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Data entry jobs: Stay Away from

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Another one bites the dust. I keep hoping for a legitimate data entry job, but this one is not it. cannot possibly fulfill its promises. It’s heavily promoted by, which should be ashamed of itself. It won’t, of course, because such people have no shame.

The long review: What are the claims? and its promoters claim it leads you to legitimate data entry jobs. All you have to do is pay the $49.00 “membership fee,” and you’ll get access to the “Members’ Area” containing all the secrets you need to rake in $200 per day or more for 45 minutes of daily work. Data entry jobs like this, and specifically either directly claim or imply the following:

  • Companies pay you for filling out forms; this outfit even lists specific numbers:

    If you complete 2 forms a day = $448 per week! (thats $1792/Month and $21,503 a Year!)
    If you complete 4 forms a day = $896 per week! (thats $3584/Month and $43,008 a Year!)
    If you complete 8 forms a day = $1792 per week! (thats $7168/Month and $86,016 a Year!)

  • You do the work in some sort of proprietary system, which you gain access to by paying your membership fee
  • “We provide an online catalog of companies, organised into relevant categories (health, money, employment etc).

What is the truth?
Don’t be fooled by the hype, the testimonials, the pictures of cash, or the yellow highlighter. Here is the truth about those claims:

  • This is a lie. Companies don’t pay you to fill out forms (at least not in this scenario.) They pay you IF someone clicks an ad you create AND THEN buys the product your ad is selling. Whether the clicker buys or not, YOU PAY a fee to Google for the click, if the ad is based in Google Adwords.
  • You are not using a system that the company has hooked you up with. You’re using Google’s Adwords system and choosing companies from Clickbank, both of which everyone has access to for free.
  • This is another lie. They don’t provide you anything except for instructions on how to set yourself up with clickbank and Adwords accounts—information freely available if you know where to look.

Here’s what’s really going on: You are filling out Google Adwords forms or affiliate links for businesses listed in Clickbank. There’s a lot the program promoters don’t tell you:

  • If it’s based in Google Adwords, you’ll have to PAY for each form you fill out because you’re creating an ad to go in Google’s database. You pay Google to list your ad on sites like this one, in search results (that’s what “sponsored links” are), in Gmail screens, and elsewhere.
  • You pay a per-click fee every time someone clicks on your ad.
  • You only get paid if someone makes a purchase after clicking on your ad.

How many times have you clicked on an ad and not made a purchase? Yeah, me too. So now you can see how this “data entry job” is going to suck money from your wallet faster than you can say, “I want my money back.”

“But Joe, look at all the news outlets that have done stories on them. It must be legitimate if MSNBC is reporting on it.” See, the promoters are hoping you’ll see those news logos and think that. They think you’re as dumb as a box of rocks. I did detailed searches at 4/5 of the news organizations listed, NONE OF THEM did stories on this outfit. More about that later.

Numbers don’t prove anything
The part of this page that really gets my goat is the image claiming to show “how much you can earn completing forms.” Fill out 2 forms per day and make $448 per week? The world just doesn’t work that way. Maybe you could make that much with two forms, IF a given number of people clicked on it each day that week AND purchased whatever that ad is selling. And even then, it depends on you choosing the right company to create ads for. Make ads for strawberry-scented butt-rash cream and you might be stuck with a 10-cent commission per sale. How many tubes of cream do you have to sell to make $448 per week at that rate?

I’m so disgusted by these guys that I felt I had to take action. I wrote to the legal departments of,, Wired News, and the New York Times online and gave them a heads-up that someone is using their logos as endorsements. It felt really good, too.

You know what felt even better? Finding the dirt on them at the Better Business Bureau. Read the whole report; I can’t do it justice here:

Complainants allege false or deceptive advertising practices, dissatisfaction with the offer which resulted in refund requests, or failure to honor their money back guarantee. Some buyers complain the company misrepresents the income potential, or fails to disclose that there are additional costs after the membership is purchased. All complainants claim they experience difficulty contacting the company in regards to their refunds.

