Quick Summary of Binary Assassin

Rating: 0.4 Another binary options scam with an apocalyptic twist.

The Good: James doesn't bother compiling fake customer testimonial videos from Fiverr, at least. The brokerage is BinaryBook, which is regulated by the CySEC.

The Bad: The customer reviews all include stock photography, the security seals are fake, and you need to shell out $500 to BinaryBook.

The Bottom Line: Stay away from this latest binary options scam. Looking to actually make money? Check out our #1 recommendation instead.

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Binary Assassin Review

James Ruskin says that he has a secret method for making millions of dollars- and he’s willing to share this method with you today for free.

Binary Assassin 5

Furthermore, you need to hurry up and start making gobs of money today because…

Binary Assassin 6

In this End of the World scenario proposed by James, billions of unsuspecting individuals will be “forced to lead a nightmarish life!” The root causes of this economic apocalypse will be increased taxes and price hikes.

But James states that he hates lies and hype, so he then starts talking about exactly how you will avoid this impending catastrophe. The answer lies in his “account doubling Binary robot,” called Binary Assassin, that is “embedded with the Volatility Skew principle.”

Binary Assassin 8

What exactly is this Volatility Skew principle? James explains that the principle somehow “heavily filters down risky trades” and can be used with Forex, stocks or commodities.

James then shows you a live screen shot of someone named Melanie Stepford using this robot. He emphasizes that the proof shown here is real and you are not being subjected to “doctored screenshots, Photoshop Extravaganza, fake claims or back tested reports.”

Binary Assassin 10

Finally, James notes that you don’t need a lot of startup capital in order to make boatloads of money with Binary Assassin. As little as $250 gets you started on using the robot.

Binary Assassin 9

Of course, you need to work with one of James’s recommended brokers. Luckily, James will help you select the right broker so you can instantly double your money within five minutes of opening your account.

Why Binary Assassin is a scam

Why am I not convinced that the Binary Assassin robot is your solution to the oncoming End of the World pandemonium?

The website features fake security seals.

Many binary options scams place fake security and guarantee seals on their sales pages to assuage your doubts about their product’s legitimacy. With Binary Assassin, we see the usual assortment of fake seals, as noted below:

Binary Assassin

When you click on these seals, they go nowhere. Honestly, what does “Quality Assured” even mean if it’s not backed by verifiable coding or some kind of regulatory agency?

Stock photography

Binary Assassin features 10 “customer testimonials” on its initial sales page. I’ve taken a screen shot of the first six testimonials.

Binary Assassin 1

If you do a reverse image search on these testimonials, you’ll find that every one of these photos is a stock photo. For example, here is ‘Josh Singer’ via Google image search:

josh singer

Not only are the customer testimonials filled with stock images, but you can’t click on any of the names and go to a Facebook, Twitter or other account to verify the testimony. These testimonials could just as well have been made up- and they probably are.

The “chosen” brokerage is BinaryBook.

“How would you like to trade using free money and you are still able to keep all the profits you earn? If you fund your account within the next 5 minutes, then the broker will match whatever your deposit is….They are willing to double your starting balance for free.”

Binary Assassin 4

Hold on there. According to BinaryBook’s terms and conditions, you are obligated to execute a given number of trades before you can withdraw any funds- including those you deposited- from your account once you accept the bonus money. These T&C’s are stated as follows:

For each granted bonus credit, transaction(s) with a total value greater than or, at least, equal to Thirty (30) times the bonus earning are required. Any value below these terms will, under no circumstance, be redeemable and will be returned to BinaryBook.

Thus, if you deposit $250 and receive another $250 in bonus money, you’ll need to make $250 x 30 or $7500 worth of trades before being allowed to withdraw that “free” money. By that time, you’ll likely have depleted your funds through bad trade calls/puts.

Incidentally, BinaryBook requires a minimum $500 deposit to get started with trading, not the advertised $250.

Also, BinaryBook is based in the U.K. and is regulated through the CySEC. While this makes BinaryBook “safer” than many overseas binary options brokerages, it still means that this brokerage is not based in the USA and is therefore going to be harder to deal with should anything go awry with your investment.

The ‘positive’ reviews contain affiliate links.

Binary Assassin has at least two pages on Google of positive reviews. However, when you go to the links on these review pages, they contain affiliate codes. Here’s just one example of an “objective review” that contains an affiliate code:

http://binaryassassin.co/? clickID=1760802220& aff=link7252&c=US&tid=102651f38c70a169eac436c9466555&aff_id=5432

Why would objective reviews carry affiliate codes? The answer, of course, is affiliate commissions. Binary Assassin affiliates receive up to $450/CPA and 30% revenue share from BinaryBook.

Summary: Avoid this binary options apocalypse

Regardless of whether the end of the world as we know it is near, Binary Assassin is not likely to help you achieve massive wealth just before the poop hits the fan. However, what is likely to collapse is $500 of your own hard-earned cash. My advise is to avoid this binary options scam.

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  • Antonio Peixoto
    Antonio Peixoto

    Thanks ,thanks and thanks Steve for posting this review. There should be a way to ban this kind people from the internet.

  • Wolfgang Büttner
    Wolfgang Büttner

    I,ve noticed the trades Binary Assassin show of currency are done on saturday,which is not possible.An other lie!!

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