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Data entry jobs: Stay Away from

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Another one bites the dust. I keep hoping for a legitimate data entry job, but this one is not it. cannot possibly fulfill its promises. It’s heavily promoted by, which should be ashamed of itself. It won’t, of course, because such people have no shame.

The long review: What are the claims? and its promoters claim it leads you to legitimate data entry jobs. All you have to do is pay the $49.00 “membership fee,” and you’ll get access to the “Members’ Area” containing all the secrets you need to rake in $200 per day or more for 45 minutes of daily work. Data entry jobs like this, and specifically either directly claim or imply the following:

  • Companies pay you for filling out forms; this outfit even lists specific numbers:

    If you complete 2 forms a day = $448 per week! (thats $1792/Month and $21,503 a Year!)
    If you complete 4 forms a day = $896 per week! (thats $3584/Month and $43,008 a Year!)
    If you complete 8 forms a day = $1792 per week! (thats $7168/Month and $86,016 a Year!)

  • You do the work in some sort of proprietary system, which you gain access to by paying your membership fee
  • “We provide an online catalog of companies, organised into relevant categories (health, money, employment etc).

What is the truth?
Don’t be fooled by the hype, the testimonials, the pictures of cash, or the yellow highlighter. Here is the truth about those claims:

  • This is a lie. Companies don’t pay you to fill out forms (at least not in this scenario.) They pay you IF someone clicks an ad you create AND THEN buys the product your ad is selling. Whether the clicker buys or not, YOU PAY a fee to Google for the click, if the ad is based in Google Adwords.
  • You are not using a system that the company has hooked you up with. You’re using Google’s Adwords system and choosing companies from Clickbank, both of which everyone has access to for free.
  • This is another lie. They don’t provide you anything except for instructions on how to set yourself up with clickbank and Adwords accounts—information freely available if you know where to look.

Here’s what’s really going on: You are filling out Google Adwords forms or affiliate links for businesses listed in Clickbank. There’s a lot the program promoters don’t tell you:

  • If it’s based in Google Adwords, you’ll have to PAY for each form you fill out because you’re creating an ad to go in Google’s database. You pay Google to list your ad on sites like this one, in search results (that’s what “sponsored links” are), in Gmail screens, and elsewhere.
  • You pay a per-click fee every time someone clicks on your ad.
  • You only get paid if someone makes a purchase after clicking on your ad.

How many times have you clicked on an ad and not made a purchase? Yeah, me too. So now you can see how this “data entry job” is going to suck money from your wallet faster than you can say, “I want my money back.”

“But Joe, look at all the news outlets that have done stories on them. It must be legitimate if MSNBC is reporting on it.” See, the promoters are hoping you’ll see those news logos and think that. They think you’re as dumb as a box of rocks. I did detailed searches at 4/5 of the news organizations listed, NONE OF THEM did stories on this outfit. More about that later.

Numbers don’t prove anything
The part of this page that really gets my goat is the image claiming to show “how much you can earn completing forms.” Fill out 2 forms per day and make $448 per week? The world just doesn’t work that way. Maybe you could make that much with two forms, IF a given number of people clicked on it each day that week AND purchased whatever that ad is selling. And even then, it depends on you choosing the right company to create ads for. Make ads for strawberry-scented butt-rash cream and you might be stuck with a 10-cent commission per sale. How many tubes of cream do you have to sell to make $448 per week at that rate?

I’m so disgusted by these guys that I felt I had to take action. I wrote to the legal departments of,, Wired News, and the New York Times online and gave them a heads-up that someone is using their logos as endorsements. It felt really good, too.

You know what felt even better? Finding the dirt on them at the Better Business Bureau. Read the whole report; I can’t do it justice here:

Complainants allege false or deceptive advertising practices, dissatisfaction with the offer which resulted in refund requests, or failure to honor their money back guarantee. Some buyers complain the company misrepresents the income potential, or fails to disclose that there are additional costs after the membership is purchased. All complainants claim they experience difficulty contacting the company in regards to their refunds.

Were you considering and read this review as part of your research? Have I saved you from flushing $50 down the loo? If so, we’d love to hear from you in the comments. Come to think of it, we’d love to hear from you in the comments, anyway.

