Quick Summary of Five Minute Experiment

Rating: 0.1 Yet another binary options scam.

The Good: You don't have any fake customer testimonials or screen shots to sift through.

The Bad: You are subjected to a series of very long sales videos, and must listen to James' sob story about his wife cheating on him with his own father.

The Bottom Line: Steer clear of this obvious attempt to scam you out of your hard-earned cash. Stick with our recommended ways of building an income instead.

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Five Minute Experiment Review

James Hawksby has a proposition for you: In just 5 minutes, you can make $800. You can then make “$800 every 5 minutes like clockwork.” Here’s James:

Five Minute Experiment 4

It has to do with a software program, developed by James, that makes you money on an automated basis. That software program is called the Five Minute Experiment.

Five Minute Experiment

What does the Five Minute Experiment do to make this money? It trades 89.4% profitable binary options every five minutes on your behalf.

James even provides proof-of-principle by saying how he posted an Ebay Classified ad for testing the profitability of his software. The ad asked for complete Internet newbies; i.e., people who have no experience making money online and also, no experience with online financial trading. James says he received a lot of replies, but he had space for only 20 beta testers.

James then decides he’s going to call random individuals from this pool of interested testers. He gets on Skype and reaches Jim Brody.

“Is this legal? Sounds like a bit of a scam,” Jim says.

“It’s 100% legal and ethical,” quips James.

James asks Jim to hold the line while he Skype calls another person who replied to his ad. James calls Lisa Stout.

James then asks both parties to confirm that they are Internet newbies. They confirm. James says his software doesn’t require the user to know how the market works or even how the trades work. “The software does all the complicated technical analysis for you.”

James notes how the software places winning trades every 60 seconds, then executes on those trades every 5 minutes. With its 89.4% success rate at picking winning trades, users have made over $500/hour. Also, the software has been tested by “an independent third party.”

James provides instructions to his users. Step one is to open a broker account and make a small deposit. He lets them go so that they can complete this step.

Then, things get personal.

James’ divorce sob story

Before we can return to Jim and Lisa out in Skypeland, James decides to regale us with a story about his personal life.

Five Minute Experiment 7

Jim let his Dad, a recovering alcoholic, move in with him, his wife and his 6-year-old daughter. During that time, Jim worked “like a dog” at a construction company in London.¬†Jim’s wife, Michelle, was a housewife.

Things took a turn for the worse. Michelle started drinking with Jim’s Dad. Even worse, dear old Dad developed feelings for Michelle:

Five Minute Experiment 8

And then:

Five Minute Experiment 10

What’s the point of re-telling this juicy story of sex and betrayal? Apparently, it all leads up to Roger, who was James’ divorce attorney. Roger first told James about trading binary options as a way to make a side income. Indeed, Roger needed only 15 minutes in order to “push a few buttons and make $550 a day.”

Being dead broke thanks to his divorce, James was certainly intrigued. But he ended up wasting over $4K on scam products. He gave up- at least until Roger contacted him a few months later.

It turns out that Roger had made over $847K in just one month with one very specific financial software product.

“This software is none other than Five Minute Experiment,” says James.

So, now that James and Roger are millionaires, they are going to sell Five Minute Experiment licenses at $4,997/each this coming October. Until that time, however, they are taking on beta testers. And today just happens to be the last day to sign up as a beta tester. What luck!

Meanwhile, back at Skype…

James is back on the line with Jim and Lisa. ¬†Somehow, within this time frame, Jim has not only made a thousand bucks, but he’s also learned how to perform screen shares.

Five Minute Experiment - Google Chrome 2015-08-19 01.03.15

Lisa has also made some money, to the tune of $1,056. She’s also somehow figured out how to share her screen with not only James, but Jim as well.

Pretty amazing for two “newbies.”

Why I’m skeptical of Five Minute Experiment

James’ rags-to-riches story, which is based in London, states that he made dollars in profit rather than pounds. Are people in the U.K. using dollars now?

There are other major red flags with Five Minute Experiment which lead me to suspect that it’s a scam. They are the following:

1. The video stream is fake.

The supposedly live video stream where James calls his volunteers on Skype can’t be clicked. Not only is the counter fake, but its video buttons can’t be clicked. Also, for a supposedly “live” video, this footage can refreshed and played again and again.

Five Minute Experiment 1

2. The security seals are fake.

Five Minute Experiment features the following security seals, which also can’t be clicked. They are merely ornamental and signify nothing.

Five Minute Experiment 2

3. The Facebook comments are fake.

The web page features these Facebook comments, but the individuals can’t be clicked on. Also, Facebook comments are never listed with age ranges. You can’t submit your own comment on the page because its “Add a comment” link doesn’t work.

Five Minute Experiment 3

4. Five Minute Experiment is on Clicksure.

If you haven’t yet heard of Clicksure, it is an affiliate network known for carrying all kinds of scam products. The site has a whopping 50% refund rate due to this fact. Affiliates go on Clicksure and promote its scam products due to the high CPAs offered. And just like other products on Clicksure, Five Minute Experiment offers affiliates a hefty $250 for each person they sign up to this system.


Because affiliates are being paid $250 to recommend this platform, it’s little wonder that there are many “positive” reviews of Five Minute Experiment, each containing an affiliate link going back to Clicksure.

5. Your recommended broker is Binary Book.

You’ll need to deposit at least $250 with Binary Book in order to try out the Five Minute Experiment software. Also, Binary Book is based in Gibraltar, not the USA. That means that it is not regulated by the SEC. In fact, Binary Book is not even regulated by the CySEC (only its platform Spot Option is regulated). This means you’ll have a hard time getting your money back when problems arise.

My summary of Five Minute Experiment: Don’t bother

The Five Minute Experiment is nothing more than scam software designed to have you part with $250 or more of your hard-earned money. Don’t sign up to this get-rich-quick scam.

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  • kai outzen
    kai outzen

    Hi unfortunately i signed up for,, 5 minute experiment,, i just want to warn others its complete and utterly scam , the sooner we get them out of operation the better , they just want to sign you op with a broker and then no more contact , the auto bot did 5 trades ,, but get this, the trades expires in 2016 . MY advice stay aqay.

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