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  • PJ

    I couldn’t agree more. Now they are combining ad dollars with Google shopping.
    Sales went from 25,000 a month this year to around $5,000. Another huge issue with Etsy is the new CEO and management turn their heads to the Aliexpress reseller/drop shippers.
    Etsy has lost its mission of a unique artesian handcrafted venue. In all reality its all about the dollar now with Etsy and it doesn’t care much about the artist that made Etsy what it is. We are also going to open an Ebay store, at least Ebay is honest and transparent about where the products are coming from. Buyers should be aware that just because it says its handmade doesn’t mean it is not coming straight from a factory in China, do your research. Read reviews and right click on the image.

  • Ginger Rooker
    Ginger Rooker

    Update Spring Etsy Change mentioned in 2018…. bad change part 2. THIS summer (2019)Etsy PTB is pressuring to offer Free Shipping. It already is doing a test run “paying the fees” but still charging handling on the seller. The shipping is free for purchases at one shop over 30 bucks. But does not take in size weight or destination.
    Etsy had a good run but is likely to be a bad place for small artisans before 2020

  • Rhonda S Huber
    Rhonda S Huber

    Steve, thanks for the article. Etsy increased the pricing structure last summer. Transaction fees are longer 3.5% per sold item but 5%. They are also charging the transaction fee on shipping, which is new. They continued the 20 cents per listing and 3.5% plus 25 cents for merchant fees of the total. The change, like EBay has made it more difficult for sellers to calculate transactions fees, especially if they include part of the transaction fee in their selling price as you will not know your potential transaction fee on the shipping until the item is sold. It’s steered me away from any international shipping through Etsy because shipping internationally is more expensive–so I will pay more overall in transaction fees than if the item sells to a US customer. It also makes it difficult to sell lower priced but heavier items, because again, the ratio of the overall transaction fees to the item price is greater than the other way around.

  • vivek

    Well, I was going through a website as I got to heard a lot from eBay sellers. This could be a perfect alternative of eBay in my research. TrueGether is the name of it. I hope you will look into it and let us know if it is bad or ok?
    Not sure of the results.

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