Were you considering and read this review as part of your research? Have I saved you from flushing $50 down the loo? If so, we’d love to hear from you in the comments. Come to think of it, we’d love to hear from you in the comments, anyway.

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What YOU can do
Scams like this one thrive on ignorance and emotional appeal. You can help put these guys out of business by spreading the word about this post and the dirty tricks of scammers that want to kick you when you’re down. Help us get the word out:

  1. Share this post by clicking on the “Share This” link below
  2. Learn more about this and other online scams by reading the Related Posts below
  3. Report fraudulent activity at Scam Victims United and to your local police

218 thoughts on “Data entry jobs: Stay Away from”

  1. Thank you for informing me on the scam! DataEntryBucks is very misleading, They told me it was a one time fee but didnt let me know i would be paying OUT OF POCKET for everytime someone clicks on my ad. I would ONLY be getting paid IF someone was to actually buy it and the chances of that happining im sure are less to NONE. They were also asking me to ask for an increase in credit!!! Luckyly i was only charged $39.99 to get into the SCAM. I knew this was to good to be true! Thank goodness i just had an interview with a REAL JOB! no more data entry for me ive tried that and usually when it says “THIS IS NOT A SCAM, THIS IS A LEGIT WAY TO MAKE MONEY” 10 times out of 10 it is!!

  2. I am so happy I found you on google search.
    You have saved me money and time.
    I have signed up and lost so much money in the past…If only I knew about looking before I leap.
    Well I very greatful for this site.

    I am working from home and making money weekly, at least this one is real and it’s been around since 1990, I talk to real people every day and it’s a nice company to work for.

    And no it’s not a get rich quick job but it does pay. right to my bank account. and it didnt cost me anything to start.

  3. Hey Hey,

    I googled this site, as I do all of them, only 4 pages came up and 33 similar entries were ommited. Guess who was ommited….yepper this site. Usually the scammer warnings come up pretty high in the listings but your was buried for whatever reason, not selling enough adwords are we?? Yea they dressed the site up pretty good but no site map or live address or phone number, just an e-mail address—in the words of the immortal Monty Python “RUN AWAY RUN AWAY RUN AWAY”

  4. sir i am hari studying IT from vandavasi .my native is pondy but my aim is during home work job my qualification is completed in diploma computer technology . i do my work is best and truth .

  5. Thank you Joe for the heads up, I have tried a few jobs in the past and have been ripped off. So now I search for sites like yours to help me make my decissions. Being laid off since October my money is tight. I started researching some of these business being one I considered in the past.They have now changed there site to, same crap, except they added a extra “R” in the word entry. Clever? yes, falling for it? No. Keep up the great work. The world needs more like you.

  6. Hi I came across this site because I was doing a little research on a site called Thank you for what you are doing in helping people with these scams. I have been in the same home based business for almost for 5 years. If any of you are interested, The Original Limu Company is a very legitimate business. I owned a beauty shop until 2 years ago when I started working from home full time.
    Keep up the good detective work.
    Thank you
    To Your Health and Wealth
    Linda Polk

  7. is a scam. I am old enough to have seen this type of con many times, dressed in various cloaks.
    -the website paints an unreal picture about making money.
    It claims that if you buy a “membership” you can make money by cliking and pasting data, which they provide, into fields on forms, which they provide.
    Then the website indicates that if you complete one transaction per day you will make over $1000.00 per month.
    Two points
    1) they do not tell you what a “transaction” is (it is not copying and pasting)
    2) this kind of thing does not fit my life experience.

    A function as easy as copying and pasting data into fields is something a software program can accomplish faster, and much cheaper than paying someone $335.00, each time.

    When have you heard of any unskilled data enty job which pays $335.00 for one hour of work?

    Other red flags.
    SCARCITY – the website is full of closing techniques, i.e. sales marketing ploys designed and intended to get you, the intended victim (in this scenario you are a victim), to agree ahead of time to say yes when the salesman finally asks for your money.
    The truth is that they will happily sell these “memberships” to 5000 people for $39.95 every day of the week, if they can.

