Quick Summary of FB App Bot

Rating: 1 Utter rubbish!

The Good: The only pro was spending 20 minutes looking at a pretty lady in the video.

The Bad: It lies from the get go and trading FB stock on Binary Options is still trading via Binary Options: a huge risk!

The Bottom Line: This "system" only offers a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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FB App Bot Review

Marketers are in general an intelligent bunch. Online marketers especially surpass at finding new markets and niches to exploit or tackling an existing area but in a different way.

Binary Options marketers are similar, but instead of trying to find ways to make money legitimately, they tend to use their skills to find different ways to sell you the same of crap.

FB App Bot, if you haven’t already guessed, uses Facebook as its angle to push its Binary Options system at you.

Let’s break down why this is just BS rather than a legitimate way to make money online.

The FB App Bot Pitch

The sales page for this system is a busy one, with lots of tactics employed to get you to sign up to their scheme.

First off, the Facebook references are overwhelming: there are dozens of fake like, comment and share icons dotted about the web page.

Do you know what isn’t there though? That’s right, an actual Facebook like, comment or share button!

Obviously these are there to try and reinforce the FB connection, but Facebook has  1.49 Billion monthly users, so I’m pretty sure the average person will know the difference between these fake ones and the real ones.

Next up is the common tactic of using a “ticker” in this case to increase a dollar amount, supposedly showing the money paid to users today. It’s a shame then that this rests every time you refresh the page, so it’s definitely fake.

The Forbes, TechCrunch and WallStreet logos attached to the page are meaningless; just another tactic to subconsciously make the site seem more legitimate.

From that point, the sales page has some oddly worded copy explaining how Facebook stock has exploded. Most of it is valid, but some of the wording is bizarre:

“[Mark Zuckerberg] the CEO, Founder, and Chairman of the company that’s responsible for turning more “everyday people” like YOU into multi-millionaires overnight.”

This subtly worded phrase has all the suggestion that FB is the ones helping you earn vast amounts of cash. Badly worded, and I think on purpose.

The included testimonials are vague at best and look like they are using stock imagery. There is nothing to confirm their validity.

The ticker at the bottom which counts down the remaining free licences is also pointless: it gets to zero and you can still register and refreshing the page resets the counter.

This is yet another example of a marketing technique (scarcity), to try and hurry you up, because a hurried person doesn’t think too closely about what they are doing.

The sales video

If the sales page wasn’t enough to make you run away in fear for your wallet, the video should be!

The narrator, hired from Fiverr.com, starts off the presentation with a warning: if you can’t sit still and watch a 20 minute video, then GTFO!

FB App Bot narrator

You too can hire this lady!

That will sort the chaff from the wheat!

The narrator suggests that she has made more than $50 million dollars from FB stock – that’s a lot of money!

My first question would be: if the person behind FB App Bot had made $50 million bucks, then why are they paying sub affiliates money to promote this system via ClickSure (a less than reputable marketplace for digital products)?

If it were me, I would spend a couple of million and have a wide reaching TV, radio and internet marketing plan.

Most of the time the scripts for this sort of product state that they want to give back to the every man. This is rubbish of course, as they actually don’t have $50 million; they just want you to believe that they do to reinforce the idea that Binary Options can actually make money.

As expected the video continues with the same old Binary Options rubbish as it shows off vast amounts of money and stresses that it isn’t a scam. Then the narrator starts talking more about “the company you will be investing in” and rattles off some Facebook trivia.

The thing is, is that Binary Options is not an investment system. Instead you “bet” on whether a stock will go up or down and win or loss depending on whether you were right or not.

The average time that you “bet” for is 5 minutes. If that’s considered an investment then the industry really needs to reconsider its terminology.

No, Binary Options is a trading platform, and a high risk one at that.

FB App Bot fakes

So much fakery!

Mostly you would look at trading against currencies, but a lot of Binary Options systems now allow a broader commodity option, including high value companies like Facebook.

The video continues, after much waffling, to then announce that the $50 million was made through the small movements in the stock value: Binary Options trading.

As is typical, the narrator then starts spewing some jargon at you while describing their amazing Bot software that automates the making of vast quantities of cash.

This is no different than every other Binary Options scam out there: each one provides an explanation without really explaining anything and tries to reinforce on you that their software is the one that can make you rich with zero work.

It’s all lies of course.

These systems are white labelled Binary Signals software provided by the Binary Options brokers. This software, forgetting that it is biased to begin with, makes a poor job at offering up advice as to whether Put or Call (go high or low) on a stock.

The signals use broad trends to provide an indicator, but Binary Options exist in a micro time period and broad trends have ZERO input on these.

While you may get lucky from time to time, you are just as likely to do as well or as badly by guessing. After all, it’s a 50/50 bet however you look at it.

The Bottom Line

FB App Bot uses the Facebook brand to try and legitimize a scam.

No actual evidence of this software working has been put forward, instead you see lie after lie and trick after trick being played on you.

My honest opinion of FB App Bot, and any other Binary Options system, is to avoid it.

If you have money to burn and enjoy a flutter, then by all means give Binary Options a go, but if you are looking for a stable way to make money online, Binary Options is not it.

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