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  • Mark Gabel
    Mark Gabel

    to all binary traders outthere, the first red flag that this promoting gold digger software is to come to my attention that they are using the binary book brokers, which is viral on internet that these two brokers beep option and binary book are scamming people, they took their customer money and even more at the time of the any customers trying to close their account the money wasn’t released they invent a different excuses to the customer in order to keept their money unfortunately I’m one of them I’m planing in open a formal complaint with the cyber crime fraud unit located in england from where these two scammers are running their rabish business trying to collect newbies on binary option on line. becareful with these scammers, again beepoptions and binary book both are thiefs and liars. not open acount with of them you won’t be see your money back.

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