    The ticking countdown clock –
    again this is there to create a sense of urgency; you might lose out, get left behind, miss the train, miss out on this tremendous money making opportunity!if you don’t ACT NOW, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

    (The reality is that they want you to act now, while the effects of the emotion-based appeals are highest; and before you have a chance to look up information about them.)

    Another common sales tactic is to create the impression that the product/service/item for sale/(whatever they’re offering in exchange for your money) has GREAT VALUE. They accomplish this, usually and in this case, by itemizing all the attributes of the product and listing a large dollar value by each of them.
    Next the prices are totalled and the grand total is listed in big bright numbers!
    To cap it off, the salesman shows you on the official looking paper where this once in a lifetime opportunity can be had for the trifling sum of just $39.95! This represents a savings of HUNDREDS of dollars. “Surely, you will agree, you will not find a deal like this again, if you live to be one hundred years old.”

    (Of course the truth is, this “product” is smoke and mirrors, and it did not cost the salesman one penny. All the information he is selling in this case is available for free, to anyone who looks it up.)

    Finally to increase the sense of scarcity and urgency they end with what the words *URGENT MESSAGE* (when you learn their tricks, they really jump out at you) and then they repeat the “scarcity” message saying they have “limited memberships” and this is “due to an increase in demand” and the big finish is that you must buy the membership now “BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE”.
    You have already heard/read that this is a limited offer so many times that you will likely accept it now as true.
    “So hurry and order now before the proices go up!” (direct quote).

    I sincerely hope that you searched for and found this page before deciding whether or not to pay the $39.95.
    If you have already paid, try to get a refund immediately, and use all the resources of your state’s Attorney General’s office to your advantage.

  8. I am still trying to get an interview via telephone with “Data Entry Bucks Plimus”. A young lady called me two nights ago and insisted on talking to my wife also, I said OK and she said she would call back later; which she did. But I was not at home when she did call back. And now I cannot get in touch with her and they have my $39.95. Any suggestions?

  9. Thanks for all the info. Are the sites (links) at the top of some of your pages any good (the surveys). Or do you know of any work at home jobs anywhere that aren’t scams. Or do I just need to search harder for a 9-5 job in the “Real World”.

  10. Was wonderin if anyone has tried the (Process At Home) website, where you fill out rebates for big companies? Its suppost to be the #1 Work at home site. Appreciate the info on the data entry jobs.

  11. how about the if you make a wire transfer th payment if for plimus in san deigo ca but i checked it in bbb link they have registerd since 2003…… but i still have read a complain saying that the plimus is scam……. any comments for this please

  12. I’ve just paid 49.50 to I feel so stupid that I didnt do much research on it before paying. is there seriously no way to get a refund from this site before 6 months? in my paypal account it states the transaction is paid to Glen Douglas, is it the same for you too Gyenth?

  13. don’t even of trying they are a scam and i can’t even have my rfund right away i need to make for their 6 month grace period and i filed a complaint against paypal and they sided with they just wanted you to make google adwords and with regards to the dat entry jobs? they just give you a list which you can search thru google or yahoo at anytime. Don’t pay smartdataentry they are a scam.

  14. Ei Joe, u are really doing o good job.If these data entry sites are bad, why advertise for them. Joe u say there are some legit sites online rite? Am in Ghana and had done a lot of homework on online data entry and i finally came across,, they provide a support where u can contact and they responded asap.
    i also tried and and relealised that they are the same(419).
    Could u check out this site belonging to one Timothy Darwin and give me a feed back

  15. I am indeed very grateful that there are such kind people as you guys to expose the scam. In fact I nearly wanted to give my Credit card number in the registration. But hesitated due to some gut feel because it felt too good to be true.
    Thank you so much for helping me save the money as I am a retired person. God bless all.

