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Data entry jobs: Stay Away from

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Another one bites the dust. I keep hoping for a legitimate data entry job, but this one is not it. cannot possibly fulfill its promises. It’s heavily promoted by, which should be ashamed of itself. It won’t, of course, because such people have no shame.

The long review: What are the claims? and its promoters claim it leads you to legitimate data entry jobs. All you have to do is pay the $49.00 “membership fee,” and you’ll get access to the “Members’ Area” containing all the secrets you need to rake in $200 per day or more for 45 minutes of daily work. Data entry jobs like this, and specifically either directly claim or imply the following:

  • Companies pay you for filling out forms; this outfit even lists specific numbers:

    If you complete 2 forms a day = $448 per week! (thats $1792/Month and $21,503 a Year!)
    If you complete 4 forms a day = $896 per week! (thats $3584/Month and $43,008 a Year!)
    If you complete 8 forms a day = $1792 per week! (thats $7168/Month and $86,016 a Year!)

  • You do the work in some sort of proprietary system, which you gain access to by paying your membership fee
  • “We provide an online catalog of companies, organised into relevant categories (health, money, employment etc).

What is the truth?
Don’t be fooled by the hype, the testimonials, the pictures of cash, or the yellow highlighter. Here is the truth about those claims:

  • This is a lie. Companies don’t pay you to fill out forms (at least not in this scenario.) They pay you IF someone clicks an ad you create AND THEN buys the product your ad is selling. Whether the clicker buys or not, YOU PAY a fee to Google for the click, if the ad is based in Google Adwords.
  • You are not using a system that the company has hooked you up with. You’re using Google’s Adwords system and choosing companies from Clickbank, both of which everyone has access to for free.
  • This is another lie. They don’t provide you anything except for instructions on how to set yourself up with clickbank and Adwords accounts—information freely available if you know where to look.

Here’s what’s really going on: You are filling out Google Adwords forms or affiliate links for businesses listed in Clickbank. There’s a lot the program promoters don’t tell you:

  • If it’s based in Google Adwords, you’ll have to PAY for each form you fill out because you’re creating an ad to go in Google’s database. You pay Google to list your ad on sites like this one, in search results (that’s what “sponsored links” are), in Gmail screens, and elsewhere.
  • You pay a per-click fee every time someone clicks on your ad.
  • You only get paid if someone makes a purchase after clicking on your ad.

How many times have you clicked on an ad and not made a purchase? Yeah, me too. So now you can see how this “data entry job” is going to suck money from your wallet faster than you can say, “I want my money back.”

“But Joe, look at all the news outlets that have done stories on them. It must be legitimate if MSNBC is reporting on it.” See, the promoters are hoping you’ll see those news logos and think that. They think you’re as dumb as a box of rocks. I did detailed searches at 4/5 of the news organizations listed, NONE OF THEM did stories on this outfit. More about that later.

Numbers don’t prove anything
The part of this page that really gets my goat is the image claiming to show “how much you can earn completing forms.” Fill out 2 forms per day and make $448 per week? The world just doesn’t work that way. Maybe you could make that much with two forms, IF a given number of people clicked on it each day that week AND purchased whatever that ad is selling. And even then, it depends on you choosing the right company to create ads for. Make ads for strawberry-scented butt-rash cream and you might be stuck with a 10-cent commission per sale. How many tubes of cream do you have to sell to make $448 per week at that rate?

I’m so disgusted by these guys that I felt I had to take action. I wrote to the legal departments of,, Wired News, and the New York Times online and gave them a heads-up that someone is using their logos as endorsements. It felt really good, too.

You know what felt even better? Finding the dirt on them at the Better Business Bureau. Read the whole report; I can’t do it justice here:

Complainants allege false or deceptive advertising practices, dissatisfaction with the offer which resulted in refund requests, or failure to honor their money back guarantee. Some buyers complain the company misrepresents the income potential, or fails to disclose that there are additional costs after the membership is purchased. All complainants claim they experience difficulty contacting the company in regards to their refunds.

Were you considering and read this review as part of your research? Have I saved you from flushing $50 down the loo? If so, we’d love to hear from you in the comments. Come to think of it, we’d love to hear from you in the comments, anyway.

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What YOU can do
Scams like this one thrive on ignorance and emotional appeal. You can help put these guys out of business by spreading the word about this post and the dirty tricks of scammers that want to kick you when you’re down. Help us get the word out:

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  3. Report fraudulent activity at Scam Victims United and to your local police

218 thoughts on “Data entry jobs: Stay Away from”

  1. Hi Joe,

    I have looked at this site called survey police about legit jobs. They give you a list of sites that are right to work for. What are your thoughts? They give list of sites to watch out for and sites they recommend. Is it worth taking what they say about there recommended sites?

    Regards Corey

  2. Thank you Thank you, almost handed out $50.00 Luckily, I found this site. Thanks again for watching our backs… Lisa

  3. Hi, thanks so much, we all owe you $50 and a heap of our time and efforts, not to mention the stress of waiting for refunds, and wondering if our credit card details are safe!

    I too received an email this morning and was tempted as it sounded so good, but was also reluctant to part with my cc details and the $50, but thought it would be worth it if it was legitimate. But yet no again! just another shit scam, making money off people that are trying to improve their situation.

    The first thing that triggered my curosity was that the most recent positive testimonial was from 4 years ago.. Thanks for sharing the other comments from customers – the ones they don’t want you to see, about how useless it is and how you cannot get a refund.

