Every now and then, with increasing frequency, a new program will come along that wants to change your life. More often than not, these programs end up disappointing you, and even worse, making you lose money.

What about Binary Machine? Is it going to make you happy or make you go hungry? Today we’re going to reveal the truth about the program, so read on.

Binary Machine Review – The No Glam Approach

What exactly is this program all about?

Colin Walker, the product creator, tells us that Binary Machine is a piece of binary trading software that will make you a millionaire in no time. He literally shows off his bank account and his earning screenshots amounting to close to $10,000 a day. Imagine that!

The video on the product landing page, aside from showing us that we need to be quick to sign up, walks us through Colin’s story of how he earns huge money on autopilot.

What exactly is Binary Machine though? Well, we aren’t really told. We don’t get given an explanation of what binary options (also called trading) are, we dont’ get told how the software works, and we don’t really get told much else.

What we ARE told is that Colin is going to give us FREE ACCESS to his software.

He’s resisted Wall Street’s advances, he’s resisted the big money (because he doesn’t really need any more), and all he wants to do is help others make the kind of money that he’s making.

This, of course, sounds too good to be true, which is exactly the way it’s meant to sound…make no mistake, the simplicity of Binary Machine is the whole point. It’s how they wind up making you lose hundreds of dollars.

That’s right.

What Binary Machine Really Is

You’ll have to trust me here when I say that I’ve reviewed dozens of these products before so I know what I’m talking about. You can view some more here.

Binary Machine is nothing new. It’s not a piece of software that will make you money. You can forget about that right away.

It’s not going to make you earn thousands of dollars of passive income while you’re in the Caribbean.

All it is, is a clever way of helping “Colin” earn a huge commission for signing you up to the trading account.

I’ll go into more details now, and you’ll be glad that you’ve (hopefully) avoided falling into this mess.

A Well Thought Out Plan

Some of the more shady Internet Marketers have been tricking people out of their money for a long time. Binary Option programs are the result of years of them perfecting this work.

Here’s how they work:

1.) They offer something to you for free.

2.) They give you countless fake screenshots and sometimes video testimonials.

3.) They make promises of autopilot wealth again and again.

4.) They remind you that it’s free.

5.) You’re pretty much convinced that it’s at least worth and try, and have (in theory) nothing to lose, so you go ahead.

6.) The “software” only works with a certain broker, so you need to sign up with them. This is where you earn the software creator a referral.

7.) You need $250 seed money to start trading with. When you deposit this, the software creator gets a massive commission (often equal to $250+)

8.) Your magic “software” turns out to be nothing and you are essentially just gambling your $250 away to zero. It’s not possible to withdraw it without placing a certain number of bets. You might get lucky and win one or two, but over time, your money is gone.

9.) You can’t get a refund, as you were aware of the risks when you signed up (apparently).

It’s a beautiful scheme they’ve got going isn’t it? They can sell you on the idea that something is free and not have to think about offering a money-back guarantee. It’s got to be one of the easiest ways to make money online, but unfortunately, it’s these scammers that make the money, not you.

If you want to make real money online and stop chasing dreams, I suggest you try something else.

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