  16. Hi,
    I’ve been looking for online data entry job and found quite a bunch of these offers. i was suspicious and started searching for reviews and stumbled upon which didn’t only give reviews but the best DEJ online with supposedly honest reviews.i recently sent $50 to on the 2nd June and it’s only now that i found that i was fooled!! i sent a check by postal mail and as i live in Mu. i supposed it could take at least 2 weeks to reach it’s destination.We are the 16 th June, do you think i can still cancel the check???pls help me!!

  17. I’ve been looking for an online job and am almost desperate for one,but there is a lot of scamming on this front. This is a very good and enlightening blog-the best I’ve come across till now on this topic! All those who want to join data entry jobs,be warned here! Be very very cautious and research the companies properly. If anybody can let me know of a genuine data entry job which really pays,I’d be thankful.

  18. Hi Joe. I accidentally came to this site and read Julia’s experience and shocked how similar it is to mine. I too with a baby forced to stay at home was looking desperately to find a way to make money from home and stumbled upon I have purchased six figure yearly just recently, only to find out that it has nothing that has been stated in the sales letter. The first 6 chapters are just blah blah and everything else is recycled garbage on affiliate marketing, that information can be easily found in the internet for free, and as if that is not enough, they attempt to make 2 other sales. The workathometop10 is misleading people with its false review and false testimonials. I think they are the only people who are making moneny at the cost of innocent newbies, but this is not the reason I am writing. I was seriously considering buying legitonlinejobs but glad that I saw your review on data entry jobs. I am realy very greatful for your review. Thank you for saving me from getting scammed again and getting ripped off my money at the time when I hardly afford to do so. Great job dude.

  19. Thanks a lot for saving me from loosing my saved money to this kind of scam websites.
    But I am really in need of “work from home” as I am mother of little baby. I am graduate and computer literate. If you can find me really genuine work online, then please let me know .

    Once again thanks for loosing my money and like me saving many people from loosing their money.

  20. Excellent review! Just the kind of info I’ve been looking for. It’s good to know that somebody reveals the truth about these scams.

  21. Hi

    Here Thanks for letting we beginners know about various scams, but i also want to say that i need a job sitting at home, may be dataentry or sort i am typing expert and have completed my can you suggest any legitimate site to me i will be grateful to you for the help.

  22. Hi

    I am desperately in need of a dataentry or sort of job which i can do by sitting at home I have a kid and i have to look after my family so i am in need of money, can you please suggest me any of the legitimate sites where i can do the job without paying anything of purchasing any of the kit, I am a typing expert and have completed my

  23. This scam artists online today claimed to be top reviewed and best legit work from home opportunity, but beware!!! they are the worst scammers, nothing is real so called “work from home”, either you get yourself free information by spending few mins doing google search or lost few bucks believing their lies, lies and again lies. Join an opportunity, only if they are scam free tested by a known person, your colleagues, or other members, dont fool by scams…or regret later! My advice is “Keep away” and you will thank me later. If you find a site interesting to work with, do a full research of that site only then join.

  24. Hi Joe My wife recently lost her job and is considering a stay at home computer type of opportunity so she can spend more time with our daughter. I love the idea of her being at home but I also am well aware of all the so called work from home scams and lies. I would like a little help as far as choosing a legit online opportunity. Any help is appreciated. Thanks to any and all help. John D

  25. Thanks for letting me know of, i was about to sign up and i always check with google if a business is a scam or not, thank god i got into your site! I am a home maker from Chennai, India and have been trying to identify a genuine home based opportunity for an year and a half now – but in vain. I have opted for a trial offer with Global Domains .Inc –, i never got any material or mail on the trial period, but after the trial was over, to my shock i find that they have deducted another $10 from my credit card for the successive month. I now want to cancel my membership, but they insist that i make a call to them to cancel otherwise they wont accept. Can some one help me on this?

    And also if anyone can say is there anything as a home based opportunity to work?

    Thanks to you for your wonderful service.


