Quick Summary of RM System

Rating: 1 Just another Binary Options scam wrapped with a bow

The Good: You get to stare at the lovely Leanna Pareja for 17 minutes.

The Bad: Everything else!It's full of hype, with no evidence of actual earnings, and is trying to sell you a pipe dream.

The Bottom Line: This system is pie in the sky, only offering hype and BS! If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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RM System Review

With the advent of websites like Fiverr.com as well as other sites that have actors for hire, onine marketing has started to pick up its game and look quite professional.

This is the case with, shall we say, less than reputable marketers as well.

Add high quality but affordable cameras and cheap but effective actors to a well written script and you have a sales video that can sell ice to the Inuit’s!

RM System has just that combination, which makes it dangerous.

The Pitch

The main pitch revolves around a 17 minutes sales video featuring a rather lovely looking lady.

The RM in RM Systems, supposedly stands for Rich Mom, and allegedly this lady is called Maria Lopez.

If Maria is real, then she is camera shy, as the actress and model Leanna Pareja is used as a spokeswoman. Leanna must be on hard times, as she sells her acting services via Fiverr.com.

Leanna Pareja

The video starts on a high, by showing you screenshots of bank balances in the millions. Of course, there is zero evidence that these screenshots are real or that the money came via this system.

From there “Maria” tells you how this system won’t cost you a penny, but could earn you $32k a day.

This sort of tactic is common; it wants to put you at ease in terms of forking out cash, while also getting you excited.

It fails to tell you at this point that you will indeed need to put your hand in your pocket in order to use this so called system.

A testimonial is next also from a paid actor. How do I know this? He was in a video from a system I reviewed last Tuesday. Apparently he wanted to have his life changed more than once, the greedy so and so! More likely he is just trying to pay his bills by selling his acting skills.

The next testimonial is also a paid actor.

RM System testimonial 1

RM System testimonial 2

By the way, nowhere on the RM System site does it mention that paid actors are being used. Even if it did, how does that make you feel? These actors are saying things like “I’m living proof that this system works” when the reality is, they just got given a script to say this!

Maria/Leanna continues on with the same scripted BS and starts to lambaste the internet gurus and scam artists out there, while simultaneously gaining the moral high ground.

Of course I can already see through this, and you should too, because this system is clearly on par with all the other fake Binary Options systems out there.

From that point, the narrator tries to provide legitimate proof that this system works by “logging in live” to her account. Well, she certainly didn’t move her ass and log in that’s for sure. As well as that, the “live” proof actually provided no evidence that this system generates money.

Without moving from her spot, it’s suddenly 48 hours later (with the exact same lighting and clothing…) and she has earned $12,400.

This is too good to be true, a system that earns $6000 a day? Well yes sir, it IS too good to be true!

As with all Binary Options sales videos, after the money shot comes the rags to riches story, the heart bleeding sob story of how Maria came up from the urchins, asked for more bread, was found by a rich man, and given the secret of how to turn lead into gold!

Yes, I’m being sarcastic, but crappy marketers use clichéd, though realistic, stories to tug on your heartstrings, because we have all had shitty years and for the vast majority of people we still struggle to make ends meet week after week.

That’s why stories like this disgust me; they are using carefully crafted tactics to tug people’s emotions all in the name of making a buck via a high risk trading system that is more than likely only going to put real people who are already struggling into an even worse position.

Taking a slightly different angle, the video continues with Maria rising from the ashes. She managed to secure a job, become a top selling trader at a brokers and then created her on system for making winning trades.

Most of these stories end with a geek writing the software, or a mysterious benefactor providing access to a secret cabal of traders, or some other BS.

That’s not to say Maria’s story isn’t BS too!

The rest of the video is aimed at pushing you to make the final commitment of handing over your email address.

Signing up to the RM System

As expected, the next stage contains another “go get ‘em” video, a sign up form and some live earnings stats that could have come from anywhere.

This is exactly like 99% of the other Binary Options scams out there.

After waiting for the countdown to hit zero, I signed up. You’re limited straight away and if you want to continue you are forced to hand over some cash.

RM System licences left

Apparently not…

After all, this is the only thing that the person behind RM System wants: for you to deposit so that they earn a fat commission from the broker.

Talking of the broker, 24option, this is another broker based out of Cyprus: meaning that you have very little in the way of support, or help if this all goes sour for you.

Oh and just so you know, the company behind 24option, one Rodeler Ltd was put on Canada’s investors warning list back in 2013 and haven’t been removed to date.

The Bottom Line

Did I try the RM System? No, I simply don’t have to.

The number of lies told, the lack of any solid proof of earnings evidence, the shifty broker and the fact that it pushes a high risk trading method all tell me that this system should be avoid like the plague!

Read any of our other binary scam reviews and you’ll see they are all the same. We’ve covered hundreds of them already and the comments from people who have tried their luck at gambling have ALL lost BIG.

If you want to lose your money, go ahead and sign up, let me know how much you lose.

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