A reoccurring theme in typical online scam programs is the elusive Clickbank image. We’ve all seen it time and time again. It’s plastered across many different sites and it’s often renamed to trick its viewers. It has an entire arsenal of disguises which it will use to deceive you and make you think you can earn hundreds of dollars per day. Personally, I would like to declare the Clickbank image a threat to international security and it should be #1 on the most wanted list, but Joe says that’s taking it too far and I should just make a post about it instead. You happy now Joe?

I was simply browsing the web a few days earlier when my scam sense kicked in (think spidey sense, but much much much less cool) and I knew something wasn’t right. After all, the website I was on was telling me I can earn $250/day doing simple data entry. But then, I saw it and it was beautiful. I was blinded by the beauty of making a six-figure income. Once I came to the realization of what I was looking at, I whipped out my toolkit, aka right mouse button, and captured the image for all to see. That’s right! You’re looking at a Clickbank image in it’s truest form.

Clickbank Earnings

Now, I’m sure you’ve seen this on many different sites from online data entry to work-at-home ebooks, but I can guarantee you one thing: your Clickbank account will never look like that by doing what the presell page promotes. These images are often represented as a payment system for a particular program, which gives the reader the impression that they will be making that kind of money through the advertised website. Unfortunately, this isn’t true and the false impression is intentional; they want you to spend the $49.95 on “startup fees.” In fact, the Clickbank image is most likely a display of income from people signing up for the advertised program and NOT income from work or techniques advertised by the program.

Clickbank is free for anyone to join and chances are you can do everything advertised on the presell page of a program without having to spend any money first. The Clickbank image should serve as a warning flag when you come across it. Before spending any money, always look to find a review of the program first. An easy way to do this is to search Google with the product name and the word scam (ex. MakeMillionsPerHour scam). Don’t be blinded by the ridiculous money claims. Do your research first.

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