A recent comment was posted outlining another success story. Getting your money back from a rebate processing scam or Angela Penbrook specifically is a bit of a challenge. Use the advice below to learn how to get back any money you sunk into a “rebate processing job.”

Originally posted by kagome303:
We got our money back, finally!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Yesterday, my husband called our credit company, and we already have our refund!!! I praise God for that!!! We did it in a different way… We got our credit bank statement and we saw the 197 dollars charged, and next to the description there was an 866 phone number (866-885-8126), so, my husband called them and requested them our money back… It was the only way that worked!

I had sent many e-mails requesting technical support first, but no answers, then I sent many more requesting my money back and I got no one answer, then I talked to a supervisor and he hanged me up when I requested my money back, I made many calls and nothing happened… Until we received our credit bank statement, we saw that 866 number and we called them.

So, they gave us a number like a confirmation one and told us to allow them 5-7 business day to receive it back!!!

Keep trying! Try the number I gave it to you!

Good luck and praying for you all.

Angela Penbrook Complaints – I got my $197 Refunded!!!!
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Angela Penbrook
Posted: 2008-05-08 by Gina [send email]
I got my $197 Refunded!!!!
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Angela Penbrook
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I got my $197 refunded. I am writing to tell you how to do it. It will take some work on your part. I had no success with Process from Home/Penbrook Productions. I called CareerBuilder and complained to them because the advertisement for Process from Home/Penbrook Productions was on their web site and I wanted it removed. You can call Careerbuilder at (866) 438-1485. It has a Trust and Site Security Team (TSST) it will transfer you to, or you can fill out a complaint online. Go to Careerbuilder.com, then click on Help-Contact us (bottom), then in the Email section, click on Trust and Site Security. Type your complaint, and copy and paste the Process from Home/Penbrook Productions add found on their website. I keep seeing it when I do job searches in the 95677 area code. Here are what they look like:

(1st ad)
Work at Home
Make $225.00 And More Every Day…No prior experience, education or special skills required…

(2nd ad)
Make $225 a day from Home
If You Have 60 Minutes a Day, Here’s a Certified, Proven And Guaranteed Way To Make $225/day…

I also emailed Careerbulider the email receipt/confirmation that I paid $197.

I was paid because Careerbuilder threatened to pull Process from Home/Penbrook Productions ads if it did not refund my $197 as promised.

I am taking the time to tell everyone this because Careerbuilder is still running the ads. I hope if enough people complain it will pull the ads forever.

READ NEXT: May Income Report: $8,871.03. See how we did it.

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  • Sheesh

    Kagome303 I and others have been letting Careerbuilder know about Angela Penbrook/Angel Stevens scam back in April 2008 with numerous complaints of their advertising of these scams. Careerbuilder has also been complained about to the ChicagoBBB for advertising known scams and not taking them off their site, Careerbuilder/Yahoo HotJobs and other job advertising places all don’t check any of the companies it advertises because they claim it’s the consumers job to figure out what’s a scam and then let them know. As long as they are paid by these scammers they really don’t care even after numerous people have let them know what’s a scam on their site.You notice they have enough money to have a dept. for after the fact of getting scammed but do not have a dept. to check on scams before advertising these fraud offers , as long as they get paid to advertise from any company scam/fraud or not that’s how they can stay in business otherwise they will not have enough job offers to post on their site. It was good to hear you did get your money back though, but if these so-called legitimate job offer websites did their jobs before posting scams it would be saving numerous people from these frauds. Who is keeping who in business here….???

  • Jan

    August 19 I purchased the process at home program, but there is a pop up message said I didn’t choose the offer, even I did enter all the info. I felt something is wrong so google about it. Oh, no, I’m scammed. So I wrote an email to support@processathome.com. They replied and stated my transaction was completely. I wrote email to ask them to cancel the transaction and at the same time I didn’t see this transaction yet on my credit card statement. I guess it’ll be in pending status, not post on the statement yet. Then I found the 18003817820 number to call on the link where they gave me on the email. A lady still told me the transaction was complete and I asked for a refund after 5 minutes talk on the phone. She put me on hold for 5 minutes, and finally got back, tell me the transaction is pending so they’ll cancel the transaction, and give me a confirmation number. I hope I will never see this charge on my credit card statement.

  • Roland Morray
    Roland Morray

    I send $385.00,to Independent Grant Writers of Amerrica,to help me to get a grant from the GOV,IT was on 7/3/2008,and the company told me that it would take up to 12 week to get my grant money,the company got my money and stop,call me and keep my money,the address for is company is 10000,N.W.25th,street,unit1,Miami FL,33172,the phone number is 1-888-573-7939-my number is 843-324-0266,thank you.

  • Rosanne

    I’ve also told them this was a HUGE scam, as well as her other website to process samples from home!

    There are a couple other sites to stay away from ——–

    1.) Seller’s Lounge – charged me for a DC I never got – PLUS $49.95!

    2.) The other is Data Entry made easy – paid $39.95 in Jan. 2008 and STILL cannot get my $ back – nor did I ever get anything from them. I believe the person who runs it is Todd Mayhew. When I try writing to them – NEVER get a response!

    These prices may not seem like a lot of $ to you, but it is to me!


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