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4 Best Places to Sell Your Hair Online

Just recently, I told you how to earn extra cash by selling blood, “donating” plasma, and putting breastmilk for sale.

Would you even still be shocked to learn that you can also sell hair?

Yes, a lot of people prefer real hair as wigs and hair extensions (than synthetic ones), so you’d be surprised at how alive the market is for real, human hair.

And since hair grows back again, you can sell your hair multiple times throughout your life.

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If you always get compliments about your shiny, bouncy hair, you might consider selling your hair in exchange for hundreds to thousands of the dollars.

How to Start Selling Hair

Selling hair isn’t as straightforward as you’d think… and not everyone can do it, unfortunately.

1. Determine if you’re qualified to sell hair

  • Untreated hair – Buyers are looking for virgin hair, which means your hair should be free from hair dye and chemical treatments. The hair must also be free from unnatural heat, such as hair straighteners, blowdryers, or hot irons.
  • Healthy hair – If you have a smoking habit, your chances of getting picked goes down quickly. This is because drinking alcohol regularly and smoking affects your entire body, including your hair, nails and bones.
  • Daily shampooed hair – Not everyone knows this, but shampooing your hair everyday makes it dull with increased chances of split ends.

It most cases, buyers would prefer longer hair lengths (about 10 inches or longer), so they could cut, style, trim, and do anything they desire with the hair.

The cool thing about selling hair is that you can be a man or a woman, and still get to earn from your natural locks.

2. Find the best online marketplace

You wouldn’t want to be negotiating your hair sale in a dark alley. Fortunately, you don’t have to. All the hair-specific buy and sell marketplaces are online, which means you can make the sale at the comfort of your own home.

Just make sure you pick a site that would work best for you.

I break down the 4 best online marketplaces for selling hair below.

3. Work on Your Listing

Each site above has different forms and categories you’re required to fill up, but here are general guidelines when working on your listing:

  • Measure your hair. You’ll need the length and thickness (in inches) because this is one of the biggest factor for buying hair.
  • Complete details about your hair. Is it blonde with a tinge of red? Is it thick or thin? curly or straight? Make sure you describe your hair as accurately as possible.
  • Hair care habits. This is where buyers will have an idea about the quality of your hair. Indicate if you drink, smoke, or take any kind of drugs. Open up about the shampoos, conditioners, and other treatments you use for your hair. How do you style your hair and what equipment do you regularly use?
  • Ask a friend to help you take high-quality pictures of your hair. Go out in the sunlight, so you can showcase the color of your hair.
  • Price it right. Compare pricing from other sellers on the sites, so you’d be able to price your hair fairly.

4. Close the deal

Almost all the sites above allow you to communicate with potential buyers first before deciding if you want to sell or not.

Sometimes, buyers will ask for discounts.

Other times, they’ll just double-check details about your hair.

Once you’ve sold your hair, you need to go to the salon to have it professionally cut (or do-it-yourself).

Your clients would choose which method they want hair removed from your head.

Secure the hair with bands afterward and ship it properly. Purchase insurance or delivery confirmation for your protection.

I’ve also seen quite a few ads that offer the buyer the chance to cut the hair themselves. You may want to decide if this is something you’d be comfortable offering before you make a listing.

Something tells me you might get a few requests of this nature.

How much can you make selling hair?

The price of human hair vary significantly. For example, a 20-inch long, 3-inch thick lock of hair can pull in somewhere between $100 to $1000. This will depend on various factors like your location, ethnicity, color and quality of your hair, and so on.

The average length of hair being sold is around 20 inches, but hair measuring 28-inch and up bag higher prices.

Natural colors (blonde, brown, etc.) are the most sought after, followed by red and black.

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If you have long locks of hair that you’ve cut in the past and want to sell, this won’t be accepted anymore because buyers prefer hair to be freshly cut.

If a buyer decides to pay for your old hair, it’s likely to be tagged a lower amount. This is also the case for dreadlocks, which literally has no value in the buy-and-sell hair market.

Can you get paid to donate hair?

If you’ve been trying to sell your hair for months and you don’t want to pay a listing fee anymore, you can consider donating your hair to charity instead.

Unlike “donating plasma” but still receiving cash, donation of hair means you’re giving it away completely without any monetary compensation.

You’d probably get teary-eyed doing it too, since most of the recipients are kids and adults who suffered from medical hair loss.

If this is something you’re interested in, check out Locks for Love, Pantene Beautiful Lengths and Little Princess Trust – all of which cater to patients who’ll use your hair for wigs.

4 Best Places to Sell Hair

If you’re committed to selling your hair and have taken all of the above preparations, here are the 4 best online marketplaces to get started.

Be sure to check them all out as every site can make an offer different from the next.

1. HairSellon

Most people who want to sell their hair go straight to Hair Sellon.

What I like best about this site is the calculator.

Hair price calculator results

It gives you an estimate how much your hair is worth based on the length, thickness, and color. You control the price of your hair here, and potential buyers can negotiate with you directly.

2. BuyAndSellHair

Next up is which touts itself as the #1 Human Hair Marketplace.


I’ll be honest. Their inclusion of the word “human” in their headline does creep me out a bit.

Either way, there’s a fee to list your hair here of $14.50 per 3 months. The platform looks more modern than HairSellOn, and there’s a chance you’d get featured at the home page.

There are a number of success stories here and you can browse recently sold hair.

3. Online Hair Affair

Launched in 2008, this website lets you post hair-for-sale ads for $10/month or $15/2 months.

It isn’t as active as the first two sites, but you do have a bigger space to advertise your hair.

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There’s also a category for gray hair here, which isn’t available on other sites.

4. World of Wigs

You can sell your hair directly to wigmakers.

They price hair differently here, going by weight instead (about $3 to $5 per oz. of hair).

You’d have to send your hair to World of Wigs, and only once the company receives your hair and assessed it will you be paid.

The Bottom Line

Selling your hair may seem odd to some people, but if you’re in need of extra cash, it could definitely help out.

$500 to $1000 for 20-inch long hair isn’t small change – it could pay off a bill or take care of groceries for a week or two.

That’s still money you wouldn’t have earned if you didn’t know about the human hair market otherwise, right?

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