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Copying and Pasting Will Never Make Money for You

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Rating: 0 out of 10. 0 out of 10. 0 out of 10.

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Pros: None. Nada. Nope. No pros.

Cons: It’s a modern day envelope stuffing scheme. “Pay money to learn how to build this exact website to get people to pay money to learn how to build this exact website!” etc. etc.

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Full Review

Some people dream of being able to make money at the press of a button, to be able to have cash pouring into their bank accounts whilst they sip margaritas on a foreign shore.

Let’s be clear, the first bit about making money easily isn’t true and never will be. There will always be hard work and effort required to earn money, whether that be in a brick and mortar business or working from home online.

The second part can be true, but only after you have done the hard work!

Copy Paste Cash at sells the first part of this dream and they sell it very well. Their sales page is slick and pulls on all the right heart strings to get you thinking that actually, this system, this amazingly simple sounding system could be the one to change my life.

One time. Lifetime! It’s your time!

And it only costs a one off fee of $30 bucks.

How it works

The premise is simple, you copy some predefined adverts supplied to you by Copy Paste Cash and post them on classified advert websites such as Cragslist or Backpage and you earn a commission for each person that registers and pays.

Super easy!

Too easy!

The Problem with Easy

There are definitely some major flaws with this system.

First off, this system has been around a little while now which means that it has been used by thousands of people already. As you will be using the same adverts as the other members of this system, it quickly becomes problematic as you are all spamming, yes spamming the same adverts.

What this means is that the sites you are submitting the adverts too quickly realise what is happening as they are seeing hundreds of the same adverts posted every day.

As such, the adverts will be “ghosted” by the classified site. Ghosting is a way in which the classified companies deal with spam. Instead of blocking the advert and alerting the spammer that there is a problem, it pretends that the advert has gone through ok, but in reality it hasn’t.

Imagine if you will that you have spent hours copying and pasting these adverts, day in day out, and that all that hard work is wasted because they aren’t going anywhere as the adverts have been marked as spam.

That’s a lot of wasted time, and time is money.

Not only that but if you had used your own account to post these, then it is likely you are now marked as a spammer.

A further issue with Copy Paste Cash is that the click through rate and subsequent signups are terrible. I have seen evidence of a user with over 1 million total clicks, and a conversion of around 1600. This is a conversion rate of way less than 1%!

In some situations, I would have thought that perhaps the marketer in question was doing something wrong, that he had made an error somewhere. However, he is using the same adverts provided by the makers of the system. Really then, the only error is an error in judgement at purchasing the system in the first place.

Due to the nature of this system there is no residual income, there is no auto pilot, you have to manually add the adverts, and with that sort of conversion rate you are literally earning pennies per hour.

You can say good bye to the margaritas!

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The Training

The system does provide basic training beyond copying and pasting, in internet marketing. The training only becomes available gradually as you earn points for doing actions like posting adverts. It forces you to do the work to get the information which was part of the product you bought.

The training isn’t in itself bad, it is just that the information is very much entry level with nothing to take you further and is already available on the internet freely, or with better support and guidance via other paid for services.

Recycling Rubbish

The worst thing about this system in my mind is that by using it you are perpetuating it, because you are not promoting products or services or even information, you are promoting the system itself.

Think about it, the system only promotes the system. Nothing good ever came of that. This is just a modern day envelope stuffing scheme.

The Bottom Line

Copy Paste Cash is a borderline scam, it offers very little in value and its whole system is flawed to the point of failure, requiring a massive amount of time and energy to be input for very few rewards.

Is this system worth $29.5? Absolutely not! Avoid this one unless you like wasting time and money and perpetuating spam.

9 thoughts on “Copying and Pasting Will Never Make Money for You”

  1. I personally learnt about content duplicity the hard way.

    WHEN GOOGLE CHANGED TO PANDA algorythmns they f-ed my jobs for aussies website right up the creek, I used to syndicate content from seek, gumtree, etc in Australia which where famous job search sites. Also including the government job search site, lol.

    When panda got released i was generating over $25 per day (may not seem like a lot, but believe me, to a 28 year old (back then). it was a massive mile stone.

    Do you guys know how hard it was to turn my FIRST DOLLAR in adsense revenue?

    Believe me that was a proud day for me.

    Around 2 years later and I received my first google ireland cheque in the mail for adsense, i remember it CLEARLY it was 127$usd…

    Happiest day of my life, the commonwealth bank in australia had never seen those international cheques.

    After that day when panda was released, my $25 per day went down to $1 per day. Dropped from all searches i was ranking for (for that particular site) and I made a firm direction change toward 100% unique relevant content updated on a daily basis.


    Additionally for the newbies, you “so need to implement an automatic updating “date or time clock” on all of your web pages.

    I have noticed a BIG SHIFT in google.

    whenever the spider (googlebot) crawls your web page, if it notices even one little thing different. I will jump right up-0 to the top positions of my keywords. as googlebot thinks the page is NEWER than the others.

    And google themselves in google’s words says that “serving newly updated relevant content of worth can only benefit your rankings.

    Hope this helps some newbies “think out of the box”.

    See I used to compete in the tv repair niche.

    I noticed whenever some moron copied my7 number one ranking keywords for “suburb tv repair” etc… they shot up above my pages for a few months, then gradually fell below my pages when google “caught on” that it was copied content.

    However once I implemented automatic date, time etc changing source code on to my pages.

    My pages tended to always remain at the top of my keywords.

    Hope this helps.

    David Kellas +357.9986-9217 (yes i am on holiday in cyprus and england).

  2. Great post. None of that copy and paste, one click make millions stuff is legit. There is always something that is hidden and you find out does not work.

  3. Dean, I appreciate your info. about this website. I checked with the BBB in Denver about this website, and they gave it a “A” rating, even thoughnthey have 46 complaints in the last 3 years. I found this one on Backpage in the Biz Opp. section. I google every work at home business, and find complaints on “every” one. I wish I could find a legit work at home business. In the meantime I will read reviews like yours to steer clear. Thank you.

    • Hey Jim, I wouldn’t trust the BBB’s ratings, if you pay them enough you get an A rating… There will always be some complaints, nothing is perfect (think how many complaints Amazon gets, but I personally still trust them). You should check out Wealthy Affiliate, they are a good bunch and it’s certainly value for money, but thats only if you want to create a business rather than work for someone else from home. Good luck out there!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I’ve heard a little here and there about this one but didn’t understand how it really works. I figured it was one to avoid and looks like I was right! I appreciate your detailed review. :)

    • Hi Mary,

      I haven’t heard of either of these so I can’t really advise if they are worth trying or not. I will add them to my list of things to look into for reviews.

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