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What YOU can do
Scams like this one thrive on ignorance and emotional appeal. You can help put these guys out of business by spreading the word about this post and the dirty tricks of scammers that want to kick you when you’re down. Help us get the word out:

  1. Share this post by clicking on the “Share This” link below
  2. Learn more about this and other online scams by reading the Related Posts below
  3. Report fraudulent activity at Scam Victims United and to your local police

218 thoughts on “Data entry jobs: Stay Away from”

  1. Well folks Buzz Back from my comment made on Jan 31st. I went to my bank and they said no problem just fill out a customer Fraud Claims Report and in about 5 to 10 business days they will have to prove I received a product or service. In the meanwhile my account will be credited back 50 bucks! Good riddance… Buzz

  2. I’ll check my browser history and see if I can bring them up. They should still be there.

    Something else I wanted to talk about are the so-called “review” sites which claim to steer you toward companies that are legit, a bunch of which I explored last night. They come right out and say that most of the work-at-home opportunities are scams, and then they claim they’ve done research and found the scant few that are not. And they’re willing to steer you in the right direction because of the goodness of their hearts.

    This is nothing but a very clever and deceptive tactic which is in reality an extension of the original scam. These folks know that some people are wise enough to think, to analyze, to investigate, and that these people will figure it out on their own that the so-called job opportunity is a scam. The scammers can’t afford to let such people figure it out. They can’t afford to let people confirm their doubts on their own, because once the people do, that’s it, they’re gone. So they step in and short circuit this by admitting there are many scams, and confirm the people’s suspicion FOR them. They count on the people thinking, “Aha! I KNEW they were scams! I suspected it, and this guy has confirmed it! He’s fighting for truth, he’s trying to save me from falling for the scams. So if he recommends a site, he must be telling me the truth.” The scammer knows that once he’s got you thinking he’s on your side by confirming what you already suspected and rescuing you, he’ll have your trust. And once he has your trust, he can scam you you to his heart’s content. Saving you from falling into the hole in front of you, he can steer you right into the hole next to you.

    These review sites are all over the place. One guy proclaimed he could prove he wasn’t a scammer because he wasn’t asking for money. He was steering you to the “legit” opportunities and asking nothing in return. Why would he lie, if there’s nothing in it for him? There’s no reason to lie if there’s no incentive, right? So he must be telling the truth. That makes sense, doesn’t it? WRONG. Asking for money is not the only component of a scam. When I read this guy’s assurance that he was on the level because he wasn’t asking for money, I immediately thought, “Yeah, but how do I know you’re not getting money from scammers you’re steering victims to? You can refrain from asking ME for money because you’re getting money from THEM. And how do I know you’re not the scammer yourself, pretending to be someone else professing to have found a legit site and steering me to your own site?”

    This trick can work because people equate “scam” with someone taking their money. The assumption is: If no taking of money is involved, it must be on the level. You need to realize that no taking of money is involved in this trick because this trick is basically just Part One of the scam. The taking of money happens in Part Two, and the only purpose of Part One is to lead you right into Part Two. It’s like the game of three card monte, which is run by TWO con artists working in concert. One guy plays the game and wins to make you think YOU can win, but he’s in on the scam all along.

  3. One thing I forgot to mention when discussing how all of the sites followed the same template was the testimonials. On two different sites belonging to two supposedly different companies, the same exact text appeared in the testimonials. WORD FOR WORD. Only the photos, names, and locations of the so-called “satisfied customers” were different. What they said on one site was repeated verbatim on the other. The testimonials were even in the same order on both sites!

    As soon as I saw this, that was it. There was no way this couldn’t be a scam. And I couldn’t believe how lazy and unoriginal the scam was. Worse than the 50% coupon shtick. With the coupon, you might convince yourself that a site is simply copying another site’s tactic in order to be competitive. But exact same testimonials from different people? Don’t they realize that someone looking around the web for a data entry job is going to visit various sites and sooner or later encounter this? Or do they really think that once you visit their site, you’ll swallow their pitch and sign up on the spot and not visit any other sites?

  4. This is a great site, and you do a terrific job of unmasking these scams for what they really are and spelling out what’s really going on in black and white. In just a couple of sentences, you described exactly what these “data entry” programs actually are, while the scammers who sell them write paragraphs and paragraphs describing what they aren’t at all.

