There have been an increasing number of complaints buzzing around various work at home job forums all revolving around one guy and his fake internet marketing job. His name is Norman Cooper, the company he represents is SEOMagnet and his goal is to steal your personal and financial information.

Who is Norman Cooper of

Norman Cooper operates as such. He will email you out of the blue after finding your resume on CareerBuilder or Monster or any other job-search type website. It doesn’t matter what type of job you’re seeking; if you have a resume out there, Norman Cooper can contact you. He will go on to explain how you are the perfect match for his new advertising company called SEOMagenet based out of Barcelona, Spain and will offer you a work at home job with a salary ranging between $3,000 and $3,600 per month.

For those looking to land a work at home job, Norman Cooper will come off as a God-send. An angel. The answer to your prayers. Hell, you were just offered a fairly easy job to do from home for at least $35,000 per year. Not bad, right?

Oh how terribly wrong you are.

Those who have reported taking the job from Norman Cooper go on to explain that some initial work is administered and the job actually comes off as legitimate. However, payment from the clients of SEOMagnet fail to process due to international banking issues and now you must handle the incoming payment and by doing so, Norman Cooper will be giving you a nice $500 bonus. All you need now is to hand over your credit card or bank account information.

At this point in time, red flags should be popping up left and right. Why can’t Norman accept an incoming payment? Why would he trust a new employee to handle such a large sum of money? What’s stopping you from taking the incoming payment and going on a sweet vacation to Utah? One forum member points out that by aiding Norman Cooper, you might be assisting in money laundering.

Any offer to transfer money into your account, bank, credit or debit card so that you may make purchases or send it to someone else, is considered money laundering and is illegal. There are no legitimate reasons for them not to pay their purchases directly.

Eesh. Not only did you lose your work-at-home-dream-job, but now a potential criminal may have your personal and financial information! If you’ve accepted a job from Norman Cooper, you need to cease all communication with him. If you went as far as to give up your bank or credit card information, you desperately need to get in contact with your bank and the local authorities and let them know what happened and to help you out from here. This is the best course of action and I urge you not to take this situation lightly.

SEOMagnet and Norman Cooper Contact Information

Norman Cooper
SeoMagnet Ltd.
34 Carrer del Rector Ubach
Barcelona, Spain 08027
Phone Numbers: 1-800-307-1079, 1-800-325-2793
Fax Numbers: 1-516-740-0724
E-mail Address: or

Remember that work at home jobs don’t fall out of the sky and into your lap. Always be cautious of who you are dealing with and be sure to conduct proper research before giving away any of your personal information.

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  • Debbie Marcy
    Debbie Marcy

    I need to know more about this Norman Cooper. I think I have encountered him. Has anybody ever met him face to face? Is he an American? White? Age range? What does he look like? Is he very “me/myself/I focused?

    Thank you!

  • Chris Bunting
    Chris Bunting

    Wow.. I was the original founder of the Search Engine and Marketing Web Site, SEOmagnet Solutions.. Search for seomagnet, you’ll see the original links referring to my name.. I went on to do a contract marketing job and can’t believe someone bought my old domains to rip people off.. I have nothing to do with that guy or his business ethics. I just can’t believe someone used my old site’s top search engine rankings to run a scam..

  • Beth

    He has asked me to open a different bank account so that I can get a different bank account. I am calling my bank know. to find out what I can do

    • Joe

      Beth, why would you even listen to this guy? Read the review again and then run as far away from him as you can. Have no further contact with him.

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