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EPS Prosperity Hotline – Hotline to Prosperity or Ruin?

Quick Summary

Rating: 0 out of 10 for legitimacy. 10 out of 10 for junk mail.

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Pros: None. Absolutely none. Unless you count losing money as a pro. Then there’s that one. But for us normal folk, there are no pros here.

Cons: This isn’t a way to build a business. Hell, we’re not even sure it’s legal or how the company is still operating. You’re basically paying for an exact replica of the site to get people to buy the exact replica of a site from you and so on and so forth.

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Full Review

Sometimes I look at a website to review and I think to myself “My review should be one word long: Avoid!”.

That was my exact thought when I came across EPS Prosperity This site screams scam.

First off, they are promising you $25 per email that you process, which sounds really good, I mean who wouldn’t want to earn $25 bucks for replying to an email?

Their earnings statements are interesting to say the least as although they state it isn’t a get rich quick scheme, they do an awful lot of pushing that you can make thousands per day.

It works the way that you are provided with 3 pre written adverts, though I am sure you can write your own if you prefer, and advised to post them to Craigslist.

Anyone who responds to this ad will need to be sent promotional information and if they join you get the $25.

The fee is a one-time $25 with an optional $10 to get a “website just like this one”.

Are there any flaws to this system?

There are plenty of flaws. To begin with let’s take a look at the actual product you are promoting, drum roll please; you are promoting the same site you just signed up to!

That’s right; there are no products, no services, nothing. Your main aim is to get people to do the same thing that you are doing.

This is just a modern day version of the envelope stuffing scams that were running rampant years ago. You are making money by promoting the idea of making money.

The only ways in which this differs from a standard pyramid scheme is that there is an extremely short “downline” (just you) and that the site owners are not part of the downline.

I am tempted to coin a new phrase and call this a “ziggurat scheme”.

You may be wondering how the parent company is making money off of this as the $25 dollars goes to you not them.

The only thing I can ascertain is that they make money from the “website” which in fact is just their website with an affiliate link.

It’s actually quite a clever way of making money off of people. Get people to sign up – in fact you cannot even sign up directly, you have to go through a person’s link to do so – and then get them to do the work in spreading the word about the system.

All they need to do is set up the site to automate the affiliate link and let’s say most people buy the “website” offer at $10 bucks, that’s easy cash.

And then there is the Craiglist flaw. OK, so you don’t need to use Craiglist and there are other possibilities listed for you, but that’s the main one they push.

Unfortunately, but really not a surprise,  Craiglist has already started blocking the 3 default adverts you are supplied with, meaning you will need to use other ways and methods  to spread the word or different adverts.

If you have little to no marketing acumen you may struggle to get a return due to this.

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It would be no surprise to me if other classified advert places and the like are banning anything to do with this site.

There are other issues I have with this scheme: there is no refund policy at all and their sales page lists fake badges to Honest Jobs Online (who are they? I can’t trace them) and security sites.

The Bottom Line

Everything about this site screams scam! Somebody I know put me on to this site and as soon as I saw it I told them to avoid it like the plague!

That being said, I wouldn’t be giving an honest review if I didn’t tell you that you can probably make money from this.

You may be wondering why I am calling it a scam and yet saying it is profitable? Well, for me it comes down to what you are selling and the ethics behind it.

You are selling thin air and promises. If there isn’t anything tangible, be it physical, digital or a service, then it is a scam.

I also find it highly unethical for the same reasons; you are recruiting people in order to make money from their recruitment, and putting them into a situation where they in turn need to recruit people to make money.

I can’t tell you what to do, but my advice is to steer clear of this one.

10 thoughts on “EPS Prosperity Hotline – Hotline to Prosperity or Ruin?”

  1. I do this. It’s not a scam. You actually do get something for the money. What you get is all the materials for promoting your own business. What you’re getting is the training, advice and help from someone who is knowledgeable in internet marketing. Yes there are many people who do this, sign someone up then disappear. *I* am not one of those people. I am proficient in internet (specifically, Facebook) marketing. I have my own (basic) website. If you sign up with me I am at your disposal 24/7/365. That’s a LOT OF TIME for ONLY $25. Find me someone else who charges $25 for a lifetime of internet marketing help. NO ONE!!!
    A one time fee of $25 gives you the tools to learn internet marketing and take it to your next level where you can go out on your own.
    You would never be disappointed if you sign up thru me.

  2. I saw someone post this on facebook, thought i would give it a try, ipaid the 25 dollars, then that person deletes me , all my messages and wont respond to my emails, its pretty messed up , like why would you do that , they messaged me for hours saying they would guide me through the whole process ! and got completly screwed!

  3. I have been in online marketing for over 4 years and i never liked the idea of email processing. But today i was hovering over facebook and i saw a guy(Big guru) called Ankur Agarwal talking about this. As i respect this guy on a personal level and really trust him i went over and purchased the system and boy i thought it would be something where one would post ads to get clients and what not. But this is really a FLUKE you only get paid by promoting a program which circles from person 1 to person 2 to person 3 and so on. It’s interesting to see that they don’t even have a FAKE product. Seriously there sure isn’t any product. So my advice to everybody STAY AWAY peeps.

  4. I recently bought this, and somewhat regrettably. The company says it is a direct sales program and not a pyramid scheme. I don’t know if it is illegal or not and would I be breaking the law by following their instructions of posting ads? (I live in the uk)

    I read some reviews before and mostly came across positive ones. But after reading what Josh has said I’m not sure anymore. Should I just accept it as a loss of money on my part? (which is difficult because I am in a poor financial situation) Any advice would be appreciated.

  5. I just noticed a friend promoting it – Im always open to new ideas so figured I would check it out. I have learned to do my research 1st though and this review sealed the deal. I like to market a real product that can benefit others – These referral scams are a dime a dozen. Thanks for the review!

  6. I am working on reporting both EPS and Ya Ya Services Inc to consumer protection in my home state and in the home state of their business.

    EPS is illegal, no question. It is the non-vertical version of an illegal pyramid scheme. I’m not talking about mlm or network marketing where you actually sell a product. This is as obvious as it gets. EPS is the illegal operation. Ya Ya Services Inc is the company that does the replicable websites. As far as I am concerned, they are both getting reported.

  7. A little too late… Just paid my $25.oo, did’nt think it through and fingers were too busy typing. The problem is also that people are desperate to make money. But I will bite the bullit and take this as a learning experience. Wish I had just thought about what they were really selling before antying up my hard earned $25. Thank you for your commentary, it is very insightful, truthful. Appreciate it…


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