    I actually came across your site while checking up on another company. When I first read through their site, I was nearly sucked in. Then I decided to explore some of the other sites that also offered “data entry” work at home. Not because I suspected it was a scam, but because I wanted to see what other options were out there. The red flags went up, though, when nearly every site I went to sounded the same as the one I looked at. The wording on the pages, the claims made, the assurances offered… it all sounded like the same company had put up multiple websites under different names. Even the pop-up windows with the 50% off coupon that expires at 11:59 PM tonight… every site had this. Or the regular $99 price being slashed to $49 for just a short time. So what initially sounded like a great opportunity on the first site I went to, started screaming “SCAM!” when I encountered the exact same thing on other sites. Every site seemed to have been created using the same template and following the same blueprint; every site made the same sales pitch in the same way.

    Data entry? I don’t think so. What these companies offer has nothing to do with what most people think of when they think of data entry. This is affiliate marketing, plain and simple. And for those people who understand what this is and want to try their luck at it, that’s fine. But telling people who are looking for actual data entry jobs that this is for them is deceptive and just plain cruel. Someone who actually wants to try affiliate marketing might be able to be successful at it, knowing what’s involved and what the risks are. But someone looking for data entry won’t succeed at it, especially since they don’t even know the true nature of what they’re doing and can’t appreciate what’s actually involved.

    The bottom line is, the companies that are supposedly providing you with data entry work for which they’ll pay you are doing nothing more than tricking you into doing their advertising for them and tricking you into paying for that advertising. They write their little ads, and then instead of submitting them to Google and paying Google to run them, they get YOU to submit them to Google and pay Google to run them. And all under the guise of “data entry” work! Then they sit back and reap the profits from any products sold without spending a dime on advertising.

    Imagine if the entire marketplace worked like this. Imagine if no company paid to advertise its products or services, but enlisted some suckers to pay for it instead by misleading them about the true nature of what they’ve been enlisted to do. And the only reward the poor suckers get is a small commission for every sale made. And you thought slave labor only happened in sweat shops, or in third world countries.

    What really gets me is, if they were honest and up-front about what they’re actually selling you, and if they were teaching you how to use Google to advertise and market your OWN products or services to make your OWN business successful, they might actually do something legitimate and helpful. But instead, they are teaching you to make someone ELSE’S business successful and conning you into not realizing that. “We’ll hook you up with thousands of companies ready to employ you and who won’t turn you down” is really “We’ll hand you over to companies ready to use you for their own gain and who won’t turn down the chance to do so.”

    Open your eyes, people. The only ones benefiting from these so-called “data entry” jobs at home are: 1) the people selling the programs; and 2) the companies they “hook you up with” who simply take advantage of you while pretending to employ you. The system they’ve created certainly works, for THEM. YOU get caught in between them, and get screwed from both sides.

  5. Yes!!!!!!! I spent $50 as registration fee to, but I found that they are absolutly liers! I requsted many times to give my monet back but no reply from them and now it is sometime that the website does’nt work at all!

  6. Yep – I went for (DEB) and realised the scam soon after logging in.

    I requested my refund – as guaranteed on their now defunct website – three times and all I got was my “read receipts” (which I always attach to my emails to companies) were coming back ‘deleted – not read’.


    If you havent already set up a paypal account – do so. That is how I paid for the DEB scammers membership (as Paypal is secure and you are insured)- but it doesnt matter how you paid.

    You send a REQUEST FOR PAYMENT to : (as that was DEB paypal email account) the amount you want refunded and what I did was put in the ‘note’ box – THIRD AND FINAL WARNING. Failure to refund amount immediately will result a formal complaint to Consumer Affairs and Paypal.

    Obviously Paypal knows these scammers – because I couldnt believe how fast my refund came through (I lodged it late last night and had it in my paypal account this morning) To those who dont have Paypal – you then transfer the money from your paypal account to your bank account.

    Mich (Australia)

  7. After seeing the post about trying to get back into the dataentry site I went back and tried it. I know I had the right number because I have it written on a index card and they denied me entry. The worst par of this is that I am gettting desperate. I have no other choices because I can not desert my family. At least now I can not waste money on finding a job because I spent my mad money on a hope.

