Quick Summary of Copy Trade Profit

Rating: 1 I can't give a minus rating, I can't even give zero, I'll have to settle for 1.

The Good: You can blind your enemies with the sale page. Other than that there are no pros to this system.

The Bad: Everything about it is a lie, from the promises of earning crazy money to the testimonials. I would be very reluctant to hand over my credit card details after they have lied so much, especially as the payment is not handled by a secure third party.

The Bottom Line: This "system" lies to you from the get go and offers only a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Copy Trade Profit Review

It’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed a Binary Options product that didn’t use a video for its sales pitch.

Imagine then my surprise when I went to examine one of the most popular Binary Options systems on ClickSure – one of the most popular make money online niche marketplaces with less than reputable vendors.

This system, Copy Trade Profit, harkens back to old school internet marketing: full of hype, lies and designed with the artistic ability of a toddler on LSD.

The Pitch

I’d like to begin by describing this sales page. I really do think it could have been designed by a child on drugs. The page is a visual assault of primary colors, highlighted text, a mismatch of fonts and graphics that look like scribbles.

While it’s true that it’s often the message that counts, this particular page is visually noisy, and with such a riot going on I’m surprised the sales pitch works at all.

It must be working though, as this has reached the top ten on ClickSure, a sure sign it’s fleecing a lot of people.

It might also help that the person behind this system is offering multiple high value commissions and prizes to any affiliate that promotes it. They apparently have a way to make you deposit more than once with the Binary Options broker, and are promising the affiliate a commission each time.

It worries me that anyone would deposit even once with one of these systems, so I am doubly worried about this.

Going back to the sales pitch, once you get past the mess, the copy writing is fairly standard.

It starts with a couple of lies which is always a good start to a potential purchase…

The first lie is that there are only 11 copies of the system left. This is just a scarcity tactic designed to make you speed up your purchase and lower the chances that you’ll stop and think about it. The reality is that there are unlimited purchases and if the author of this website wants to adhere to his promise of a $35,000 prize fund for his affiliates, he will definitely need to con more than 11 people into signing up.

The next is the image stating it is featured on Yahoo, Google MSNBC.com and CNN. While technically this may be true (for example there will be blog posts about it that will reach Google and Yahoo), this product has not been actually featured by those companies.

It clearly states that:

This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, ClickBetter, Clicksure, Clickbank eBay, Amazon, Yahoo or Bing nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Google, ClickBetter, Clicksure, Clickbank Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, or Bing.

This is just another crappy marketing technique to try and seem legitimate.

Oh and the “total earned this month” ticker? That’s fake too, just reload the page and watch the figure reset.

Copy Trade Profit lies

Lies, lies and more lies!

Hype & Hope

The actual copy writing starts off by offering you the chance of earning vast amounts of money and showing you screenshots that allege to be real bank accounts. If they are real, they certainly weren’t from trading in Binary Options. Most likely they are Photoshopped or from other earnings, such as the commissions made from promoting Binary Options systems like this to unsuspecting people.

From there it touches on the 1%, just to make you angry, and then leads into a sob story about how the author was scammed and tricked into buying worthless systems, just like perhaps you have.

The language used throughout this copy is pure primal marketing, and it is pretty good copy when looked at clinically. In fact, the quality of the copy to get people’s mood’s swinging is worrying.

After this comes the secret: something that only this guy knows but is willing to share with you for free, because he’s a good guy and not really out to make a buck off your mistake, no really, honest…

I love the fact he’s asking you to keep this system a secret, so that the 1% don’t find out. I wonder if he’s aware that you’re going to be reading it from a public website?

Past more 1% bashing he provides us with some testimonials. I love testimonials. I love finding out that they are in fact just actors. Sadly for me, the testimonials are just plain text and can’t be proven to be real or lies, though I’d place money on the copy writer having written them as well.

After writing more about how he can help you and I get revenge on the 1%, the writer provides you with the answer to something that’s been bugging you: “I don’t know anything about trading, will it work for me?”.

He has an answer of course. Yes it will work for you because you need zero knowledge of anything. In fact he prefers people who don’t have any knowledge (possibly because they are easier marks).

The final part of the sale pitch is yet more B.S. about it being a limited offer and only open for 45 people. Once more this is just to make you rush your decision, it’s highly unlikely he will close it down and even if he does, it will be back up again next week under a different name.

Copy Trade Profit stop binary options

Yes, we would like all this Binary Option B.S. to stop too!

Signing up to Copy Trade Profit

If you do decide to hand over your email address, you will (unsurprisingly) be told to sign up again. This is standard fare for Binary Options systems. The first email was for the system “creator” who will now spam your email and/or sell on your email address. The second form is to actually sign up to the Binary Options broker.

This intermediate page also contains some more testimonials and some very real looking trading data.

This data has bugged me for a while now as I have seen it on numerous Binary Options systems and it all comes from one place. However that website is locked down so I can only speculate. My speculation is that the website caters to Binary Options affiliates and spews out fake data that looks real.

Copy Trade Profit testimonial 2

Driver? Nope. Actor? Yep. I wonder how he would feel if he knew his image was being associated with this garbage?

What I can be sure of though is that the testimonials are fake. One guy, Lewis Jackson, is actually a film maker called Floyd Webb. Another supposed testimonial is an actor and producer called Time Harrold!

Copy Trade Profit testimonial 1

Poor Floyd, at least they shaved a few years off for you!

The Bottom Line

Without even signing up to the broker I know that Copy Trade Profit is a scam! The lies and unethical marketing techniques alone should make you want to steer clear of this system.

The Copy Trade Profit system want you to route your payment through their website. Now while this has SSL security I simply wouldn’t trust them with my credit card details! Who knows what they would do with it!

My opinion is clear: avoid this scam!

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  • Floyd Webb
    Floyd Webb

    What the hell is this shit and why is my picture on it.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Someone out there is using your likeness as a “testimonial” for their product which is nothing more than an online scam.

  • Joel

    They are major scammers. Regrettably, I invested a lot of money with them based on a so called 80% success rate. Needless to say they have managed to lose money,provide no service or contact, & make it impossible to withdraw the balance of my investment. Do you know anyone Copy Trade System or Options Mogul?

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