Empower Network has become much too large for me to ignore any longer.

I’ve received more promotional emails about this program than I can count. I’ve also seen it advertised on every single corner of the web. Yet, I have NO IDEA what the program is actually about. Quite literally all I know is that it’s run by two guys out of Costa Rica, you get access to some kind of blogging platform, and that it’ll change your life. Not a great first impression.

I won’t be doing a proper in-depth review of Empower Network because I do no review MLM type programs here. Running this blog puts me at a distinct advantage. I could sign up at Empower Network, write a positive post about it, email my subscribers about how great it is, and make an absolute fortune off of you guys.

But I won’t.

Simply because the vast majority of people who would sign up under me would have no chance at making the kind of money that I made and I’m not okay with that. This is the single reason why I have not, nor will not, review any MLM-type programs here at I’ve Tried That. I prefer programs that provide equal chances for everyone.

I want your Empower Network stories.

Instead, I want to crowd source this one.

I want to hear about YOUR experiences with Empower Network. You can be a current member or someone who has tried the program and left. I want to know the type of work you’ve been doing, how much money you’ve been making, and your overall experiences with the program.

If you’re a current member, I want to know exactly what you’re doing to make money. Look, I’m not signing up for it so please spare me the typical promotional BS that often comes along with these types of programs.

If you’ve left the program, I want to know why. What type of work were you doing? Did you make any money? How much money did you invest? Do you feel misled by the program or your sponsor?

Give it to me straight.

Either send an email to Steve@IveTriedThat.com or fill out our contact form.

I’ll compile the stories and post about it when I feel I’ve received enough information about the program.

Bring on the stories!

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  • Michael Kiffmeyer
    Michael Kiffmeyer

    I joined Empower Network in March 2013 and finally thre the towel in last month.

    I come from corporate America and I gave this my best shot. I listened and followed but never made any real money – probably less than $500. In two years I estimated I invested $14,000 between traffic and the products.

    Having a 20 year background in online learning I knew that the way information was taught and presented was wrong but I did it anyway. Less than 8 % of the entire Empower Network members make over $100,000.

    The lesson learned here is to walk away from the hype and trust your own professional instincts.

  • Anonymous

    Every single time I have asked ANY empower network successful marketer whether the only way they make money is by other people joining it, I have been either ignored, spoken to rudely or for some very strange reason told that all I’m doing is making excuses and that I should just simply decide to join or not join.

    All that for asking a question that I genuinely thought was straight forward.

  • Red

    1. I did not join EN, but I have been following a local girl who has made a killing in this. I was tempted of course, but the idea of paying monthly for a simple blog platform, blog daily about anything and earn a fortune selling boring long winded videos just didn’t ring true to me.
    The reason my acquaintance has made around 100k in the EN program is that she is an experienced marketer. She has been in this game for years and was already a 5 figure earner in other companies. She knows how to market, spends every waking minute advertising and does not put up a daily blog post about cats and walk away rich. The 2 percent who are doing it online will be the 2% in EN or anything else they push. The newbies will not, it is not that hard to understand. Whether the various trainings and cult like events are worth it I do not know. reminds me of the old Amway rallies where those making the money sold the dream not the soap.

  • Joseph R Carducci
    Joseph R Carducci

    I am also a former EN member. I think it is an interesting concept. The initial “product” they are selling is a blogging platform. Of course, you could go to Blogger or WordPress to get this for free instead of the $25 a month you will spend at EN. Nevertheless, there domain name is aged and if you make a few popular posts, you might just get bunches of other people checking your stuff out. Yes, you can sell your own things, although it is not as easy and you might be led to think.

    EN has a bunch of other products, mostly aimed at teaching you how to market. The inner circle is $100 monthly and is a ton of pretty solid recorded marketing calls and information. Beyond that they have a $500 (one time) product which is a recording of some advanced marketing training conducted by the owners down in Costa Rica and some other advanced marketing training at higher prices (I seem to recall a $1,000 product and maybe even a $3500 item).

    They do pay 100% commissions on these, but this is a bit misleading. The first sale you make, plus every 5th sale from that point on “passes up” to your sponsor, so it is really like 70-80% commissions. Still a great deal. You are qualified to earn commissions on any product that you have purchased yourself. In other words, if you want to get commissions on sales of that $3,500 item, buy it yourself first!

    For most people, the issue will be the same as always, getting traffic to your blog. It is not all about blogging daily or ‘making money by blogging,’ as the ads will say. Certainly, getting content on site is an important part, but marketing is even more crucial. If you do not know how to get people to your site, or looking at the EN opt-in videos, then it will likely be a waste of time for you. On the other hand, if you have about $1600 to invest, go for it and actually study all the products…unfortunately, I did not have it to invest at the time.

    The other thing I would say is to be careful of who you trust. By that, I mean if you consider joining a team advertising co-op (as I did), make sure you understand what their ads say and where they run them. Some of the teams just blast stupid little ads which focus on people looking for jobs. I was involved with a co-op for almost a full month. I did generate some leads–almost 500 to exact. However, I did not get a single sign up. Actually, I would have gotten one (she called me on the phone and I was very honest about my experience) if I totted the company line. So watch who and how you are promoting the EN.

    Bottom line, it can be a good deal for the right person. Just know what you are getting into and walk in with both eyes open and have the money to invest.

  • Brittany

    I just signed up for it and then decided the next day I didn’t want to do it. There was a lot of talk of making money just by blogging and selling products, but if you don’t have any products I’m not sure how it works. But I guess that’s where EN comes in and says “you don’t have products? well we do so sell ours.” Not feeling comfortable selling something I haven’t tried yet nor have the money to invest in, I backed out in less than 10 hours. I am still super curious to hear what others will say in regards to it’s effectiveness. Who knows, if it’s legit, maybe I’ll go back.

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