  8. Hi, I got sucked into a work at home site. Chris Campbell with a funnel system. I Had only a little money enough to pay the guaranteed money back 50 bucks not the later to find 2995.00 needed to buy in. how do I get my refund back? Thanks Buzz

  9. Kristi, I hear you. Please STOP spending money on these programs. All the help we have to offer is contained in our ebook. It will show you where to look for genuine jobs that you do from home. We make no absurd claims about large incomes, just show you how to make a couple hundred bucks per month working from home. With a corporate background, you should have no trouble getting jobs when you’ve checked out the resources in our book (and it’s a lot less than $197!).

    If you’re willing to do phone service type work from home, also check out the Little White Ebook of Homeshoring Jobs.

    Finally, check The Daily Telecommuter every day. Some guy over there posts 15 or more genuine work at home jobs every weekday.

    I hope this helps. If you want to send me some more specific details about your education and work experience, I’ll see what I can do to help. You can email me at joe[at]ivetriedthat[dot]com

  10. Okay, I read through most of the previous post and most identify with Lilia back in July 12, 07. I have gone through so so many websites promises legitimate work at home. I have spent an unspeakable amount of money in programs that claim to be the opportunity that you’ve been searching for to start earning the money you desire to do this and do that. I have cried and prayed many night and days about my desire to find “the” thing that will allow me to “go back to work” so to speak while being able to stay at home with my now two year old daughter. I even tried a paper route, which shocked everyone. I came from a coporate background and have since 2005 been at home with my daughter initially do to her fragile state (prematurely delievered).

    I am determined that I “WILL” find the avenue to stay at home while still maintaining some since of Persona and workability. I don’t want to just “be at home with her”. I want to earn income as I did while I worked in the corporate world. I did fall pray to the hype and did attempt to obtain a refund all within a timely manner; to no avail. Just today I spend $197.00 on a program call Something about processing rebates. After getting into one of the training modules I realized it is not what I thought I would be doing. I am having second thoughts about it. I normally check the businesses on but I am so desperate I didn’t even take the time to do that. I think I want my money back from this site already. Please help me.

  11. Hi Guys,

    Should have googled this back in November when I bought the package. Was able to access their web site at that time but have postponed following it up till now. OF COURSE CAN’T ACCESS THE SITE. A LESSON LEARNED. You are doing good work.

  12. OMG i payed for that bullshit
    and your so right they got me nasty i eventually got my money back after i said i was gonna sue because there denying my money when i still was in the refund period. :)


  13. MANN Thanks for the info. No wonder I tried accessing the web site and it did’nt let me no more, I don’t think the website exist anymore. I wish there was a way I could get my $50 back. I did’nt even get a phone # to make a complain. Wish I would have known sooner, Thanks

  14. Hey there steve can’t we share joe He has an opportuniest mind and it seems so do you so lets all be partners. If not at least I tried I just want to be able to provide for everyone else out there. Unless your already doing that than show me the way

  15. Joe,

    I also thought this was a great work-at-home business. But before getting involved with it, I inquired about it on work-at-home message board and was given this link. As its been said, “Anything that sounds to good to be true…usually is”.

    Joe, thank you for your investigation of this website. You’ve saved me a lot of “grief” and money had I gotten involved.

  16. I am really shocked i researched this company and found a ton of legit information that make them for real. Although, during my research I have also found 2 phishing websites related to These websites are ( and notice the difference of the 2 compairing the original website look for yourself and notice in the complete your order the transaction page is completely different no sign of security symbols or privacy approval links that you would normally find on legitimate websites the original website does have those symbols. I would like to say that with this opportunity you can make the extra income as advertised. What they don’t tell you is how, or that you have to buy this, or advertise this, or sale this, in order to make that income.
    Joe have you purchased from the original website and tested them out and also any one else who has attempted this site maybe been scammed by the phishing websites as indicated above. Please let me know and also I am ready to make things happen so joe if you would like to help me. I would greatly appreciate it. Those work at home business need to be true to their word and not so much into just in it for the money for them selves.. Joe also if you have any ideas you would like to discuss with me. We can be partners in creating a work at home business for people who want the real thing. If any one want to reply to my message please do

  17. 1. CLAUDETTE Hi Claudette, I have paid $50.00 to dataentrybusiness. I want the refund. Can you please send me their telephone number. So that i can get some refund if possible.