    Another to watch out for, who did get my money, is Global Cashflow Network, or its affliates. They are shockers and will try and bleed you dry trying to satisfy their guarantee. Even if you get them to agree to a refund, good luck getting it. I have been chasing them for four months since they approved my refund.

    I think the only way to make money on the internet is to sell your stuff on ebay or apply for real jobs, that pay you for doing real work in the traditional sense. My Dad always said “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”

    GOOD Luck to all in your endeavours, and thanks to everyone for your comments, I feel I have made $50 today thanks to your advise to keep it in my bank account! Thanks again.

  4. Thanks for being there. I knew this offer was a scam (as a simple automated approach to cutting and pasting this data is very simple to set up). My problem was I couldn’t figure out where the scam was. I knew I’d never see my $ 49.95 again so instead of found your scam report. Keep it up. Maybe we can get rid of these criminals eventually once people become smart enough to avoid them.

  5. i cant belive i didn;t read any forums about this scam. i paid the 50 bucks and i havnt gotten my money back after i asked for the refund. the support e-mail given on their website does not work. anyone have any idea how i can get my money back?

  6. Saved yet one more. Thank you so much. This was also sent to me in an email. It sounded interesting but I have always been told that you should never have to pay to work. Yet it still kind of drags you in. I guess the lure of money will always do that. I am super paranoid though and never do anything on the internet without researching first. Once again I am so grateful that this popped up in my search. They really should be ashamed of themselves but I guess they are the ones going home at the end of the day with the big bucks.

  7. WOW, was sent to me in an email, and it just seemed too good to be true. I was so close to forking over the $50 to see what it was like.

    Thanks for this info. Now I know is a total SCAM!

  8. i search google with bring me to here, thanks very nice article
    save me $49 btw by the first look the domain itself showing fake alike, hosted with goddady owned
    by philipinon, not sure if that fake too

  9. This is a wonderful web project! A genuine thank you, Steve and Joe.

    I’m stuck in a bit of a rut as a uni student from a relatively poor background, where my family and I have certain health conditions. This has prevented me from finding work that is suitable for me (I am willing to put all my time, energy and passion in any work I can find as long as it suits my health conditions. Unfortunately these jobs are extremely limited because everyone would love a position where there is not much physical work!).

    There’s not all that much to do at my age and lack of experience, which has lead to the last resort of joining paid survey sites and other odd jobs I can do online – I’ve been finding it extremely difficult to filter all the scams out there, so I’m very happy to discover your website. I know this post is a few years old but I discovered your website through this post, so I will comment here and definitely bookmark.
    Again, thank you very much for your time and efforts!


  10. Great Article. It really helped your credibility by using the excerpt from the better business bureau. You saved me!

  11. Hi, everyone. This is for Eunice. Can you let me in on how you go about making income every week. Is this work from online. I would be forever greatful. All I’ve found so far is a few survey sites that earns a couple of cents and dollars. But my experience so far is typing 45 to 50 WPM, work in the past as an Insurance Representative for a private company that handles home insurance, auto, and for businesses who need insurance. Also secretarial and Administrative duties. But I’m looking for something where I can work from my home. Here is my email if you want to pass some info my way. Thanks again for this site and for everyones help. Email me at:

  12. Tuesday May 5,2009 (9:30am:pacific time)
    Hi to all viewers!! Could you check on these two site, I think there both from the same owner. ( and (
    I purchased both at $40 each. When I got to the members area there both exactly the same. I should have seen the first sign when both front page said if you reach your payout earnings of $1000 or more they’ll pay you on top of that an extra $1000. So that will come out over $2000 plus at the end of the month. WOW! IF ONLY THAT WAS SO TRUE, WRONG. I can not make any amount. I’ve been doing this for about now 4 months. What am I doing wrong. They even credit your opening membership $100. I cannot ask for a payment until I make $100 USD on my part. They give you free advertisement to post over the internet at free sites. I’ve been posting at 5 sites a day, but nothing. I can’t even get my money back because it’s been more than 4 months. That’s it, I won’t be buying another program over the internet. I think I will just stick to free surveys even though it’s for cents or a couple of dollars and points, it’s safer that way. I don’t have lots of money to throw away. I’m trying to make extra money for my family and bills to pay. But you can’t tell what is out there between what’s fraud and what’s the real thing. THANKS for your site where we can find out what program is scamming us folks for what little money we have. I would be really greatful if you could checkout those two sites for me and save me the trouble of posting over the wesites. I’m probably just wasting my time. Could you tell me of some survey sites that are legit and are for real. Here is email.
    **Kat (

  13. Ok I wouldn’t say that you saved me, cause I smelled it was scam from afar, but it helps to find out more about things like that just to make sure… Well, the main reason to write a post in here was actually to ask you something:

  14. saved me!it was over a month ago when the last person was saved…on your blog atleast.we all want the same thing, legit work at home. be sure to let us know if it exists, thanks.

  15. March 5/2009

    Thank you for the info. I got a email from them and when I emailed the person back to find out if this was for real I got another email, but check this out the same first name but a different last name and a different wibsite thats when I decided to check them out. Are there any legit data entry jobs out there?


  16. I have been scamed! I paid the money then found ot it was going to cost more. I have tried to email them but it bounces back saying it’s not a real email address. I wan’t my money back but don’t know the channels to go through. The money I lost ended up being more than what was quoted because I did not know it was in american dollars and I’m in Australia. I will never be fooled again. I will never contemplate work that I have to pay for. If anyone knows of the legal channels to go through in Australia to claim a refund I would appreciate the names as I want my money back.

  17. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone happens to know of any home based Telesales vacancies? I can’t seem to find any genuine ones.


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