You have to be a special kind of person in order to cheat people out of their money at Christmas time, but then again, all Binary Options programs are run by “special kinds of people”.

Normally when summarizing the latest one of these programs for you, I’d lead into it by explaining what their pitch is, who it might appeal to, and whether or not I recommend it.

These guys don’t deserve that treatment though. I’m going to call them out right off the bat. They’ve gone to a lot of effort to make a Christmas promotion to boost their sales and line THEIR pockets with profits, not yours.

In this Christmas Profits review, I’m going to show you exactly why you should stay away from this program, and ALL programs that claim to automatically make you money from binary options.

What Is Christmas Profits Pretending To Be?

There are a lot of these programs out there. They all say the same thing. There’s a loophole, a system, a special formula, or another variation of a “trick” that will allow ANYBODY (read: nobody) to make money on autopilot.

Binary Options programs always claim to have a magic software that will do everything for you, by using this loophole.

The discoverer of this “trick” or creator of the “software” is usually planning to release it for thousands of dollars to the public, but before they can do so, they just need a limited number of people to test it out for free, and provide their testimonials to prove it works.

You get to be one of those people, but only if you act fast.

Note: Sometimes the “why” is slightly different. It’s not always a free-beta test they’re offering you. Sometimes it’s a “Let’s do this for free before the banks find out” or even a “I just want to give something back” gimmick.

With Christmas Profits, the story isn’t really explained. The only catch is that there’s a limited amount of copies available. Of course, if you come back later, the countdown has *magically* reset.

These types of videos are extremely successful at converting, because they play to your psychology in many ways.

1.) They promise you money over and over again (they repeat it so much that you start to believe it).

2.) They’re giving you FREE access (more on this later).

3.) They make you act quickly before time is up (there’s not really any limit, but they set it up to make it like that way).

4.) They relate to you by saying how like them you are.

5.) They give you many screenshots and video testimonials, without telling you much about the software itself.

6.) They make it look easy. All you have to do is use the software and push a few buttons and you’re a millionaire.

7.) Autopilot, autopilot, autopilot.

8.) They lead you on with “Just one week from now…” type sentences.

9.) They position themselves away from all the other make money online offers that ask for your credit card by clearing stating it is free.

10.) They claim that they “sometimes” make mistakes so it seems more legitimate.

11.) They tell you how anybody from any walk of life can do it. This is particularly emphasized in Christmas Profits.

All of these points are present in the Christmas Profits. It’s a classic formulaic video.

Trust me, if you watched 2 or 3 of these videos, you’d be able to spot the lies a mile off.

Where The Trick Lies

I’ve shown you that these programs are all the  same, and use the same sales tricks to convince you to give them a try, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re trash does it?

No it doesn’t. The fact that they’re trash is what makes them trash!

It’s absolutely true that they give you their software 100% free, but that’s as far as the truth goes.

Once you sign up for your “VIP spot”, you’ll be greeted with a second video which tells you to sign up for their trusted broker (because the software only works with them..) and deposit funds to start trading with.

Afterall, you can’t make profit unless you have some initial funds in there.

And THIS is where they make money. These brokers payout MASSIVE commissions to the Christmas Profits team for recruiting you to join up and deposit funds. We’re talking commissions so big that Christmas Profits offers commissions of its own for $250 USD.

That’s right. If I sat here today and told you that Christmas Profits was amazing and you had to go and sign up, I’d earn $250 just for referring you. So if that’s how much they’d pay me, how much do you think the broker pays THEM?

Here’s the proof. This is a screenshot of the Christmas Profits Joint-Venture page over at clicksure:


Now if you actually visit that JV URL at the bottom, you’ll see this:


You should by now be able to see that this is a complete sales system and nothing to do with actually successfully making money.

Scammers have found a way of getting you to sign up thinking something is free, then earning a huge commission without having to worry about refunds.

No Refunds?

Well you can’t get a refund from Christmas Profits because they gave you the software for free, there’s nothing to refund.

As for the actual brokerage, they require you to make a certain number of trades in order to get your money out.

That’s like turning up at a casino, turning $250 into chips, then being told that if you want to change them back to cash, you have to play roulette for a week first. Think there will be $250 left by the end of that?

Oh and that magic software you bought that would help you win at roulette? Yeah, it doesn’t work.

Seriously, stay away from these guys, keep your Christmas money and save it for something real.

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