    United Kindom

  18. Thanks for the info. That job sounded too good to be true. First thing that caught my eye into suspicion was that the bonus offers “never expired” and second was that if the company have been solid for 5 years why would they be accepting up to 8,000 members if by this time they could’ve had up to 100,000,000x that amount speaking in terms of MLM. Their money back guarantee got me thinking this could be a legit job but the above mentioned facts were just too alarming to ignore and I had to do some research that lead me here. Once again, thank you!

  19. I’ve been looking for a work at home job for some time now. I’m really glad that I checked this out through this site. I has saved me the price of joining another rip off. I’ve tried the type at home business and all I managed to get from them was places to run ads for free “which has never paid me a single dime for the time I have invested in them” THANKS A LOT MAN.

  20. I’ve just finished reading through their website advertising. I agree with a lot of the posts here, simply put, if THEY charge YOU a setup fee to work then generally its some form of scam, or at least walking a very thin line. I have to say I’ve never seen one of these sites using a ‘timer’ to mount pressure on the reader to sign up. I guess its a way of stopping someone doing any due diligence like reading through this site here as they might feel they have to join or they’ll lose the discount or free gifts…but then we can just add this to the list of things to look out for..the more of these ‘tricks’ get used the easier it is to spot a scam without having to waste time reading the webpage.

  21. WOW, GLAD I DID A LITTLE RESEARCH ON data entry,was about to jump in until i read your report.
    Keep up the great work to protect us suckers.


  22. I am a single mom of a 2 year old girl and work full time, but it’s not enough and I just don’t have the time to work 2 jobs like i used to, so I’m always looking for some way to make some extra cash. As I find these work at home deals, I always look to see if they are scams so thank you for the wonderful information on what I was actually considering. But there is fact on one of your commenters in that you should never have to pay for a stay at home job, which leads me to my second thought…why are you promoting your book or even trying to sell how to get a stay at home job??? Isn’t that a little hippocrytical? Also, just a heads up…those same “ads sponsored by Google” that you were just trashing are also linked to this site. Nonetheless, thanks for the info.

  23. Thanks joe. Its highly appreciated your idea of helping people not to get into data entry scams. like i am receiving number of emails from different work from home offers. To name a few mydatateam, workfromhome etc.would u please make a review on also so that people will come to know whether it is legitimate or not. why because the comapny portrays it has been certified as web assured, scam X certified and paypal business certified.

    thanks and new year wishes

  24. Thank you very much for the advice on data entry business – I almost fell for it.I am so glad i found your site.You did save me 50 bucks.Its really a a gem of a site. Its highly appreciatee your idea of helping people not to get into data entry scams.

  25. THANK YOU! I have been looking for other LEGITIMATE work from home programs for myself and friends I know that are in bad financial situations and this was one of the businesses that I received an email from. . . boy am I glad I “Googled” for more infoon this company along with the claims of the news names at the top. Thankfully, your link came up and I was able to make a TRULY INFORMED DECISION!!!

    Thanks & Have a great New Year!!!

  26. I have already wasted the money for one 49.99 it cost me. I was trying to make some money because I have to take care of my 89 yr old grandmother and 4 children so working outside the home is not an option. I wasted money I did not have to spend. My search continues only this time I do not have money to do that.

  27. Wow… I’m extremely glad I thought to Google the website for and found your site. THANK YOU ! I have received this invitation several times…. I have just now had enough time to check in to it before dumping yet another load of money in the ever appearing Black Hole that seems to be looming around every corner!

    Ironically, I have also received a couple of invitations to the Lawn Chair Millionaire…. basically some sort of upline, downline, join now before the timer runs out sorta thing…. Do you have any detailed information on this one?

    Thanks… and Happy New Year !!!

