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4 Ways to Land a Handwriting Job from Home

Handwriting jobs from home seem like an easy online job similar to transcription and data entry.

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You are right to assume this, since handwriting is literally just like typing.

However, like data entry, finding a legitimate job online within this particular category can be a challenge.

So do handwriting jobs really exist?

Here are your options:

4 Types of Handwriting Jobs

1. Turn Calligraphy into a Business

Calligraphy is a beautiful and old-school art form of writing.

And right when everyone thought calligraphy would go extinct, with everyone stuck to their phones and computers, seemingly forgetting about the good old pen, the art of calligraphy suddenly made a comeback.

Calligraphy definitely makes everything extra-special. It gives wedding invitations its own flair not found in printed fonts.

Calligraphy requirements

You don’t need to have formal training, but some calligraphers take up short courses in history to learn ancient alphabet and writing styles.

Other requirements for these online handwriting jobs include:

  • Traditional calligraphy pens and ink – Wooden pens with stiff paint brushes as tips, then dipped into ink bottles
  • Calligraphy markers – These are not like the ordinary markers we used to know. Calligraphy markers were designed specifically to cater to finesse or sharp lines when needed. It removes the need for ink in bottles, which can be messy for beginners.
  • Drawing tablet and pens – Computers can now help with calligraphy thanks to drawing tablets and pens, but customers still prefer the look and feel of handwritten calligraphy on specialty paper.

Etsy is the place to be, if you’re a newcomer calligrapher looking to make money handwriting stuff for other people.

How much do calligraphers make?

In very rare cases, calligraphers find employment with design firms and companies involved in events or the wedding industry.

However, calligraphers mostly work freelance.

Many couples commission their wedding invites to calligraphers, who then charge anywhere from $1 to $5 per invitation.

This is just an estimate to give you an idea how much freelance calligraphers can earn, but this will vary based on experience, size of project, technique used, equipment, and so on.

Those who have put some time, effort and marketing into their calligraphy craft has turned their Etsy shop into a full-pledged business earning up to $37,000 annually from custom, online handwriting jobs.

2. Font Creation: Passive Income-Generation from Home

Another way to make use of your handwriting skill is to make and sell fonts.

Before I explain how this works, here’s a major disclosure: you won’t get rich with font design overnight.

Well, some font designers don’t even earn a cent for months or years after they’ve created a particular font.

However, font design allows you to earn a passive income – once you sell a font, you can sell it again and again for numerous times and collect payment for each sale.

Visit DaFont and look around under handwritten category.

Do they look easy to make?

If you answered “yes,” then you’re halfway there.

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Font Design Requirements

  • OLD METHOD: In the past, font designers scan handwritten fonts to convert their artwork into digital versions. They used paper, various kinds of writing materials from pens to markers, a scanner and computer.
  • NEW METHOD: Today, font designers can directly write and draw from a tablet and digital pen, see their work on a screen live as they work on a particular font, and edit when necessary.

Of course, if you’re new to font design, you can use any of these routes even today.

Your choice would probably depend on your proficiency and availability of equipment.

How Much do Font Designers Make?

Unlike other kinds of handwriting jobs for home, there is no general salary estimate for font designers.

This is because font designers sell their work in 3 different ways (each with varying fees, commissions, and terms).

Font Foundry

When you join a foundry like FontSpring, FontShop, Linotype, Monotype or P22, you sign a contract that says you’re selling your font with them exclusively. The royalties font designers earn can be from 20 to 50% depending on the company. You don’t have control on pricing here, but you also don’t need to promote your fonts anymore.

Font resellers

Becoming a member of resellers like or bring your font to a wider audience. You can join multiple sites, but the percentage-per-sale is often small.

Sell on Your Own website

You’ll have 100% control on pricing, marketing and promotions, but the work involved is definitely more challenging than the other methods of selling fonts.

To learn more about selling your font, I wrote a comprehensive font selling guide comparing these three routes.

These next two “jobs” can be done as a freelancer, or a business owner.

Most companies offering mail handwriting and handwriting analysis services do not really hire much, which is why it will be up to you to build a business inspired by these companies.

3. Work as a Mail Hand Writer

There aren’t a lot of companies offering this service.

Maryland-based WriteOnResults is a company offering handwritten mail envelopes.

Launched in 2005 by Ray Hrach, this company promises to “capture the attention of customers” by sending “a friendly, personalized message,” which “improves direct mail response rates by 300% or more.”

It’s an interesting concept, especially since we’re actually more inclined to open a letter with a handwritten name and address on its envelope, than one with a computer-printed text.

WriteOnResults doesn’t list service fees, or payment for those who want to work from home as a hand writer, but the site claims you can set your own hours if accepted.

4. Work in the Graphology Field

Graphology is the study of handwriting.

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Experts analyze the characteristics and patterns of handwriting in order to identify the personality, psychological state, and attitude.

Although it is generally considered pseudoscience, graphology services work with companies in studying applicant handwriting and choosing the best-suited person for a job.

For example, those with pretty cursive handwriting reportedly have good communication skills, are results-oriented, and excel in sales jobs.

Check ScanMyHandwriting or HandSpeaks to get a clue how businesses use graphology to earn money, and if you’d be interested in pursuing this kind of job.

The Outlook of Handwriting Jobs

Other handwriting jobs exist. Check job sites like and you’ll see people and business owners looking for one-of-a-kind gigs.

For example, someone is accepting applicants for a handwriting project and require anyone interested to have any Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone model with S-pen, since you’ll be copying all the text assigned to you through the screen of your phone.

Calligraphy will always be a beloved type of art and new generation will discover it in the future. The only problem surrounding calligraphy as a business is how you’ll be pulling in customers to sustain your company.

Font design is a bit saturated, but if you have new ideas and is OK with aggressively marketing your fonts, then you can have a chance at competing with the millions of fonts already available to the public.

You can always invent a business that relies solely on your handwriting.

For instance, if you have perfect cursive handwriting, make a YouTube channel and teach the next generation how to do.

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