  26. Hi,
    I am from India and I am desperate for a work at home job.I joined Data Entry and paid the money December and Now I can’t access the site.I was so worriwd and by accident I came across your site and all these posts.I am going to try to get a refund of my money as advised by you’ll.Wish me luck.If you really know any legitimate online jobs please tell me ,I really need a job.

  27. Hi Anirban, stay right away from all supposed data entry jobs. Most you’ll find are outright scams and time wasters. Please read everything which Joe has informed us about data entry scams at the top of this post. Be patient and do your research. If you come across a money making opp. even the legitimate one’s I suggest you don’t get excited and dive into it without weeks and months of good research. You can start off by going to google and type in the business/website name followed by reviews and also visit for detailed information about a particular business. I’m currently looking at an online business I want to start of which I’ve been researching for months now and still will wait a little bit longer until I’m satisfied, why, because it’s where my money is concerned. Okay, hope you are warned and informed! please take care.

    Ravi (Australia)

  28. Hi everyone,
    Can anyone tell me if this site offers legitimate online data entry jobs? They do have a contact address and other info but they ask for a registration fees, seems to be a scam in this regard though.But on the other hand, the website seems to authentic. I am quite skeptical about it. Pls help.


  29. Thanks for the effort to unmask these, everyone. I won’t say I was taken in by any of these companies, but I certainly *could* have been, had it not been for the efforts of the likes of you.

  30. Dear Sophie

    You dont have to write anything to Paypal – just follow the instructions I provided in my messages on 17th Feb or 31st Jan and send ‘dataentrybusiness’ (DEB)an invoice for a refund (the amount you paid). You do this by clicking on the REQUEST FOR PAYMENT tab on Paypal and sending it to “”. (which was DEB’s paypal email account)


    Mich (Australia)

  31. Not a problem Ravi and Lethabo – pleasure to help!


    All the best
    Mich (Australia)

  32. please tell me how I can get a refund to, I keep writing to but they never answer.
    what did you write to paypal?
    thank you very much

  33. Hi all, a very special thank you to Mich… now I know how to get a refund from paypal by including my invoice statement. Well done Mich, good job. Okay everybody stay away from this site as they are a complete and utter Scam with a capital “S”. I was ripped-off and this fraud company will not give you a refund. Just go to and type in worldmarketsystems.


    ……….. ………………..

    Here, you can look up the company details, address, phone numbers, registrants, history, date created etc. you’ll know if a company is a fraud or not if you can’t find legitimate contact information. Hope this helps! Make sure you research before you commit to buy.

  34. +++++++++ DO THIS TO GET YOUR REFUND +++++++++++


    See my message posted 31st Jan 2008

    Register with Paypal (costs nothing and is very secure) and send a REQUEST FOR PAYMENT (which is your invoice) to (dataentrybusiness’ paypal email) via the tab once you are logged into your paypal account

    ******* I GOT MY REFUND WITHIN 24 HOURS ******** You dont have to wait for fraud clearance periods implemented by banks (as here chose to do) .

    Mich (australia)

  35. Lord,i wish that i could get my money back. You know i paid $49.99 for this so call data-entry-job hopeing that was it a
    real job work from home. Is there anything that we can do? I
    would love to get my $49.99 back.

    Thank You

  36. Yes, any company that claims they will set you up with companies that will pay you to fill out forms should immediately be considered suspect. They are not offering legitimate data entry jobs for which you’ll be paid. They are tricking you into becoming an affiliate marketer, which isn’t the kind of job you’re looking for. You will not be paid to fill out a form for someone. You will be submitting ads on their behalf to Google and paying for these ads yourself… and the only money you might make is a commission should something be sold because of the ad you paid for.

    As I wrote in an earlier post, “They write their little ads, and then instead of submitting them to Google and paying Google to run them, they get YOU to submit them to Google and pay Google to run them. And all under the guise of “data entry” work!” This is what all the so-called home data entry opportunities are really all about. Steer clear… unless you really want to do affiliate marketing. And if you do, you don’t need to pay any website $49 to get tricked into doing it.