  28. Thanks for sharing this information on data entry business. I was considering joining but found your site doing my due deligence. I would like to find a honest home business. Please forward any information you might have that could help me. Thanks,,,,, Ron

  29. All I can say is…WOW! I have been all over the net the past 3 to 4 years, trying this and trying that but I have NEVER came across such an awesome site as this one! Way to tell it like it is!! Nothing but honesty and the real truth here, at least based on what I have read so far but, after going over the top of the website, and just a dozen or so comments, what a GEM of a site!
    I am so tired of all the lyin sob’s out there who thrive on taking advantage of the new, unaware people just getting started looking on the net for a way to earn an honest income from home. I know what I have been through and I wouldnt wish that on anyone.
    I have to go back and look at e comments posted here as I noticed a few of them had some links to what might be real opportunities to actually make some income on the internet.
    I have said this before elsewhere and I’ll say it again here……If these con artists and scammers would stop for just a minute to think about what they are bound to destroy. I speak of the Internet and the wealth of information that one has at his/her fingertips. Think about it. You can communicate, trade/sell services and goods to people all over the globe! To me, thats powerful stuff, and it just tears me up how some idiots think nothing of what they are destroying. The internet should be a safe place for all, young and old, to learn and prosper. Its not about selling some worthless garbage to an individual on the opposite side of the planet!
    There, Ive said my peace.
    And BRAVO for making this incredible, one of a kind website. I am amazed, to say the least. Thank you, thank you!
    I have to get reading more here.

    Be well,

  30. Joe, thank you very much for your hard work to expose! I was searching the web for information on those who’ve joined the program in order to see what they had to say. I found the link to your board and eagerly read every word.

    THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME $50 BUCKS!!!!! I usually am pretty savy at spotting a scam, but was almost sucked in to this “company” by some of the positive comments I saw at other links on Google. However, after reading your research and seeing the truth laid out I breathed a sigh of relief that I didn’t push the “Order Now” button!

    Thank you for your dedication to spreading the word about scams. Bless you!

  31. I can’t remember how long it has been since I started receiving e-mail offers to join
    “” Even thru “yahoo” I get these offers. I have been slow at work lately and I googled work at home. Everything, and I mean everything lead to this opportunity! Thank God I found your information! Add my $49.99 to your total of savings keeping me away from this scam
    and the OTHERS! It sounds like I should check out and I will.

  32. i guess i’m not that lucky and become one of thousands of people who got scammed. i’m a mom trying to find more money without having to leave my 1 year old son. i just become a member of a similar site and paid 49.99 US$ fee. it’s so similar with after reading your article,joe,i know that they’re just the same, they tell u to to post ads to make money and giving u e-books that hardly to understand what exactly they’re talking about even u opened your eyes as wide as u could and re-read it thousands of time. They’re just affiliate programmes. Don’t get fooled like me everyone, don’t join this either..Thanks for your work joe, i wish i had gotten here earlier…

  33. Thanks so much for the advice about – I almost fell for it. There is another website that says to beware of all data entry sites but 2 or 3. One of them was Tanya Louise’s and it was with Rob & Teresa Stump and you just have to pay shipping of $9.95 for their kit. I’m confused because the site appears to be backed by the better business bureau. The BBB links actually go to their site. I’m glad there are people out there like you to help us. Thank you, again.

  34. Good thing I decided to investigate a bit..
    Thanx for the info.
    I feel like an idiot for even considering sending the $ to data entry
    I knew it sounded too good to be true.
    I guess I will check out now. I’m a college student and really need to find something legit.
    Thanx again.

  35. I went to for my refund/data entry but i couldn’t find the info all I
    found was items to order.

    Thank YOu

  36. Thanks so much for the info. Yet another person saved from’s scam. Did you know that the sponsored link of has it listed as one of the top 2 data entry jobs from home?(wonder who paid for that ad) I am so frustrated…..I am a mother of two that lives in a semi-rural area and am just looking to use my admin skills to supplement our income without wasting what little money we have. How do you cut through the crap?!

  37. I too have just been saved..I rang my daughter to ask her what she thought of data entry work for me at home.She told me to google the company and put the word dispute. Thatis how I found this site. Oh thank you soo much to the moderators as I nearly sucked myself in.I am a disabled pensioner who was about to spend the only fifty dollars I had. Times are soo hard now and this terrible scammers are taking advantage of us innocent.I am making small money with with surveys now and thats it, I give up.

  38. You just saved me $50. I should know better, but like you I am somehow convinced that there MUST be a way to make real money from home with my computer. Thank you for this review. You are helping more people than you could possibly know.


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