Quick Summary of Free Money Guaranteed

Rating: 1 It's yet another Binary Options scam

The Good: None, really, not a single thing about this system could be considered a pro.

The Bad: It lies to you. It doesn't offer any real evidence of profit. It promotes Binary Options. The Binary Options broker is offshore and possibly a shell company.

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Free Money Guaranteed Review

Another month, another scam.

This time I’m going to take a look at a “new” product called Free Money Guaranteed (FMG).

If that name isn’t enough to make your hackles rise, then let me explain why this system is something that you should be avoiding.

The Sales Pitch

Like all Binary Option scams, the sales page for Free Money Guaranteed contains a lot of things that are designed to put you at ease and gear you up to take action, but are in fact blatant or barely veiled lies.

Only 7 New Spots Available

Nope, there are as many spots available as there are people in the world. This sort of scarcity tactic is to make people hurry and not think as much before taking action. As far as I can tell the number never changes.

Expires in 24 Minutes

The countdown ticks down and yet if you refresh the page, the countdown starts again. This is yet another tactic to make you rush your decision.

The Security Badges

Free Money Guaranteed badges

Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake.

The Free Money Guaranteed sales pitch boasts some security badges from McAfee, Symantec, an SSL certificate amongst others.

What happens if you click them? Nothing of course! What should happen is that you are taken to the appropriate legitimate sites and shown proof that the FMG site is secure. The fact that those badges don’t have links, confirms they are simply added to make you think the site is legit.

Oh, and there’s no HTTPS to the site, so there’s no SSL certificate.

The Testimonials

Typical of these sorts of scams, they provide scripted testimonials bought from sites like Fiverr.com to back up their claims, I’m positive I’ve seen “Ben Leitzel” be a testimonial for other marketing scams.

The $100,000 Guarantee

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… aww man that’s a good one.

Yeah, good luck cashing that guarantee in! I mean come on, which legitimate business has to put a guarantee stating they will give you $100k if you don’t make a certain amount? None! He’s not legally bound and the guarantee you see is also not legally binding to anyone.

The Sales Video

This 24 minute pile of garbage is intended to do one thing: make you jealous!

Free Money Guaranteed sex sells

The only way the can sell this is by using sex.

It’s designed to show off what money can buy by showcasing gaudy rented set after set, and big bosomed ladies, flash cars and other millionaire trappings.

The host manages to tell you precisely nothing about the system itself or how it is meant to make you money. Instead, the video just keeps hammering home the message that money equals opulence and this system can supposedly get you that money.

It Promotes Binary Options

The entire sales pitch neglects to tell you that it actually promotes Binary Options.

Binary Options is a trading method that is so high risk, the FTC has put a warning on it. While money can be made via Binary Options, the vast majority of people end up actually losing money.

The reason for this is that you basically decide whether a sock will go up or down over a short period (minutes, not weeks) and if you’re wrong you lose your investment.

It’s basically a trading version of gambling, but without the ability to read your opponent, or use any skills or tactics whatsoever. Even general trading trends can’t help as the stocks jump wildly over the space of minutes, and even if the stock is generally trending up, on a per second basis it could go down.

High risk indeed.

Of course, the system behind Free Money Guaranteed is one that has an amazing never seen before, mind blowing, hyper advanced software that can take all the risk away from you.

Nope. They don’t exist. If they did one of two things would happen: The owner of the algorithm would be quietly becoming a trillionaire, or the CIA would be hammering on his door for disrupting the world’s economy.

Instead we have this scammy website, which goes to show that this algorithm is made up.

At best, they will be using the Binary Options brokers own software, but white labeled, which means the software is far from unbiased.

Inside Free Money Guaranteed

Signing up to Free Money Guaranteed simply confirmed that everything about this system is a scam.

You are taken to a website and asked to deposit $250 into the brokers account in order to continue.

This is the end game for the people behind FMG, because when you deposit that money, the Binary Options broker gives them a hefty commission.

After that they don’t give a crap about you or your success or failure, as they’ve made bank already.

Offshore Woes

If you do sign up with the broker, then good luck! They are based out of the Marshall Islands, some speck of dirt in the middle of the Pacific with questionable finance laws and no extradition treaty. The broker won’t even be based there though, because that’s one hell of a commute so good look if you have a complaint!

Free Money Guaranteed money

Fancy cars and houses might be real, but you can rent them too you know.

The Bottom Line

Say it with me, “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is”. The Free Money Guaranteed system, is yet another scam that is designed to lure you into a Binary Options system that won’t work.

To be fair, it’s one of the most audacious sales pitches I’ve seen in a while, but audacity doesn’t mean legitimate.

My advice to you is to steer well clear of this system.

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