Right now I’m in a place where you may also be or have been. A place that is a little bit dark, and a little bit worrying.

You see, for all my experience in internet marketing, I am still struggling. I have read hundreds of IM related products, tutorials and guides. I’ve rubbed shoulders with successful IMers. I have joined various IM related communities.

And yet, here I am, still struggling to turn my meager successes into something that can consistently deliver and deliver well.

This is why Residual Profit Platform caught my eye.

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The Pitch

The sales pitch a low key affair, with minimal hype. It does contain some of the normal marketing stuff though, like an over reliance on highlighted text, but I have seen much, much worse sales letters than this.

Craig Pennell, the author, is angling this pitch towards people who have some knowledge, probably bought a million products but are missing the mark. It is also for complete newbies.

The product seems to be based off of a meeting with a successful market Alex Jeffries.

Purchasing Residual Profit Platform

The product itself is a series of videos and is on a dime sale that will max out at $9.00.

There is a single upsell for access to a membership page which costs $22.00 per month. The membership apparently includes getting accountability from Craig, as well as further training and access to a Facebook group.

The Product

As mentioned this product is based around video training. The course is divided into 6 modules which range in length from 5 to 15 minutes each.  In total there is just under an hour’s worth of core training.

As well as that, there is a bonus video called Niche/Product Live Training.

Module 1

The first video focuses on Craig’s own journey and how he stumbled upon Alex Jeffries coaching and improved his own successes.

Module 2

The second video discuses a variety of things, including why people fail in internet marketing. As well as that, he discusses why you should be using his particular business model.

He also explains (in brief) his 4 core business model that supposedly the top marketers use.

Residual Profit Platform 4 core foundation

Module 3

This video confused me a little as it was a little aimless. It covered what a niche is, in a broad sense. It mentioned to focus on a passion combined with a need. It mentioned multiple times to research.

The one thing it didn’t talk about though, was how to do any of that.

The halfway point

After watching the first 3 videos, I am not impressed. There hasn’t really been any training other than some vague discussions about aspects of marketing. Here’s hoping the final half will actually provide information.

Module 4

The 4th module covers discussing creating and finding a product. It discusses various product types, such as e-books, video presentations, interviews etc.

The training provided on setting up a sales page lasts for a whole 2 minutes, so understandably the training for it is weak. It basically says look to others for examples, use a story, benefits etc.

Module 5

Building relationships with affiliates is the core of this video. It also discusses using JVZoo as a platform to sell and promote your products.

Craig also talks about the “ultimate aim”: building an email mailing list. From there he mentions paid adverts and building websites.

Once more the video is just an overview of all of these topics. For example, it is recommended that you get an Aweber account, but there is no in depth discussion on how to make it work for you.

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Module 6

The final video in the course takes you through an overview of what you have learned. That would make this an overview of overviews?

Residual Profit Platform summary

The Bonus Video

This twenty three minute video shows you the basics of niche research, finding ideas for products and finding potential affiliates. Mostly it felt like he was just Googling around on websites.

The Bottom Line

Is Residual Profit Platform a scam? No it is not. Is it worth the time and money? In my opinion, no it isn’t worth it.

The problem I found with this product is that it goes over basic things, but with very little detail.

I can find (and have bought) numerous other products that do what Residual Profit Platform does but better. In fact there are many FREE resources that explain the content of this product, and often in more detail.

Overall it was a disappointment. Some newbies might get some benefit out of it as a general guide to setting up a mailing list funnel, but you will require more training as this simply doesn’t cover even the basics very well.

From a more experienced marketing point of view, it is just covering everything you will already have an idea about, especially if you have had any previous training for building an email funnel.

This training made me hopeful that it would spark a missing link that can help me explode my online business, but it didn’t. There wasn’t even a damp thud.

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  • Dean Robinson
    Dean RobinsonAuthor

    Hi Craig,

    I did actually notice that you promoted WA in the product, it was under hosting if I remember clearly.

    When my fellow writers or myself review products on I’ve Tried That we try to purchase the product for a first hand look.

    Sometimes we can’t, and in which case we will do as much research as possible to provide a full review, but most of the time we do.

    In this case, I handed you $8.47 back on the 19th December 2014.


  • Craig

    Thanks for your honest review of my product. I am also a member of WA and promote it through my product which you would have noticed it you had looked in the resources section, which is designed to expand on the overview training. Interesting that I have no record of you buying my product, how did you get access to it?

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