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Can EZ Money Team Really Help You Make Money Online?

Recently, I came across an online income opportunity called EZ Money Team. Jeffery Hart is the name you first hear when you go to the EZ Money Team sales page and start watching its nearly 30-minute long video. Here’s a picture (taken from the sales video) that is attributed to Jeffery Hart:

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jeffery hart

Jeff claims that he developed an online money-making system that is the following:

  1. Easy to use: You don’t need to know how to use a computer to get started with EZ Money Team.
  2. Step-by-step: Jeff teaches you everything you need to do to start generating an online income.
  3. Inexpensive: EZ Money Team training costs just $49. When you try to leave the sales page, your final cost drops to just $9.
  4. Foolproof: Jeff claims that anyone can use this system to get rich.
  5. Automated: Jeff portrays EZ Money as being capable of making money through different “set and forget” software platforms.

As an example, Jeff describes a down-on-her-luck single mother of three named Sarah. She became enrolled in the EZ Money Team and, within no time at all, paid off all her debt and is now buying a new house.

Incidentally, this is “Sarah,” who Jeffery claims used to live on food stamps. Now, however, Sarah has over $120K in just one of her bank accounts.

EZ Money Team

The EZ Money Team sales video doesn’t reveal too much about exactly how you’ll be making money online. Instead, you’re encouraged to purchase the system for its low price of just $49 $37 $9.

However, if you go to YouTube, which is the host for this sales video, you’ll notice that the video’s creator, who goes by ortease121 and oortizIII, has several EZ Money Team videos posted here. One of his videos discusses the training modules for EZ Money Team, which are noted as being part of the program’s paid training. Whoops!

So, what do you get to learn from the EZ Money Team after paying for membership in this program?

EZ Money Team training

The EZ Money Team training program is divided into several modules, and each module has you complete a different task.

Module 1: Affiliate account and website

You are instructed to create a Clicksure affiliate account and a CoolHandle-hosted website. Clicksure is free, but CoolHandle ranges from $3.95 to $8.95/month.

module 1

Module 2: Email marketing and managing clicks

Jeff recommends using Clickdrop to generate online leads, and ClickMagick to track emails click and to mask your affiliate links

Clickdrop is an email list and traffic exchange platform where you’ll pay anywhere from a few cents per click (via PPC) to even thousands of dollars for large email lists. ClickMagick costs between $12-$66/month.

Module 3: Traffic generation

Jeff recommends WebFire as an automated lead-generation system, and Video Firestorm as a video creator. Money-generating campaigns are introduced as a method for getting traffic to and conversions on your website(s).

Drive Traffic Updated

Module 4: Tips and tricks

Interestingly, in this module, Jeff tells you how you can avoid online scams. He also goes through a FAQs section where he answers common questions about the program.

Module 5: Platinum and Gold membership bonus programs

The Platinum membership offers you the opportunity to create your own “product” by giving you your own EZ Money Team platform, so that you can create your own lessons.

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With the Gold membership, you get 50 VIP swipe emails (prewritten email copy), plus access to WebFire.

From the videos, I’m suspecting that Platinum membership costs $99, and Gold membership runs about $199.

The problems with EZ Money Team

While all this training and software sound good in theory, there are several red flags that made me reassess the inherent worth of EZ Money:

1. Fake testimonials.

Remember “Sarah,” the single mother of three who uses EZ Money? I found her photo through iStock:


If this photo of Sarah is fake, I’m betting her bank account shots and recorded phone call testimony are also fake.

2. There is no Jeffery Hart.

Oscar T. Ortiz is the actual creator of EZ Money Team, and that also explains his chosen YouTube names. Why is the name Oscar Ortiz important, and why would he use a fake name to begin with?

Because Oscar is promoting several other online scam systems, as shown by his own EZ Money Team platform:

EZ Money

Million Biz Pro, My Internet Success Coach, and Steal My System are all online scams- and these are the products that you’ll end up also promoting if you start using EZ Money Team. Do you really want to promote online scams?

3. Upsells and cross-sells galore.

At an point in the training videos, when Jeffery/Oscar discusses using WebFire or Click Magick or some other software, he always asks that you click the link below his video to get signed up. Why?

Because every software platform he talks about is also his own affiliate product. So, even if you end up making no money through EZ Money Team, Jeff/Oscar will certainly make a handsome commission from you.

My verdict: EZ Money Team is a no-go.

At first glance, EZ Money Team sounds like a decent system to get into, along with its useful tools and training. Problems start appearing the minute you take a closer look at just how this system operates and who is really making a profit from its promoted products. Furthermore, the EZ Money Team creator has you promoting online scams.

In summary, there are better online trainings out there that don’t ask you to compromise your principles.

35 thoughts on “Can EZ Money Team Really Help You Make Money Online?”

  1. Yes i was one of the foolish people that wanted to make some quick money and i jumped on it . I should have done my research before i paid money. a friendly reminder research before you pay. Hope everyone is being safe and healthy with this virus that is going on right now. final note stay away from the EZ money making team . I am still trying to figure out how their website is up .

