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Can Instant Cash Generator Energize Your Bank Account?

The first thing that struck me about The Instant Cash Generator was a lie.

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It said that the price will jump to $47 in 0 seconds, yet I still purchased it for under $10 bucks.

While some people may think that I lucked out with it, to me it screams liar, and that is never a good first impression!

This product states that it will teach you how to make money online in less than one hour, with no skills needed, so let’s see if the lies continue or if it is in fact worthy of your time and money.

the instant cash generator lies

Well that was a fail…

The Pitch

The mistrust aside, the sales pitch is classic internet marketing: lots of bold statements in bright text with highlights, unprovable proof of earnings and some testimonials which may actually be partly real or might just be his buddies.

Purchasing The Instant Cash Generator

As mentioned above, what should have been a  $47 product was still purchasable at $9.95. The affiliate page states that this is on a 100% commission (so a loss leader) and that there are two upsells.

I never saw an upsell though.

the instant cash generator funnel

What upsells?

The Product

The members’ area is a one page affair with a link to download the product. Be wary if you are on a mobile device or a limited data plan as the download is half a gigabyte (565mb)!

I liked the fact that I get to download the videos instead of being tied to going back to a site again and again, but it is an unexpectedly hefty download.

The product also seems to be a re-launch, so it might be an older method than you would think (the zipped files kindly told me this!).

the instant cash generator relaunch

Inside the zip file you get the following:

  • Bonuses: 4 e-books and a Swiftly task. According to the sales page I shouldn’t have got these either.
  • A resource list: a one page Word document with basic websites like
  • 9 videos: comprising of the training

The training videos are all quite short and bite sized, ranging between 1 and 5 minutes long.

The basic premise of the product is to sell services; the author calls this Service Brokering.

The idea is that you contact likely leads such as businesses and sell them a service such as logo design. You sell then turn around to another service such as and get them to make the logo for a much cheaper price than you sell it for.

the instant cash generator service brokering

Video 1

This is a polished, short video that introduces the concept of brokering.

Video 2

The second video showcases websites where you can outsource people to make the final product that you are selling (logo, website, SEO service, writing, etc).

In fact this video only covers finding outsourcers on Craiglist

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Video 3

This section covers finding people to do work for you on Elance.

Video 4

This section covers finding people to do work for you on 99designs.

Video 5

This section covers finding people to do work for you on Fiverr.

Video 6

Video 6 covers how to find buyers or customers via Craigslist. While this in itself seems simplistic, the narrator does let you know about a nice little website that will search Craigslist for you, as Craigslist’s own search system is infuriating.

Video 7

Another simplistic video, this time on how to find buyers on Reddit. I have to say using Reddit is a nice touch I wouldn’t have though to f that, but otherwise the video was basic.

Video 8

The penultimate video also made my eyebrows rise. It covers finding potential buyers on Skype, which is another place I would never have looked for customers.

Video 9

Here you will earn how to make a website! Well, no. You will earn how to buy hosting and a domain. Then you will get told to go buy a Themeforest theme. Overall this was a really poor training video, and will leave many newbies floundering with a domain and hosting but no idea how to even set up a basic website.

The videos are most definitely lifted from previous trainings, for example video 9 in this series is referred to as video 4 by the narrator.

That aside, the videos are quite high quality, both audio and visual. The narrator however is doing the training on the fly it seems, so often stumbles over topics and has to redo things.

Because of that the actual training quality is diminished.

The Bottom Line

Is The Instant Cash Generator a scam? No, but it isn’t great either. While the quality of the videos is high, the quality of the training is poor.

He could have combined several videos and reduced their content (limited as it is) dramatically and added in more information about how to create a website, or how best to word an email to a potential client.

The idea of the product is certainly nothing new, but I did like his choice of sites to find potential customers.

My main concern with this type of marketing is quality. If you sell a $200 dollar logo but you pay $25 bucks for it, it will be crap. As the middleman you will take the flak for that.

It will take time, and money, to find reliable and quality outsourcers so it is likely that a bunch of the first sales you make will be at cost or even a loss.

After finding some decent people, then yes this could work. Just expect to have to invest in other training or purchases (website design, copy writing and email writing, testing outsourcers, etc), especially if you are new to online marketing.

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