I’m fascinated by sales videos. I marvel at how they take you on a roller-coaster of emotions, prodding you in different mental areas to elicit a response to get you geared up to buy.

From insulting your manhood (sorry ladies but they are 99% geared to insulting men’s manhood) to citing a rags to riches sob story, good sales videos are an art form in themselves.

The one for Commission Blockbuster is a prime example, so much so, I actually watched it all. A rarity for me as they are often downright annoying.

Aside from the master class in sales videos, the Commission Blockbuster video promotes a system that suggests it comes from a secret internet marketing group, like a marketing Illuminati.

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The conspiracy theorist in me was intrigued, especially as it mentioned it is the “diametric opposite” of all other systems: it supposedly does not rely on traditional forms of marketing such as article writing, PPC, social media advertising etc.

The problem is, is that while it’s a polished video etc., it doesn’t actually tell you anything. There is no information about how the system works or screenshots or anything like that. The only thing it does say is you would be a fool to pass up on the offer: all hype, no substance.

The Cost

While the author, Jack Anderson, states he provides this sort of information for kicks rather than for the money, it is still selling at $9 bucks down from an “original” price of $149. I like to play what I affectionately call “browser chicken” which is where you click to close the page and then click the “stay on this site” link until you get an affordable price or the page actually does shut down with these sites. This enabled me to get the product for a manageable $9.95.

I would still like to know why he doesn’t simply give it away if he feels he is so philanthropic.

The System

After the hype of the video, I was not surprised to get hit up with upsells. This time comprising of 2 upsells for Cash Buddy and Traffic Nitro, along with associated downsells, which would empty your pockets between $76 – $224. I declined these.

Borrowing heavily from the film The Matrix, Jack calls this secret system The Network and apparently this will allow you to take a slice out of a pie of nearly $2 billion.

The product itself is a piece of software called Commission Software Pro, and it is used in conjunction with hosting (not supplied) and in essence is a site builder which guides you through the process of getting sites online.

There are 10 short videos designed to help you get to grips with the software and they are OK at what they do.

If you have read any of my other articles here at I’ve Tried That.com, you may know I am a WordPress fan(atic). I was extremely interested to see exactly what software this program uploads. Whatever it is, it takes its time (I have pretty fast internet, including a fast upload speed and I got bored waiting for Commission Software Pro to do its thing.)

Eventually it finished and it did indeed install WordPress.  The first thing I went to do was to check out the settings it had created (Yes, I’m a bit of a geek) but hang on a minute, where’s my login details? Odd, I wasn’t given any. That’s right, setting up a site with the Commission Blockbuster software means you can only use that software to change aspects of your site.

Moving back to the software, it creates a basic (and I do mean basic) site, and allows you to change the color scheme from pre-designed options only.

Adding content is done by using a built in web scraper to grab content from other sites, or by uploading PLR content.

You can if you wish use the in built article spinner to change the wording of the content; you know to avoid that pesky issue of plagiarism/duplicate content penalties (Sarcasm can be hard to pick up online. Article spinners do not work.) You can also add content manually, but there are no formatting options. Unless you know a smattering of HTML, you will have to put up with simple formatting.

Changing content is also impossible. Once it’s there, you’re stuck with it, unless you can gain access to the site somehow or if you delete the lot and start again. This means you only have one try to get it right. If you do decide to use this software, make sure you plan ahead.

Another issue you will face unless you are very careful is wrong content, as a scraper doesn’t always get things right.

Commission Blockbuster Scraped Content

Scraping content can make your site look unprofessional when the content is unrelated.

The plugin also contains areas where you can insert adverts and automatically change keywords into affiliate links.  The word to affiliate link system is clunky: it doesn’t tell you what has been set, and the ClickBank Sniper is poor, barely finding anything related at all. You are better off manually finding the products and affiliate links.

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If you make a mistake tough luck, trying to reset the links you added is impossible.

The Bottom Line

While Commission Blockbuster isn’t a scam, I am dubious about how “diametric opposite” this system really is as to me it looks like a standard content farm creator, and not an overly flexible one at that.

The fact that it promotes web scraping and content spinning offends me, especially as this is geared towards newbies to both website creation and internet marketing. It is starting them out on the wrong foot entirely.

On top of that, only being able to access your site via the software is just wrong in my opinion. You have no control over the installed plugins, settings etc. I could not figure out how one would go about updating WordPress or the plugins, which is vital to site security.

Not only that but my site now has an about me page with default content which I cannot remove or change as that option isn’t available in the software. What else could it create on my behalf of which I have no control?

Spun and scraped content will also not give you a long term successful business and it would be a lot easier to add new and unique content if you didn’t have to go through this desktop program which is incredibly slow and inflexible to use.

While I understand that the point of the software is meant to make firing out poor quality affiliate sites in quick and easy way, I find myself instantly missing the ability to actually control what is going on on the website.

I haven’t as yet received any money from my site. I will simply leave it as created by the software and see if anything comes of it or not, but I have my doubts.

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