!! I was highly upset!!

How to Get Your Money Back from Charles Ryder

One of the redeeming factors of Ryder Marketing Inc. is that they are supposedly quick to respond to refund requests, granted you’re within the 30 day agreement period. They have an 1-800 number to contact and an entire support website dedicated to customer relations.

If you’re seeking a refund, try contacting the phone number first, then move onto the support website if that fails. When seeking a refund, be sure to remain calm and collective. Yes, they have charged $100+ to your credit card without your consent, but calling them snot-faced booger heads isn’t going to help your case. Keep your cool and you’ll get to keep your money.

Phone Number: 1-866-757-6021
Support Website:

Stay away from Income Cloner.

As a general rule of thumb, stay away from anything offering you cloning.

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  • james

    thanks, for info on incomecloner read about from you and others. will stop payment tomorow at bank. will advise bank not to sent them anymore payments. will erase mr. Ryder from emails.

    thanks again

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