  37. I am very displeased with I paid $49.99 for a scam. The website tells you that you can make hundreds of dollars entering data on easy forms, for a business of your choice, that is contained on their company list. By paying the $49.99 you are granted lifetime access to this list of companies and within “four minutes” you are earning money. I did not get access to this supposed list of companies. What I got was a list of companies you have to become an affiliate with. After you become an affiliate you have to get google adwords which cost you about another $30, then you have to set up a webpage for your company. I don’t have a company. After you do the webpage you are instructed that you have to use the google adwords to set up links to the company you affiliated with so that when people on the web use your link they are taken to your affiliate companies’ webpage. If web users use your link then you are “paid by click”. All of this is not what I signed up for and it is nothing like the website for explains to potential members. Their website leads you to beleive that you will make hundreds per day entering data onto forms for companies that you are never taken to once you pay the fee to become a member. I really am stupid for believing them. I have sent them three emails asking for my money back. That was almost a month ago and I have yet to recieve my money. I am extremely angry at this lack of response from the company and I can’t even visit the website to ask again for my money back because it says that the page has “timed out” or is no longer in service. I guess I will never get my money back, but I am writing this to let others know that is a scam and to do lots of research before signing up with a website that allows you to work from home.

  38. Oh great I just found your website is suck to find out that it was a lie and the bad thing is that was all the money I had until I find a real job. It sad to find people like that if I found out sooner. well Ill keep looking but keep me post or send me and email if you find anything worth a while thanks for the info maybe later Ill do some surching before I buy anything again Thanks Rose email much thanks

  39. Well Paul I since then have not tried any more work at home get rich quick schemes. During my life I have had sucked into several high energy get rich quick schemes… The American dream is to have property, security, love and happiness. As my father had told me ( my rejected mentor I should have listened to said) “you can’t get something for nothing”) I think he is probably right… It takes hard work to achieve wealth. Investigation before signing any thing or paying and thing. These forums are not scams they are real people and are a tool to help our selves and others not to make the same mistake twice. World web mentors so to speak. I would say Paul, you are doing the right thing by inquiring and investigating, doing the foot work before proceeding with a lot of time and money. It’s like a little piece of you’re spirit is taken when another g.r.q.s. fails.
    Ty Coughlin’s Funnel System is a pyramid, as simple as that. And the withhold the truth until they have lassoed the consumer by are own greed and at the same make us feel like we are a special selected few who will make tons of money. When we are purchasing a travel discount membership and Ty makes 50 bucks plus 1000 bucks for every one who joins. I personally don’t want to hurt any one for my gain. Many will lose and if you have extra $ to travel go straight to Global Travel Network and cut Ty out! Good Luck Buzz


    I just want to let you know that i too was saved $50.after finding and reading everything on your site.I would like to know if you or any of your followers have heard “THE FREE ONLINE CASH SYSTEM”,supposedly it does not cost you anything to join.Appreciate any feed back and keep up the great work ,you are a blessed soul.

  41. Hi everyone, I paid 49.95 to join my data team, has anyone
    made any money at all on this site, i am open to any one
    who has mad money or been scammed by them,



  42. Laz Rojas has been trying to post the following updates. Not sure why he can’t, but I wanted you all to see this.

    <<<<< Not only did I find the two sites with identical testimonials from different people, I found a THIRD site with the same testimonials. That's right, folks. THREE different sets of people, THREE different sets of photos, ONE set of text. See them here: You won't know whether to get angry or laugh. But that's not all. I found two sites which offer as proof of earnings IDENTICAL bar graphs that show the exact same figures for the exact same dates. Go to these two sites and scroll about halfway down each page: You'll see that they both use the very same graphic to show their Clickbank accounts. So, both Laura Kauth and Donna Richards made the exact same amount of money on the exact same dates during the second half of May, 2006. :) Both of these sites also use the very same image of a blue iMac with a dollar sign on its screen, and the text following this image is nearly identical on both sites. Indeed, much of the text on both sites, and the arrangement of topics throughout, is nearly identical. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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