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  • Joe

    I sign up in site call I paid for traffic to $2 per click but out the thing. Of air the site closed my account I am. Supposed to click on my link I Think the site it’s scam don’t sign up the site

  • paul Arindam
    paul Arindam

    i waste my valuable time for ths but i dont get my money till now …it is a totally fake site..never waste ur valuable time

  • abdul

    i requested payout of 1016$janury 2014 from two dollar click. and still waiting… i would say this site is deffinately a SCAM!!!
    What you say abyt it

  • Tim

    Two dollar scam is a scam.You will never get a response from them.Avoid all the paid to click if you have to pay a membership fee before you get paid.Any paid to click over a few cents are all scams.Paypal and other payment processing services need to suspend and freeze their accounts.People in the USA need to write their Congressmen to pressure paypal who are laundrying their money.Also you should write letters to the Mercury News in San Jose, California because that is where Paypals corporate office is located.

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar

    Hi friends
    I signed up in two dollar click .com
    My account balance is 500 dollars now .and I have 50 refertarals till now.
    Is the site fake or real ?
    Can I move forward or not?
    Pls help me

  • B. Mindob
    B. Mindob

    Twodollarclick is 100% scam believe me operating for many years now. You’ll never get paid from them. Who will pay you $2 for just simply watching a website for few seconds?. The payment proof is complete fake. They have no forum page for members to post their complaints and grievances. Stay far away, do not waste time.

  • Tofig Gambarov
    Tofig Gambarov
    Reply never paid!!!!!! my 3000 dollars money waited 6 months) funny becasuse they tos say money paid 2 months. DONT TRUST THEM.

  • Muhammad Shafiq
    Muhammad Shafiq

    Hey I sign up just to see if I would get Paid with two dollar click I started July 09 2014 I ask for cashout have not receive my $1002 dollars.I think I’ve been scam too. This is Bad

  • Lcrtn

    Hey I sign up just to see if I would get Paid with two dollar click I started July 13 2014 I ask for cashout have not receive my $1001 dollars.I think I’ve been scam too. This is Bad

  • shy

    I think it is a scam. I have my cashout $1000 it has been five months until I don’t receive any payments…and worse, I have made another cashout for the total of $2000.

  • Mukesh Pareek
    Mukesh Pareek

    Hey guys,
    i want to know that two dollar site fake or not, bcoz i hav 1200$ in this account, so i want to know that, is this company realy pay me, or this company is completely fake, and waste of time

  • VIVI

    hi guys, who can tell me twodollarclik is scam site or not ?

  • Solidat

    “Did you get any payment from them?”

    I guess Rich didn´t get the $, otherwise he would write it down here. Too bad. :/

  • NiceGuy

    Hey Rich,

    Looks like you must have been a paid member. Did you get any payment from them? Atleast the membership fee or anything like that you paid to them, did you get that returned?

    Let us know.

  • Rich

    I have been a member of Two Dollar Click since November 2013 and have over $15,000 in my account.I have asked for some of that money to be paid out. Getting close now to the 60 days pay out. Will let .you know of the results. :))
    Is there anyone on the Internet who has been paid out by Two Dollar Click?Please tell us.

  • Rebecca

    I just left their Facebook page. Again, NOT GOOD! The verdict there seems to be unanimous-SCAM!there are many people leaving message in languages I can’t read, but a few in English saying it is FAKE! O well.. I will not be signing up that is for sure. Sounds like something that would give me health issues if I spent all of that time clicking & got nothing in return!

  • Rebecca

    I have just started researching this click company. This is the 1st article I have read about them.. Off to a rough start they are.

  • Dean Robinson
    Dean RobinsonAuthor

    Hi Jerry,

    There isn’t much evidence that these types of sites pay out, the ability to make money from them seems to magically stop just before you hit the pay out threshold…

    From research, if they do payout it seems to be irregularly, maybe once.

    Also the earnings you make are generally not worth it for the amount of time that needs to go into the process.

    I haven’t reviewed Neobux so cannot comment on them.

  • jerry

    Do you mean Most of this ppc sites are SCAM?what of NEOBUX?

  • pbaghurst

    i requested payout of 2024$ april 2012 from two dollar click. and still waiting… i would say this site is deffinately a SCAM!!!

  • Ahmadreza

    Hello guys i’m a 18 years old and i register to two dollar click about 2 year and i have $1800 in my account you guys mean i never can pay out my money so why should ever everyone nothing do with them they guilty what have we do guys?

  • Fred

    Funny. I signed up with six dollar click last year and got excitedly busy at clicking until I discovered their payout was $3,000 or so. Each click earns you $6 and some $12. I thought they were real. I had to abaandone them before nightfall.

  • Steve Razinski
    Steve RazinskiFounder

    There’s not a chance in the world that any of these sites will actually pay what they promise. At best, you lose out on a fair bit of time. At worst, the money you paid to “upgrade your account.

  • Jenine

    Funny story here. I joined, fivedollarclick and another site called six dollar click sometime around the late summer of 2011. Five dollar click said that I needed at least $5,000 to cash out and the furthest I got supposedly was $980. One day, on my 19th birthday to be exact, I decided to click on “ads” like I normally did and I got some error message. I finally did research on “these high paying” click ad sites and found out that the five dollar click site in particular was run by a scam artist named Michael Pratt. It’s been nearly two years since I signed up for these and I haven’t been back to them since.

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