  2. Awful rats and deceivers they are! I almost fell for this. They sent me a spam e-mail MONTHS after I foolishly filled out my e-mail. In life there’s no such thing as free money by doing absolutely nothing. In this life there are phonies and E-Z Money RATS are one of them. Save yourself time, money, and confidential information. Stay away from these MONSTERS!

  3. I knew there was something fishy as the testimony from 2 people I had seen in another person (Kelly) same kind of site. These scammers should be punished for wasting our time and for playing with our emotions and exploiting us.

  4. I did use my credit card and left my card number but it was declined i am so glad it did. Now but how do I get them not to use my credit card once their is money on it I don’t want them using the card over and over I defiantly can’t afford that thank you

  5. Mr Hart. I am very interested in your program I just listened to your videos on Facebook I tried to use my credit card to pay the 37 dollars you requested it was declined and as of right now my bank account has only 1dollar in it my husband and I are on disability and live from check to check I really don’t want to lose out on this my husband is dying and he needs a LOT of things we can’t afford medically speaking so please give me time to come up with the money thank you and God Bless

  6. You know that same thought crossed through my mind as I was reaching for my credit card. I decided not to give them my credit card info. However, I still was interested in signing up so I thought to myself “I’ll just get a one-time use visa gift card and do it that way. I starting talking to God about it and got a quick answer back- you know nothing about this company, do your research. So I got on my computer and typed in Is EZ-Money Team a scam? This is the one of the many sites that came up with the answer.

  7. Sarah,
    There are many legit websites where you can work from home and make money. Just remember RULE #1: If they ask you for money in order to make money, most likely they are not on the up ‘n up. Mturk is a very good they pay you through Amazon Payments. If you know how to type well and can listen and type (transcribing) check-out they are also a really good site.
    I’ve actually made money from just by listening to their radio and reading emails but you’re going to take a long time trying to make any money with them and you have to be careful because most of the stuff on is trying you to buy or signup for their products.


  8. I am so glad I found this website. I was literally about to pay the $37 start up fee when I told myself I needed to Google this because it sounded too good to be true; I’m so glad I did! It sucks that there are so many scams out there like this one. Some of us just want better lives for our families. Honestly, I think these sites should be banned, but yeah right!

  9. I AM Very MAD And angry that I paid my damned money on this website!I want all my money back they should go to jail for false advertising and taking people money times are too damned hard to be stealing people money I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW.. HOW DO I GET MY MONEY BACK?!0

    • So,I also thought it sounded good untill I noticed the bald guy with the glasses was in front of a green screen lol! (Look close).Also they asked for money, if you have millions you wouldn’t need a small sum like that if it’s only 50 people getting it for that price and you want to help people so much. He’s making millions allright, off everyone thinking their getting a deal.

    • So glad that the video froze up on me and I went searching for the Ez Money Team, that way I didn’t waste my money on another scam.

  10. I purchased website with you last night for $37.00 dollars then realized that I had done this before about 3-4 months ago nothing became of that transaction so I would like a refund asap. Since you already have my other $37.00 dollars. I tried to cancel as soon as I realized what I have done but the lady said to wait until today. So I would like a refund ASAP. thank you Irma Hernandez

    • Am just tired all theses scam out here always saying somthing free making it sounds so great then at the end they want money money people lik e that should be in jail we dont have money to give like that people work hard for there money some people dont have money and people like yall taking from us for some fake bs i been scam 4 times now and it upset me too the fullest making our dreams nd mind all mess up over something not true at all what do we have too pay at the end let me know cause am not about to give out no more money too nobody else for some fake bs

  11. Yea I knew it was a scam when it wouldn’t allow me to post a comment asking the previous posters are they real people lol. Thanks so much for the warning and saving my $.

  12. Thank you for warning us about this scam…… i received an email pertaining to this garbage and once again let down by a scamming but of ….. you know what they already know what they are.

    Thank you again

    John, IL

  13. If you give EZ Money Team any money, you will not get it back and you will never hear from them. They are scammers that get your credit/debit info and can take money from you when they want. Easy way for them to sit on their butt and get free money…please don’t sign up for this atuff. It’s not real!

  14. I want my money back that I paid out which was 167.00 for I can’t get on line and there is other sites that are possible working sites.

  15. Hi, I signed up with EZ money team system on 9/25/16, however I then chose to cancel and wish to know that I received a refund for my 3 deposits. One for $49 one for $117 and a gold upgrade of $29.95. Can you please let me know if I was credited with these 3 amounts. Thank you very much. Norma

  16. I just wanted to thank you for checking into the EZ Money team as I am very ill and I want to make some money to make sure my daughter’s and grandchildren will be okay once I am gone. I have Congestive Heart Failure and only a few years left. I don’t have any money to leave them. And I would love to leave them a business that can make sure they never do without money again. I only care about my kids and grandkids. So, I truly hope your program is what I am looking for.

  17. Thank you for saving me from the EZ money scam! I don’t understand why they prey on us, who are down on our luck, needing to make money just to live! My boyfriend and I both work a lot. Living paycheck to paycheck. But somethings have came up and we are going to lose everything, if we can’t come up with a large amount money in a very short time. That us why I looked into it! I will try your program and get back with you! Thanks again for saving me.


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