Quick Summary of Guaranteed Outcome

Rating: 1 Unless we're measuring bullshit. Then it would be 5 out of 5.

The Good: By the time you finish reading this article, you'll never think about investing in a binary options program.

The Bad: Betting on binary options is like betting on a coin flip. There is no secret algorithm or piece of software that can guarantee a win, any better than I can guarantee whether heads or tails will appear next. Scammers are running wild with "proven systems" to get you to deposit money into a broker account. The scammer gets an affiliate commission. You lose $500.

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Guaranteed Outcome Review

When you see something that claim to be 100% legitimate, 100% ethical and 100% legal, you have to pay attention, in case it is 100% going to change your life.

When you then find out that success is 100% guaranteed as well, you’re going to listen a little bit closer as well aren’t you?

Well, if you read the rest of this Guaranteed Outcome review, I’m hoping that you’ll learn the truth, and 100% stay away.

What Is Guaranteed Outcome?

When you watch the sales video, you’ll learn that Guaranteed Outcome is like “nothing you’ve seen before” (except it’s actually exactly the same).

You’ll be told that this is not the same as the other Internet Marketing, Binary Options, or whatever else programs you’ve fallen victim before.

In fact, you’ll be told a lot of things before the video even gets anywhere, so I’ll save you the hassle of trying to figure it out.

Guaranteed Outcome IS a binary options training “software”, and it’s no different from the others.

What Are Binary Options?

Binary Options is a method of trading online. Essentially it is “betting” on the direction a stock or currency will move, and usually takes place over a few seconds. If you think the price will fall, you bet that way, if you think it will rise, you bet accordingly.

Should you bet correctly, you will typically win about 75% of the reward price (broker takes a cut) and should you lose, you lose that stake.

Normally you bet on the direction a stock moves over about a 30 second or less period, which means you’re essentially flipping a coin and hoping for the best.

You’ve got a 50% chance of being right, but since you only win 75% of the prize money, even if you are right 50% of the time, you still end up losing money.

Of course, there are A LOT of programs which claim to have created software that will accurately predict the direction, so that you’ll win 95% of the time.

This is what Guaranteed Outcome claims to be doing.

As the story goes, the program creator discovered an “anomaly” which lets you take advantage of the time it takes data to transfer between networks.

When computers exchange data, there’s a very small (microscopic) delay between the information passing through networks, and apparently we’re going to use software that will take advantage of this.

In other words, service A takes a microsecond to tell service B that a trade will go down in price, and his software will intercept that data, and make the right trade based on the information.

What this means is that we can “bet” on the way a trade will pan out, but we will already know that it’s going to happen, because of the delay in data passing.

So Why Is It BS?

It sounds legitimate enough, but I’ve actually reviewed another program that makes the exact same claim, and ironically enough it’s from the exact same creator.

In fact, they produce multiple product launches like this a year. Each one is supposedly new and different, but it actually uses the same old sales pitch under a different name.


As you can see from the page above, this is a team that regularly launches similar produces, and pays out $250 commissions for anyone who gets you to sign up. So much for being free right?

What happens is, at the end of the video you’re told to enter your email address and download the free software.

You’re also told that the software only works on a certain trading platform, and you need to sign up with that specific one. You’re THEN told that you need to deposit $250 into your account in order to start making trades.

A lot of people will do this, assuming they can just withdraw the $250 if it turns out the software is bogus. Unfortunately though, withdrawing usually requires you to make a lot of trades first, which means your money will slowly dwindle away once you realize the software does nothing.

The program creator meanwhile? He gets a tidy commission from the trading company for referring another (un)satisfied customer.

Better luck next time.

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  • ha

    hi i was nearly ready to push the deposit button but stopped to ask my bank. she recommend me go to the website review. thank god i saw your reviews. a lucky ones escapes the net!!

  • Chendo

    Thanks for this info. Almost fell for that shit scam. I decided to try it out, filled my email and saw the site. Shortly i received a call saying i should make the deposit and my broker will call me immediately because the stakes were high since this was immediately after the attack on Paris. What scared me off was they/she started asking for credit card information; name on it, type, exp. date etc At that moment i had to suspend and get more info about it first. Since then the same number has been calling almost everyday but i just decided to ignore. Also immediately after i had signed up, i further received two different emails on the same day from two different sites with basically the same offer. What a scam! I pray many people see this page and avoid loosing their $$$ for nothing.

  • Kim Yih
    Kim Yih

    i’ve deposit $250, and on the second day i’ve lost 8/10 trades. Never gonna deposit again! The problem is i’m left with $60 USD inside, how can i withdraw it?

  • Selena

    I also wish I would have found this site before. Once the deposit is made to the recommended broker, you receive a call from the broker who tells you in no uncertain terms: “DO NOT USE the automatic system unless you want to lose your money”. I found this odd since they were recommended by Guaranteed Outcome so you would think they would endorse the auto system. In 2 days my account lost every 9 out of 10 trades and my $500 is now down to $3 seven days later! What a complete SCAM!

  • SP

    I totally agreed just scammed to the tune of 250 pounds don’t trust them!!

  • Graeme

    I really should have found this site BEFORE I had signed up to this crap I can’t get my money back from the broker UKOPTIONS stay away from these scammers or you will regret the decision for life. I have had to raise a dispute with my credit card company in the hope I getmy card refunded

  • Rich

    I cant thank you enough for the great article.
    I have spent the last hour researching the Guaranteed-Outcome clown .
    I have spoken to two actual “GO” investers via skype and they confirm your findings.. bottom line: SCAM

    Your article and site saved me hundreds and countless hours of headache!

    Dont get me wrong if you like to gamble and dont mind not being able to take your money and walk away from the table whenever you want to, this might be for you.

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